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Episode 549: 100 Wholesales Per Month With Robert Wensley

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REIS 546 | Real Estate Wholesaling


Real estate wholesaling can be tricky and crazy overwhelming, and closing your first deal can be daunting. It is a huge feat when you can close multiple wholesale deals a month, and very rewarding and can be an excellent opportunity to earn money. Today on 1000Houses.com podcast, the Chief Executive Officer of InvestorLift, Robert Wensley, shares his tips and tricks on doing wholesales to score multiple wholesales in a month and the services and software provided by his company. Tune in with your host, Mitch Stephen and learn how Robert does it!

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I’m here with Robert Wensley. We’re going to be talking about phenomenal software that you won’t want to miss. When you want to talk about someone doing all the heavy lifting for you, this guy has done it. I’m super intrigued. I’m not going to waste any time because we’ve already been talking a lot. I wish we had some of that stuff on here, but I’m going to recreate some of it.

First of all, Robert, how are you doing?

I’m doing excellent. Thanks so much for having me on the show. I love what you’re doing with it, bringing real estate education to everyone and helping everyone level up their game. Thanks so much for having me on. I appreciate it.

I bought a house every 4 to 5 days for over 25 decades. I always have my stats and I always try to preface it with, “Somewhere out there is a guy that can wipe his backside with my stats.” We’re meeting the guy. He’s right over here. He’s done incredibly huge numbers, helping connect wholesalers and buyers. Where are you?

I am in Northern Virginia, right outside of DC. I was based in California for a bit. I got sick of the high taxes and almost moved to Texas, but my wife’s family lives outside of DC. I moved down here and got a nice new place in a wine vineyard. I’m loving it.

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you evolved into this software that you decided to build.

I’ll back up a little bit before I got into real estate. We talked a little bit about how I ended up getting into real estate. Originally, I had no thoughts against real estate. I got into Harvard as an undergrad. I did my undergrad at Harvard in finance and economics. My plan was to become an investment banker. I was like, “Investment bankers make $100,000 a year right out of school.” I want to have nice cars and good money, and it seemed like a pretty secure way of getting there.

I did some internships in finance while I was in school and realized I hated it. You’re just sitting there behind Excel and your gear all day long. I’m like, “I hate this kind of work. Do I want to be doing this for the next 20 or 30 years?” A lot of the guys that came out of school and had been successful, like Mark Zuckerberg or Bill gates, most of them didn’t even finish their degrees. They dropped out. They all went out and started their own businesses. I was thinking about that. I was like, “I need to start my own business,” but I didn’t have any good ideas.

I had helped a friend flip a house somewhere here and there. I had helped my parents with some construction and helped them renovate their house, so I had a little bit of understanding of construction. I’m sitting there in my dorm and watching Tarek and Christina in HGTV’s Flip or Flop. They’re making $50,000 and $100,000 from flipping. I’m like, “If I could learn how to do that and do two deals a year, I could make as much money as if I worked on finance but have way more fun. I don’t have to grind 100 hours a week on a computer.” That’s why I made the decision that I wanted to get into real estate. I turned down all my job offers a few weeks before graduation and decided I was going to become a real estate investor.

Your parents hated it.

Can you imagine the phone calls?

I had a guy that came out of college. He might’ve been in an expensive college. I mentored him. He was going to work for me for free, but he had to have a hamburger and some gas. I said, “I’ll pay you $8 an hour, so you have something.” He told his parents right out of college that he was taking an internship for $8 an hour. They almost disowned him.

I did the exact same thing. I realized quickly that I didn’t have construction expertise and I didn’t have money to pay for education. I figured I’ll take whatever job I could get working with a professional, someone like yourself, that knows the game. I’ll look at it as a Master’s degree in entrepreneurship. I started cold calling house flippers. This one guy was like, “Come on in.” I did exactly what you said. I took the lowest paying job I could get to cover my rent and my food while I went to do my Master’s degree in real estate and entrepreneurship. On the streets, I was doing something in life, and that was the smartest thing I did.

You go there in the internship. How long was it before you were starting to do your own deals?

You can put a property under contract and then sell that contract on that house for tens of thousands of dollars more without ever swinging a hammer or actually putting your own capital at risk. Click To Tweet

Coming in, I said, “I’ll do three years working for you and I’m going to quit. I’m going to do it on my own.” The CEO was like, “Most people don’t last three years. If you give me three years, that would be great.” I did three years with them. We were flipping a lot. We were doing 50 to 60 flips at a time.

When you say at a time, is it a month or a day?

A month, but we’re managing 50 to 60 at a time. The average flip on a home is maybe 60 to 80 days, ideally. It’s in DC, Northern Virginia, so we’re doing bigger projects. Some stuff does stretch out a lot longer than that, but when you’re managing 4, 5, or 6 deals, you can’t get stuff done on time or on budget. When you’re doing that kind of volume, it’s impossible to keep stuff on track.

Are you fixing all of these houses up?

Yeah. It almost crushed us, but then I discovered wholesaling. I didn’t even know about it until I looked at the data sets that we had estimated versus the actual profit on the deal. I was trying to do an analysis to figure out who the good contractors were and whether we can shift more projects over to the good contractors. I see that this cluster of deals with an assignment and actual profit were the same. I’m like, “What the hell is this? Is this a sick contract? Is this a tight woven data set?” He was like, “No. These are the wholesaling deals.” I’m like, “Wholesale? What the hell is that?” The CEO explained wholesaling and it blew my mind.

