Mitch Stephen One Day Workshop Video Program

Mitch has put together a video series based on his one day workshops

that he holds all over the country.

Nationwide REIA members have been beating down the doors to attend these workshops.



  Do you want to know…

  • Where Owner Financing works Best and Why?
  • How to use Technology to find Distressed Sellers and Buyers FAST?
  • How to Find Private lenders? 
  • How to Talk to Private Lenders? 
  • How to avoid the Biggest Mistake stopping new investors from Finding Private Money?
  • And How to handle the New Rules and Regulations (Dodd-Frank etc.)?

If your answer is YES…You are in for a Treat AND a and Exciting RE Education

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One Day Work Shop With Mitch Stephen Video Seminar

You will feel as if you are right there with the attendees as Mitch

takes live questions during and after his presentations.

Here is just some of what you will learn…

• Renting Vs. Collecting payments

• Why Owner Financing is the Best Choice

• Learn the FIVE Ways to get Paid on ONE Deal

• How to Find Private Note Buyers

• How to Sell your Notes Without Discounting

• How a $23, 000 home deal generates a $68, 000 income

• Where Owner Financing works Best and Why

• How to use Technology to find Distressed Sellers

• How to use Technology to find Buyers FAST

• How to Find Private lenders

• How to Talk to Private Lenders

• How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake Finding Private Money

• How to handle the New Rules and Regulations (Dodd-Frank etc.)

Get Access Today…at the amazingly low cost of…50% OFF

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And then your Attendance at the One Day Workshop Begins!

About The Speaker

Mitch Stephen is the author of the book series My Life & 1, 000 Houses;Failing Forward to Financial Freedom,  200+ Ways to Find Bargain Properties and The Art of Owner Financing

He is a self-taught real estate entrepreneur who has been self-employed since 1996.

His experience and methods span 22+ years and the purchase and sale of well over 1500 properties in and about his hometown of San Antonio, TX.

His techniques are proven to work in the good times and flourish in the bad times.

Through owner financing, Mitch has perfected a method of achieving cash-flow without the liabilities of being a landlord. He presents a strong and compelling argument that suggests the old buy and hold methods of yesterday have gone the way of your daddy’s stock market and pension plan. His life’s work stands as a study in the Art of Owner Financing and his findings dispel many of myths associated with being a landlord.

Mitch is a passionate speaker who delivers the message of integrity first and the profits will come. His style is light and fun, engaging and deep, all at the same time.

His experiences are personal and he is an expert at keeping it simple; explaining, in plain English, the theories that made him financially independent.