RE Investor Summit Podcast: Building and Knowing your Network


Mitch Stephen chats with Mike Hambright Episode 25: Building and Knowing Your Network

We currently have 25 episodes available and will be adding three more every week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!

And Today is a podcast with my friend and VERY successful Investor and Podcast master, Mike Hambright.

Mike Hambright is a Real Estate Entrepreneur that has purchased hundreds of houses over the last 8 years. He’s a professional rehabber, wholesaler, and owns a single family rental portfolio. As a national mentor and coach, his students have purchased nearly 3, 500 properties in the last 7 years.

Mike is also the founder of, the leading social platform for real estate investors in America (over 60, 000 subscribers and hundreds of training videos). In addition, he is the founder of, which helps people find, finance, and buy rental property portfolios as passively as possible, in several of the nation’s hottest rental markets.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

Mike’s favorite interviews at FlipNerd and what he’s learned while hosting that podcast
Why Mike is exploring other real estate markets — and why he believes you should start in your own market
Why you need to work on a niche before expanding out
Why you need to build a network — and why you need to know exactly what everyone in your network does
How Mike built his network — and why he used his podcast to aid in that process
Why — if you want to talk to someone — you should make it an interview
Mike’s upcoming personal mentorship programs

So click here for the podcast

This week we present experts that discuss:
Self Storage Investing, Building your Network and MLS Domination: Steady Stream of Deeply Discounted Deals

So Getcha some podcast interviews and learn from all these experts.

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