Mitch Stephen Presents Our Latest Course

Coming out March 2018:

Private Money Changes Everything

How to Raise Private Money 


What’s the most common question I get asked? 

How Do You Raise Private Money?????

NOW You will Get the Answers YOU Need in this Mind Blowing Course !!!

I promise YOU will Hear information Not Available Anywhere Else from My

20+ Years of Raising Private Money

You can’t make this stuff up…This is real life experience with Private Lenders…

The Who What Why and How You can find all the Private Money You Need


Here’s What You’ll Get

First– OVER 4 Hours of Video featuring

Mitch Stephen and Mike Powell Breaking Down

The Raising Private Money Proven Processes

Includes Complete Audios too with Transcripts


Resources Page Loaded with Documents, Videos and Audios:

  • Private Money Script-How to talk to a private lender
  • Private Money Video-Role play Mitch with an Attorney
  • Private Money Video – 20 Objections You Will Overcome
  • K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid Steps in the 7 Minute Presentation
  • White Sheet on the SEC Rules & Regulations
  • Credibility Package: How YOU will show you have a great plan
  • Video-How to fill out your documents
  • Funding Opportunity Template
  • R.E. 1st Lien Note Blank.doc
  • Deed of Trust 1st Lien Blank
  • Why I Borrow for the Terms I Do
  • How to Run a Private Money Meetup Checklist
  • 11 Private Money Interviews: Experts and Student Case Studies…over 20 Hours
  • How to find a Private Lenders List
    • Personal Consultation with a Private Money Expert!
    • Personal Consultation with a Retirement Fund Expert!
  • and…much much more – Unannounced Bonuses!

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