47 Years of Experience Mitigating Taxes

Mr. Jones entered the financial services industry in 1970 and has taught the subjects of tax management and financial strategy planning since 1974. 

He is a Certified Tax Coach™, Chairman of the Strategy Planning Professional Advisory Council, an alliance of Tax and Estate Planning Attorneys, CPAs, Real Estate and other financial professionals, and a member of the Planned Gift Development Committee for St. Mary’s Medical Center Foundation in Long Beach, CA. 

Mr. Jones is also a co-founder of the Aliso Viejo (CA) Chamber of Commerce, writes on tax planning issues and speaks extensively on this topic at public and trade association forums.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

    • Why it’s important to understand and have a working knowledge of tax codes
    • The benefits of getting a second opinion tax diagnosis
    • Why you can never beat a tax credit when you’re dealing with mitigation of income taxes
    • The amount of money you can save for retirement if you set aside $1/day for an entire year starting at age 20 & averaging 14% average rate of return
    • Why inflation is our friend
    • What you really get when you work with a CPA or accountant
    • Different approaches that you can use to sell real estate or businesses
    • Why there is no cure-all in tax planning
    • How you determine whether or not something is worthy enough to purchase & is going to make a good investment
    • The importance of using written tax laws when it comes to tax planning

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