From $100 to $1M in Amazon Sales

Brad DeGraw is a self-proclaimed Amazon nerd and E-Commerce Entrepreneur who started with $100 and a WiFi connection and turned it into over $1 million in Amazon sales. Brad’s obsession with Amazon led to developing a system for creating best-selling products and a proprietary Amazon launch formula.

Sharing his best techniques, the successful author and sales marketing expert offers the “secret sauce” behind dozens of successful brands – and does this work with newbies through his “AZ Done With You” program.

Brad lives in Denver, Colorado where he regularly hosts webinars and local events for e-commerce newbies and brand owners to share tips, stories, and news about what is working right now.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

    • How Brad turned $100 and Wi-Fi into over 1 million in Amazon sales
    • The system he developed for creating best-selling products
    • Making money from home and how Brad does his job from anywhere in the world
    • Why Brad is moving to Puerto Rico
    • What made him realize he wanted to be an entrepreneur
    • How Brad made money from cosmetics and other products before developing his own brands
    • His free book “Amazon Launch Journal”
    • Dr. Oz’s weight loss product Brad developed and became successful with
    • What to do when you’re having trouble keeping inventory in stock
    • Price elasticity and how to determine the best price for your product
    • Popular products Brad sells that have appeal worldwide
    • A strategy Brad uses to keep customers for 20 years
    • Common struggles people have in MLMs (multi-level marketing)
    • How his book can help you make money from home by doing things day by day
    • Why online training and webinars work for Brad and his wife
    • Finding financial freedom and who you’re supposed to be in this world

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