Mitch Stephen Presents Our Latest Course

Released March 2018:

Private Money Changes Everything

How to Raise Private Money 

What’s the most common question I get asked? 

How Do You Raise Private Money?????

NOW You will Get the Answers YOU Need in this Mind Blowing Course !!!

I promise YOU will Hear information Not Available Anywhere Else from My

22+ Years of Raising Private Money

You can’t make this stuff up…This is real life experience with Private Lenders…

The Who What Why and How You can find all the Private Money You Need


Here’s What You’ll Get

First– OVER 4 Hours of Video featuring

Mitch Stephen and Mike Powell Breaking Down

The Raising Private Money Proven Processes

Includes Complete Audios too with Transcripts


Complete Audio Recordings of Video Modules

Complete Transcripts of Video Modules (Saves You from Taking Notes)

Two Exclusive Videos: Private Money Presentation and Overcoming Objections

BONUS: More than 20 hours of Private Money Expert Interviews

Module: Introduction

Overview: What is Private Money? Who is Lending Money?

Module 1: Changing Your Mindset

Get the Mindset Changed: Get the MONEY!

Module 2: Listening With Different Ears

If You Listen, You’ll Hear Where the Money Is!

Module 3: Private Lenders

Elevator Pitch-Setting Appointments-Mentoring

Module 4: Video Presentation and Overcoming Objections

What to Say When Script-Presentation Template

Plus You’ll Receive these Unique Resources…

Access to how-to videos and audios, white papers, checklists, presentation template and more, including:

  • Credibility Package: How to Show Who You Are and Why People Should Listen to You!
  • Audio: The Importance of Bringing Your Prospect’s Advisors to the Table
  • Audio: Find an Attorney and Get your Document Templates One Time
  • Funding Opportunity Template
  • Why I Borrow for the Terms I Do
  • SEC Rules & Regulations
  • How to Run a Private Money Meetup Checklist
  • Private Money Script: How to Talk to a Private Lender
  • Video: Private Money Presentation Powerpoint by Mitch Stephen
  • Powerpoint: Your Private Money Presentation Template
  • Document Samples
  • One Stop Resources Page: Links to All Content

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