Reinvestor Summit: Joshua Paschall– From Homeless to Many Homes

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From Homeless to Many Homes

Joshua Paschall is a 27-year-old entrepreneur who is originally from
Bronx, NY and is currently residing in Atlanta, Ga. He flipped
his first property for a $3,000 assignment fee in September
of 2013 while living in an extended stay motel (practically homeless)
and going through the roughest time of his life to date. Since
then he’s gone on to doing over 100 deals, purchased a home for
himself and his family cash (no more homeless)  and has become financially
FREE. Now he’s all about growing as a person mentally, spiritually, and financially.

Also, he feels it’s his mission to help others who are
going through what he went through just like his mentors have helped him.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Josh’s background & how he started out in real estate working on a shoestring budget
  • How Josh’s first couple of real estate deals went down
  • Why it’s important to find the beauty in the struggle
  • Why you should trust your gut & the path that you are on
  • Why you need to ask yourself what you want in life
  • How the universe tested Josh on what he wanted
  • Why you need to have either time or money to get started in the real estate business
  • How having a mentor can help you accomplish your goals
  • How Josh’s faith saved him
  • How real estate investment can help you achieve your dreams

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