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Sean Flanagan: The Magic of Pre-Wholesaling

sean flanagan

The Magic of Pre-Wholesaling

Sean Flanagan is first and foremost a Christian family man and second, a serial entrepreneur. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife Tracey and their 3 children, Logan, Bailey and Kiersten. His hobbies are surfing, jiu-jitsu, and coaching his kids at their wrestling matches. Sean has been a real estate investor for 17 years and still actively buys, sells, and owns properties in the Central Florida market.

As a real estate investor in one of the most competitive markets in the country, he created and founded the Lucky Buys Yucky Houses® brand, out of necessity, and went on to use it to dominate his local market for years to come.

During his real estate career, which spans close to two decades as of the time of this writing, he has developed a knack for creating effective systems which are being successfully used to target motivated sellers in areas where his competitors never even think to look.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Where Sean is based out of and the importance of choosing a mentor in your area
  • What pre-wholesaling is
  • Benefits of pre-wholesaling, especially for beginning investors
  • How pre-wholesaling has become an even more important strategy as the market has changed
  • Why so many people start out in the business by wholesaling
  • The path that led Sean and Lucky Buys Yucky Houses to become the biggest wholesaler in central Florida
  • “Hush money”- what it is to Sean and why a beginning investor might need to get some
  • How Sean’s struggle with credit and trying to buy a house got him into the real estate business
  • Getting the ball rolling and how that can snowball you into success
  • How you get paid in the front, middle, and back with pre-wholesaling
  • Why you don’t need to find properties with a lot of equity for pre-wholesaling
  • The way a land trust works
  • Targeting prettier, newer properties with pre-wholesaling
  • Avoiding putting your own money into a property
  • Why a person like Sean would be a good mentor or coach, and what to look for in coaches and mentors
  • Benefits of having motivated sellers and buyers
  • How long it takes to get a pre-wholesaling deal off the ground and get a paycheck
  • Sean’s students and how he helps them get their confidence up in the beginning
  • One thing beginning investors tend to struggle with and how to overcome that hurdle
  • Major things that can go wrong with pre-wholesaling and how to be prepared for them
  • Getting buyers to put more money down
  • What you can expect if you take Sean’s pre-wholesaling course
  • A scenario to help you envision the magic of pre-wholesaling

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