David Held: Large Commercial R/E Broker Reflects on Becoming Self Employed


Large Commercial R/E Broker Reflects on Becoming Self Employed

David Held, a native of San Antonio, began his career in commercial real estate in 1982 working for local real estate developer, Robert Callaway where he did office, retail and industrial leasing as well as land brokerage and property management. 

Later in his career, David served as the regional manager for Koll/Rubloff/CBRE and had direct responsibility over a large, diverse portfolio in San Antonio, Austin, Abilene and Midland. He also was a senior vice president at the Trammell Crow Company where he led the brokerage and property management teams in the office and industrial arenas. Upon merging with CBRE, David was in charge of the San Antonio operation prior to departing to start Endura Advisory Group in 2007. 

He is highly regarded as a business leader as well as for his negotiating acumen. David has been responsible for closing over $450 million in a variety of real estate transactions and has consistently demonstrated an ability to promote, negotiate, troubleshoot and close significant transactions. 

At Endura, David is active as a broker yet plays a meaningful role in the day to day operations and direction of the company as well as its employees. 

A native of San Antonio, David and his family are active and highly respected in the community. His work ethic, communications skills and integrity are the key reasons clients rely on David and return to him whenever a need arises. 

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

    • How David “fell into” real estate and why it’s important to seize the opportunity when it presents itself
    • Why flexibility — being able to roll with the punches and evolve as the markets change — is so crucial for a business in real estate development
    • Going from employee to entrepreneur and taking the leap of faith from one of the top people for a large real estate organization with the security it provides into the unknown
    • Why it’s not only important to have a partner but to have one that complements you so that you might usually be on the same page, but approach challenges from different vantage points, bringing different insights into the discussion
    • Why David surrounds himself with outstanding people, personally and professionally, and what it has meant for his personal and professional growth
    • What David finds most and least fulfilling about being the man in charge as an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and business owner
    • The role David’s faith plays in how he approaches and does business and how from a servant’s heart to Biblical principles, David’s faith is front and center in the way he works
    • Why David believes he should always leave enough money on the table in a transaction that someone else can make money on the deal
    • Why sometimes good enough really is good enough and why it’s sometimes better to take your win and leave something on the table for the next person
    • The importance of knowing when to seek the expertise of someone else and why David believes it has been instrumental for his success
    • Why David believes taking action and not just thinking about making deals is what sets apart real estate investing success stories from so many would-be investors

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