Testimonial from Carl and Carolyn Herrick

Like a lot of people we saved diligently for your retirement. Then in one week we lost over 1/3 of our retirement in the stock market crash of 2007-2008. 

Over ¼ Million Dollars just vanished from our portfolio and IRAs. Having just retired, we faced a decision point in our lives.

Carolyn and I decided to take Massive Action!

Instead of trying to go back to a JOB, we started investing in Real Estate full time.
Yes, we took a lot of training from the Gurus, some good and some bad.

After reading Mitch Stephen’s book “My Life & 1, 000 Houses” we really understand how we could recover economically
and create real wealth for ourselves and our family.

Immediately after reading the book we joined his coaching program cause he said he only takes 20 students at a time.
We needed a good coach. We were praying he was a great coach.

Over the last year or so, we have more than made up the $250,000.00
we lost and now have over 10 properties delivering passive income each month.

We feel this is just the beginning! Now our goal is to buy renovate and resell Real Estate until we have over 15 properties spinning off cash each month to support our life style and provide generational wealth for our kids.

We’re having fun and success with Mitch leading us. We keep growing. We are enjoying this far too much to take our foot off the gas.

Coaching can be very expensive. We’ve paid much, much more and gotten far less from some very famous gurus. I think they’re just to big to provide any real service.

It becomes very obvious to us it’s the access to Mitch that is the big difference. It’s Mitch on the Q&A call. It’s Mitch sending you the email. Its Mitch listening to the details of your deal. It’s Mitch following up. I completely understand why he limits his students to 20 or less at a time.

The course is online (about 25 Hours), and in addition there’s over 4 years of recorded Q&A weekly calls…describing what to do and how to do it. The archived Q&A is a course all by itself! The point is, you can learn at your own pace but when you have a question, Mitch is there…not some student who’s done ten houses. You get 1,500 houses of experience.

Here’s what seemed to work for us so well;
We knew the other students. We got to hear what they were doing. We knew the deals where real because we watched them develop via the Q&A. We also heard Mitch’s advice watched it get implemented, and then we witnessed the results. The other students were making real money!

If other students could do it, we felt we could too. It was a tremendous confidence builder with an education to boot.

Call Mitch! He’ll answer the phone or call you back, enthusiastically!

Best wishes,

Carl and Carolyn Herrick, Las Vegas, Nevada.


My Mentoring Students Discuss Their Success in this Short Video CLICK HERE



I went from 0 to 28 houses in one year. Mitch was there for me every single time I needed him. He’s great at sharing his mind-set and then breaking down things into their simplest form. I can’t imagine beginning a real estate investment career without him on my team. It was so worth it!

Bryan R, Florence, AL

I’ve worked with Mitch as a protégé, then as a partner. Today, with his help, I’m financially independent. I’ve seen him in many different situations where others would have taken an easy way out. Mitch never waivers; he always takes the high road. I still seek his advice—and often.”

Jarrett Hale, Dallas, TX

Through my association with Mitch Stephen, I’ve been able to ramp up my new business and get it going quickly. Mitch has a great deal of knowledge, and is very successful at making money through real estate investing.

In the time that I’ve known Mitch, I’ve come to realize just how highly he values personal integrity and the importance of establishing a good reputation. These attributes are extremely important in real estate investing, and I have seen Mitch demonstrate them time and time again.

Bob Prado, San Antonio, TX