Angela Day Yaun / Being a Dallas Broker

Angela Yaun is the founding member of the Forbes Real Estate Council. She is a published writer, contributing to various Real Estate articles from Forbes. She’s been a Real Estate Broker since the age of 28….one of the youngest Brokers in Texas to receive her Broker’s license. In her earlier career she founded one of the first companies to list every single Apartment Complex online in the State of Texas, which sold in 2008. Angela currently she owns her own Brokerage, Day Realty Group. She is an consultant for many businesses to help them achieve success.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

    • The single feature of owner financed loans that convinced Angela Day Yaun to learn more about this financing option
    • Why owner financing is better than being a landlord
    • How owner financing is a positive cash flow system for the holder of the loan
    • One of Angela’s quickest ways to get offers on a home that has been sitting on the market
    • What to do when a home won’t pass inspection or needs to be sold as-is
    • The ease of listing a property as owner financed on MLS
    • New ideas for communicating with brokers and clients on listings
    • A business opportunity for investors and real estate agents in Texas
    • Examples of the power of leveraging cash
    • Myths about owner financing busted: escrow and title companies are a part of the real estate transaction
    • Angela’s top real estate professionals to follow on Twitter

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