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Posts by Mitch Stephen

Hacking Finance With George Antone

The Wealthy Code, The Banker’s Code and The Debt Millionaire are three of George Antone’s books on finance, and they’re all bestsellers! A leader in the finance and investment space, George has founded one of the largest networks of private lenders. Having found shortcuts in the financial system, he has hacked the game of finance to help impact people’s lives.…

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Lead Generation Through VAs With Joe McCall

A business should not be a one-man show. On today’s episode, Mitch Stephen talks to real estate expert and coach Joe McCall about lead generation through VAs and the importance of having extra hands to help you steer your business. Joe shares the reasons why you need to get a VA as soon as possible to manage…

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Growing Within with David Essel

As simple as changing the way you start your day can make a big impact in your life. This is what David Essel, the author of Focus!: Slay Your Goals has implemented on his daily routine that has worked wonders for his success. By growing within – that is, changing our mindset – David has revolutionized our possibilities…

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Selling Expensive Homes

Question today from a student: Expensive Homes Would your program work in areas where the homes are more expensive than those described on your model — even in the “half-price areas”, where the rents are below the 10% rule of thumb? Homes for $495,000 do not command rentals exceeding $3,000 per month and homes for $200,000 cannot…

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Wholesaling From Your Cell Phone with Justin Wilmot

Doing more of what you want, doing less work, and making the money you need all at once is everyone’s goal. This was something that Justin Wilmot was able to do. What’s his secret? The creator of Mobile Wholesaling shares the tool to flipping real estate contracts, not houses, using any mobile device and none…

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