SUCCESS STORY…………… 155 Warhmund

By Mitch Stephen / February 15, 2012 / Comments Off on SUCCESS STORY…………… 155 Warhmund

I recently bought a house in San Antonio, Tx on Warhmund street I paid $15, 000 for the house and lot I did not mow the yard nor did I dust off the countertops inside…I did nothing! I borrowed $17, 000 at 8% (PUTTING $2, 000 IN MY POCKET) I borrowed the money from a…

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The Upside in Today's Real Estate Market

By Mitch Stephen / January 29, 2012 / Comments Off on The Upside in Today's Real Estate Market

Reading through the unending torrent of media reports about Wall Street corruption, unprecedented government expansion and company failures, it seems difficult these days to find any good news. While it is true that our nation is having its share of troubles, I think it’s about time for some good news. We can start by acknowledging…

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