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Scott Arpan: Average Guy Buys Notes

Scott Arpan

Average Guy Buys Notes

Scott Arpan started brokering seller carryback notes in 1994. As he gained experience, his company grew to six people. Scott bought as many notes as he could while brokering; enough to cover expenses. When the subprime lenders disrupted the seller carryback note market, he moved his focus to rehabbing homes and non-performing notes. As the note business roared back from it’s recessionary lows, his focus returned to seller carryback notes which are his passion. 

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

    • Scott’s his history of experience in the business of buying and selling real estate notes
    • How Scott made his first note purchase and why it led him to find his career path
    • How Scott turned a small $10,000 IRA into a seven-figure account
    • Scott’s story of the best note he ever bought and how he turned a surprising profit
    • What advantages and risks are associated with purchasing notes and why doing your due diligence is crucial
    • Why the option to cash out early can be advantageous in note-buying
    • Why controlling the terms of the deal can be at least as valuable as getting a discount on the price
    • Why creativity and flexibility are the key to making money in real estate notes

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