AirBNB: Invest Using OPP


Brian Page made his first million before the age of 30 in the wild world of real estate.

During the historic crash of 2007, he lost it all. Starting over with no credit or savings to speak of he went on to start an Airbnb business, making over six figures in his first 6 months, using properties he doesn’t own.

After automating and outsourcing nearly every aspect of his business, Brian has enjoyed traveling the world and managing his Airbnb empire from his laptop, seeing 16 countries so far just this year.

He believes wealth is not merely having money, but also the time and freedom to enjoy it.

Brian’s BNB Formula Masterclass reveals exactly how he started and grew his business so fast and how you can do the same in any of the 192 countries Airbnb operates in.

BNB Formula is the only teaching of its kind showing entrepreneurs how to build a multi-listing six to seven figure Airbnb business -without having to own a single property as well as how to outsource and automate that business.

Brian charges $5,000 per day to work with clients one on one, but his 8-week masterclass and live group coaching reveal the same techniques and simple step by step formula.

Seize this outstanding opportunity and begin building your own Airbnb Empire today!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Brian Page initially got involved in real estate, then turned to Airbnb as a recovery strategy after the 2008 crash
  • How Brian turns OPP (other people’s properties) into a consistent, easy, reliable cash flow stream
  • Brian focuses on already-furnished homes or furnishing Airbnb homes as inexpensively as possible
  • Why the key to Airbnb success is in demonstrating to owners that you will take care of the property and pay on time
  • Brian operates his business remotely and with no employees, allowing him to spend his time traveling around the world
  • How Brian now teaches his successful remote Airbnb methods to students all over the world
  • Why perception is the biggest challenge Brian faces in his coaching, and how he overcomes that challenge
  • What variety of areas you can specialize in using Airbnb as your primary cash flow source
  • Why the concern that Airbnb guests might damage the property or leave major messes is an insignificant issue
  • Get access to Brian’s cash flow calculator and free 1-hour webinar on how to profit from Airbnb
  • Juan Fuentes shares a remarkable case study of acquiring a property all-in at $37k
  • Juan’s in-process exit strategy involves owner financing the land after purchasing the neighboring property
  • Juan and his team advertised the property, and how it was on the market before a buyer was found
  • How Juan has an offer for $70k on his $37k property, with no personal money invested and the original purchase entirely funded with outside cash

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