How Do You Find Great Deals on Houses?

My Life & 1000 Houses: 200 + Ways to Find Bargain Properties

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            This is far and away the most popular question of the day.

In the pages of my New Book I give examples of how I’ve found bargain properties and a step by step guide to setting up your business brand. 

Some of these topics will be mundane in their explanation, but they are all effective when applied with thought and conviction. To make the book less mundane I have elected to intersperse stories from my real life experiences.

If you are a meat and potatoes kind of person and just want the facts, you may be tempted to skip the stories. Be careful, more often than not, there is a nugget or two in these stories and there is always a mindset forming theme.

Every way depicted in this book can result in the consummation of a great deal, but there is no one way to get all the deals an aggressive investor wants.

There are inexpensive ways to cultivate leads and there are very expensive ways to create leads. I’ve come to know that most investors start out on a shoestring budget.

I started on a shoestring budget. So with that in mind, I’ve tried to start with the less expensive ways first.

I made a major mistake when I first began mining for deals. I didn’t do some basic things that would have made branding my name a much faster process.

If you get some things right from the start, you’ll have everything pulling in the right direction from the beginning.

Order Your Copy Now $29.99:  Click Here