Self Directed IRAs & 401Ks with Jamie Varnhagen

After 7 years of working overtime as an investment banker, Jamie Varnhagen stumbled into the world of Self-Directed Retirement Accounts.

Through her personal investment experience and successes, she was able to help her parents with a much-needed boost in the performance of their retirement portfolio. This branched into an overwhelming awareness of a need for education and empowerment for mainstream investors who are struggling to save for retirement through traditional financial planning methods.

Soon thereafter, she realized that her investment income, both taxable and non-taxable, was substantial enough that she could retire from her career track and start Self-Directed Club

Their mission is to help deserving people live richer, fuller lives. And they focus on the use of retirement dollars, self-directed retirement accounts, and alternative investment strategies.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

    • How self-directed retirement accounts changed Jamie’s life
    • Why there is an overwhelming need to increase the awareness of self-directed IRA’s
    • What a self-directed is and how it works
    • What you can and can’t invest in with a self-directed IRA
    • Why a solo 401k can be a fantastic option for someone who qualifies
    • Difference between a traditional IRA & Roth IRA 
    • What makes retirement planning a little bit daunting at first
    • Why it’s less about what you make and more about what you keep
    • How to get closer to the income that you need
    • Passive opportunities that are available in the investment market

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