Strategies for a Better Business, with Greg Winteregg

Greg Winteregg

Greg Winteregg is an internationally recognized speaker, management consultant, and now author. After retiring from his first career at age 38, he went on to become a partner at one of the top management training firms in North America, where he was able to help increase revenue 18X over. Greg has presented over 2,000 lectures to tens of thousands of professionals and business owners – and has a unique ability to teach management, leadership, and sales in a way that produces real results in the real world. He is currently involved in running three different companies and loves every minute of it. So naturally, his upcoming book, Fun at Work, lays out the exact methods he’s used that has allowed him to take on so much, successfully, and actually enjoy what he does every single day. What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why the 1992 recession deeply impacted Greg’s dental practice, causing him to seek out management and promotion mentorship
  • How Greg specializes in helping businesses streamline, strategize and accelerate their growth
  • How Greg’s book presents the idea that you should stop focusing on your money and start focusing on your natural strengths
  • Greg shares the results of a customer survey he ran, finding that 39% of respondents said they wanted the representative to be friendly, nice and helpful
  • Why a surprisingly small number of people care about the price of a service and so many care about the experience
  • Why it helps to be clear on your basic purpose and to understand your unique strengths and talents
  • Why indecision and waiting to start on a decision are the biggest time-wasters most people are guilty of
  • Why hiring people who can bring in more than they cost is crucial, and why progressing in training is the key to finding “superstar” staff
  • Why it is important to offer the right incentives for your employees, so that you keep your best talent
  • What online courses and other training Greg and his team offer to business owners, leaders and professionals

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