It’s time to…
“Vacation with Mitch”

Registration Deadline is 12/12/2018

 February 8-12, 2019

To Register: Contact Julie (713)-382-2878

Call 210-361-8602 from your cell phone and you will automatically
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It’s time for that annual “Vacation with Mitch!” No sitting in a conference room, No selling, No course to buy…just a whole bunch of  REAL real estate investors in paradise talking about what they talk about and doing what you do on a real vacation; swim, sun, party, dine, dance, play volleyball, go fishing, take in a show, or go on an excursion.

  • Extraordinary conversation with real people, that do real deals, from all around the nation
  • Extraordinary Value! An all-inclusive stay includes Airport Transfers, Room, Welcome Party, Food & Drink! (FYI – Flights not included)
  • Extraordinary white beaches and the bluest of blue oceans. 

Real people – really connecting – in real paradise!

How do you Attend?

      You will contact our personal assistant Julie (713)-382-2878 



I talk to so many people via the internet and phone and I never get to meet them in person. So I started thinking to myself, “Maybe I should invite anyone and everyone on vacation with me…maybe some of them will come…maybe I’ll get to meet some of these people in person.” …and so I did!

I notified everyone I had contact information for, “Hey, I’m going to go on vacation for five days at this place and you’re invited. I don’t know what time I’m getting up. I don’t know what time I’m going to bed. I don’t know if I’ll be at the bar, or the pool, or fishing, but I’m going to be at this resort for five days! …and YOU are invited to come! I’m sure we will meet.”

Low and behold people showed up! It was so fun and so informative that I started doing it every year…not for profit, but for fun!…and it began to grow. First year it was 10-12 people, the next year it was 15-20 people, and last year we had 45 rooms and almost 90 people show up! The best thing was, we weren’t in some sterile conference room. We were out and about having fun, and everywhere you turned there was a group of people in bathing suits, holding margarita’s and talking real estate…all kinds of real estate!

Some got together to go scuba dive, others went fishing, still others went off to see the Mayan pyramids. We dined, and we danced, and really made good solid connections – really, really good connections! And even though there was no formal classroom, everyone raved about how informative the trip was and how much fun they had learning this way.

I started looking forward to these trips as much as anything I’d ever done…and best of all…this trip had nothing to do with selling…I don’t do this trip for money.   

In 2019 I’m doing it again! I’m facilitating a group of real estate investors so they can meet, and greet and connect in a very personal way.


Participants have asked to have a better communication system and a better way to connect. So, in the spirit of making connecting easier, we are putting together a profile of each vacationer so we all might figure out who we want to connect with faster; who’s doing business where, and what strategies are they involved in. As a group, we will communicate through WhatsApp. This app makes it easy to send out a message…to an individual… or to the entire group… everyone will be connected via WhatsApp

“Who wants to go on a fishing trip with me tomorrow? I specialize in small apartments.”

 “Randy Hughes is going to host a discussion on Land Trusts at brunch in the buffet hall in the morning at 10am today. Please be there at about 9:45am so we can get the proper seating arrangements.”

…or  maybe…

“Hey! Mitch is going to host a discussion on “Owner Financing” at 4pm tomorrow in the adult pool…near the swim-up bar… of course!”

So that’s the scoop my friends! It isn’t complicated. Come to share and people will share with you.

Please come join this giant think tank of investors and share YOUR successes, your failures, your hints, tips, and experiences. You’re sure to leave with a nugget or TEN! …and you’ll probably leave with some friends you didn’t have when you arrived.

It takes YOU to make this vacation extra special.


–Mitch Stephen–

Please share this link with all the experts you know. Let’s invite as many brains as possible to vacation with us! 

 I have always tried to bring the greatest value possible to my customers, friends, and fellow investors. In the process of finding the best value for our real estate ” Vacation with Mitch” attendees, a fellow investor and good friend, hooked us up so we could all  stay at one of the finest resorts at a significantly reduced price. Don’t let the price fool you, this is a 5 STAR Resort! I have personally been there 4 times…there is a reason why. You are going to love this place!!


We are booking through DreamTrips™ membership to get the most value for the least cost.

Rooms are limited so book now!

Cost is $1,658.00 per couple ($829 per person) for a double occupancy  “Deluxe Platinum Ocean View” room as a DreamTrips™ Member, this includes all food and beverage. 

Single Adults $1,369.00 Of course it is cheaper if you vacation with a friend, so find an investor and get the double, occupants price above!

New PLATINUM members will receive 375 DreamTrips™Points to further reduce your DreamTrips™ price when booking your trip. This reduces your trip price for 2 to (existing members) $1,283.00 (new members) $1,208.00

New GOLD members will receive 250 DreamTrips™ Points to further reduce your DreamTrips™ price when booking your trip. This reduces your trip price for 2 to (existing members) $1,408.00 (new members) $1,358.00 

Note: You get paid back your membership registration cost immediately to help reduce your DreamTrips™ price. 

You don’t have to do the research…
we have done it all for you. Apples to apples, at this resort, you can’t beat this price. The DreamTrips™ membership is what makes it possible…
If you find this trip cheaper, you will get it for free!
(Apples to apples; excursions, round trip transfers, spa discounts, concierge, private team pool party and gourmet meals… It ain’t gonna to happen)


What’s Included???

Your DreamTrip includes 4 nights and 5 days at an all-inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico As well as:

• Catamaran tour with snorkeling equipment

• Includes transportation

• Team Pool Party at Natura Adults Only pool

• 20% discount on spa services at Vassa Spa

• Personal guide

• Daily and special nightly entertainment   

•Your hotel chef prepares gourmet meals using fresh produce grown in a 70,000-square-foot greenhouse.


Your Dream Trip includes 4 nights & 5 days in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, as well as:

All-inclusive food-and-beverage package at the hotel, including all buffet and a la carte meals, snacks and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

Welcome reception

               Airport transfers: value $30 pp per trip ($120 value) 

Our investor group will have their own personal host / concierge to be provided on this trip. Their goal is to ensure you have a great DreamTrips™ experience from landing to liftoff. They host a welcome reception on arrival day, attend scheduled activities throughout the trip, notify the group of itinerary updates and more.

How do you Attend?

   You will contact our personal assistant Julie (713)-382-2878 

Exclusive Benefits for Real Estate Investor Summit Vacation

In addition, your monthly DreamTrips™ membership payments earn you points that you can use towards future trips, including the next “Vacation with Mitch” adventure. As a DreamTrips™ member, you can choose from over 5,000 high quality, discounted curated vacations, flights and hotels. You can cancel your monthly membership (You won’t want to, but you can) at anytime after the trip as there are no contracts.

Within approximately 1 hour after you register as a new member you will receive an email with member id, password and your website link.

Airport Information 

            Airfare is not included in the trip price! 


Airport Transfers:

The closest commercial airport to the hotel is Cancun International Airport (CUN). We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance for any trip.

Round-trip airport transfers are included from:
Cancun International Airport (CUN) to the hotel on February 8, 2019, timing based on flight details provided.
The hotel to Cancun International Airport (CUN) on February 12, 2019, timing based on flight details provided.

To arrange your airport transfers, please submit flight details HERE by January 24th, 2019

 What happens after your DreamTrips™ is booked?    

Very important to your networking experience, you will be added to WhatsApp to communicate with everyone. Please, do not be shy about your accomplishments!! 

 You will also be added to the Azul Five Beach Resort Dream Trip vacation page!

The Fives Azul Beach Resort The Fives Playa del Carmen, by Karisma
Fraccionamiento El Limonar, Xcalacoco
77710 Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico