Automated Deal Acquisition- Lead Management Tool


Automated Deal Acquisition

I am really excited about this podcast and the system Dan has developed. Several of my coaching students have tested it and are thrilled with the results!

Dan Schwartz is an entrepreneur whose passion is solving problems that help other entrepreneurs find freedom to pursue the life they desire. Everything he does centers around leveraging technology effectively so others can focus on what matters most to them.

Aside from his entrepreneurial endeavors, Dan also plays and produces music.

Dan’s specialties: Software, B2B SaaS, Real Estate Marketing, Real Estate Lead Generation, Sales / Business Development, Real Estate Investing, Strategic Marketing; Entrepreneurship; Online Marketing; Real Estate Wholesaling; Private Lending, Direct Marketing, Brand Management; WOM Promotion; Music Production; Event Production; REO/Foreclosure and short sale acquisitions, Real Estate coaching.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Dan’s background
  • Dan’s tool for lead management that allows entrepreneurs to have their team to do deals on their behalf
  • Why you shouldn’t physically follow up with potential sellers and instead automate that process
  • What a “touch” is and why you need to “touch” leads often
  • Why you should always respond to a lead in the same mode of communication that they reach out to you
  • Why you need to delegate as much as you can and why your first hire should be a lead generation manager
  • The skills you and your team should develop
  • Why you need to respond within 5 minutes of a lead coming in
  • Dan’s strategy for how to psychologically prepare a lead to accept a lower offering

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