San Antonio Bus Tour 2019

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Bus Tour: Dates TBD

Mitch Stephen's Tentative Itinerary

Thursday – Arrival Mixer

Time with Mitch Stephen and Mike Powell starting late afternoon around 5pm. This is the time to introduce yourself to the group and network with your peers.

After the mixer, feel free to explore the beautiful city of San Antonio!

Friday – Office Tour & Bus Tour

Bus leaves at 9:30am.

Our New Office: Start off with a tour of the new office where all the heavy lifting gets done. See who sits where and what their job descriptions are.

While you’re there, you’ll get our latest info on setting up your office systems... our gift to you.

Tour of Homes: Learn the local environment, experience the different levels of neighborhoods, and see several different types of houses in various stages of repair
(or disrepair as the case may be).

Learn to let the houses talk to you; “fix me, retail me, owner finance me, wholesale me, just fix part of me, sell me as-is.” Learn how different houses make money and why.

There will be plenty of time for Q&A!

When we are finished, we’ll drop you at the hotel.

Later on that night feel free to experience more of downtown San Antonio and you can Uber to explore the Riverwalk.

Saturday – Breakfast and More

Join Mitch and Mike for breakfast at 8:30 am. This session will end at 10:00am.

Once we say our goodbyes, you can choose to stay over and explore more of San Antonio or leave Sunday.

Some of you may choose to go to Mitch’s ranch for a Saturday afternoon BBQ.  We will leave from the hotel and arrive back about 5pm.

Unique 1-on-1 Opportunity with Mitch

  • Tour of Mitch’s RE Office and systems checklist
  • Tour of Homes Mitch and Mike have made deals on
  • Free subscription to 30 day trial
  • Meals: Thursday “Arrival Mixer” light snacks, Friday Lunch, Saturday Breakfast
  • Transportation from hotel and back lunch and tours
  • Recording of the event will be sent to every attendee
  • Directory of Attendees and Vendors will be provided as well

You are responsible for your transportation to San Antonio and to the chosen hotel. We will be sending you the hotel information where the bus will be arriving to and departing from for each get together.

We strongly suggest you stay at that hotel however, you may stay anywhere you wish, but you must be at that hotel at the appropriate times to catch the bus.