CASE STUDY: Getting out of Your Comfort Zone with Rome & Amy Lingenfelter

CASE STUDY: Getting out of Your Comfort Zone with Rome & Amy Lingenfelter

Amy Lingenfelter started buying real estate at 24. When she married Rome in her early 30’s he didn’t know anything about real estate. Amy encouraged him to invest and together they’ve been investing ever since. 

They buy/hold/flip/wholesale and are working on building their owner finance empire. Rome is a licensed realtor and Amy is a full-time investor in their business…ARM Solutions, LLC in Portland, Oregon.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

    • How Rome and Amy got started in the real estate business
    • How a $25,000 investment in a real estate seminar was a game changer for them
    • Why overcoming personal adversity can be your biggest asset
    • Lessons learned from past mistakes
    • What to do when working with a bad contractor
    • Why you need to take your time when crafting a deal
    • The importance of home warranties
    • What to do when you feel like quitting
    • Negotiating a tough deal
    • How to deal with hoarders who are selling you their property
    • Being flexible and switching strategies when the market shifts

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