I’m like, “You’re telling me you can put a property under contract and then sell that contract on that house for tens of thousands of dollars more without ever swinging a hammer or putting your own capital at risk?” He was like, “Yeah.” I’m like, “There’s no way that’s legal.” He was like, “We do it all the time. Not that much, but when something’s a deal, but it doesn’t meet our buy box, sometimes if we don’t have crews for it, we’ll assign it to an owner investor.”

Those deals end up making damn near as much money as going the whole way. Is that what you see?

Yeah. I’m like, “Why the hell do you not do this?” He was like, “You leave half the money on the table.” I’m like, “You don’t understand. Your cash conversion cycle triples. You can turn your money way faster. By the time you do want to flip, I can wholesale four deals.” I pitched the business owners on switching 100% to wholesale. They were pretty skeptical at first, but they didn’t have much of a choice because we were in a bad cash position at the time. We switched the whole company to 100% wholesaling. Six months later, we’re doing seven-figure months doing assignment deals with less than a dozen people on the team. That’s when I was like, “This is a good business to be in.”

You’re making a lot of cash. What do you do with the cash?

At the time, the strategy was to go expand it to other markets. We were like, “Let’s go and turn this into a nationwide company. If we make $1 million a month in one market, let’s go have five markets running. We’ll make $5 million a month in five markets.” Do you know how that went?

Yeah. $1 million a month isn’t enough. You’ve got to have more than that. I know what happens. You get into another market and things aren’t the same. People aren’t the same. Cultures aren’t the same. Nothing’s the same. The laws are different. It would be hard enough to open one at one time. Did you open five at one time?

Yeah. We did five right off the gate. The DC Northern Virginia market is super competitive. When you get a deal here, you’re easily making $100,000 on a rep, but because the deals are so big, you have fierce competition. You got to be the best in the world at marketing and follow-up to survive, get the deals, and beat the competition.

When you go to Mobile, Alabama, there’s no competition like that. We were shredding on acquisitions and signing up contracts left, right, and center. In our home market, when we got a deal under contract, we knew everyone that was buying deals. We had a Rolodex stack there after years and years of doing deals. When we went into these other markets, we didn’t know who the buyers were.

We’d try and get MLS access and download all the cash realtors that had done cash deals. We’d get on PropStream and download cash transactions, skip trace, and have VAs set to call them all. It was too slow. We had a dispositions bottleneck. You can do all this work on marketing and on sales up front, but at the end of the day, if you’re in a real estate wholesaling business and you can’t assign the deal, you’re not making any money. All that work up front is wasted. All that time and energy you invest upfront is wasted.

REIS 546 | Real Estate Wholesaling

Real Estate Wholesaling: Most people don’t focus on driving more demand for the deal, getting your deal in front of more buyers. If you can get your deal in front of more buyers, get more offers on the deal, you can push prices up very significantly.


You have a clock ticking because you’re not taking them down with your cash. You got a contract with 30 days, 15 days, or 45 days to close.

Speed is key. If you don’t get that done in time, that deal’s done. That looks bad when you sign up for a deal and don’t have closing. Ideally, you want to be closing every deal. I hit my three years while we went through that expansion. I left and started a data company. I did that for a bit, but I had friends that would call me all the time. They’d be like, “Can you please help me? I’m working my ass off and not making any money. Whatever you did for Express, can you help me do that?”

Finally, I was like, “I’ve tried not to think about real estate, but I can’t help myself. I’ve had this idea for a product. I’ll build it for you, but condition number one, you pay for it upfront for the first MVP. Number two, I own all the IP.” I built the first version of InvestorLift. The main idea was to have a disposition website like Zillow that would sprout good deals. We launched that. The first company that we launched it with went from $150,000 when they first started and five months later, they’re doing seven-figure months. Six months later, they broke $2 million a month. I was like, “We’re two for two on seven-figure wholesaling companies. Not only that, but the second one is twice as big.”

We did it a third time. Sure enough, it was the same thing. It took the company from 100% flip and zero assignments. We passed $2 million a month. When that company broke $2 million a month, they had only seven guys on their team. I was like, “This is good business if you do it right and you have dispositions locked down.”

Dispositions were the secret key that most people weren’t thinking about. There are only two ways to make more money on a deal. The one way to do it is to buy deeper, and that’s what everyone focuses on. They’re like, “Can I buy this deal deeper?” It’s like in a business. A lot of business owners focus on trying to decrease their expenses. You’re going to decrease your expenses so much. You’re going to decrease the price you can buy a deal at so much. You can do that, but most people don’t focus on driving more demand for the deal and getting your deal in front of more buyers. If you can get your deal in front of more buyers and get more offers on the deal, you can push prices up very significantly.

For example, the average wholesale that comes on InvestorLift typically has an average assignment fee of less than $20,000, but on InvestorLift, our average assignment fees nationwide across the system are typically around $35,000. They are getting squeezed, but typically, they’re around $35,000 per deal. How do you go from $20,000 to $35,000 per deal? Get more buyers looking at your deal. Have more offers on the deal. You’d get competitive bidding situations more often. When you do that, you can make almost twice as much money per deal with the same amount, if not less work.

We’re going to be giving out an affiliate link. Go to 1000Houses.com/Lift. Everything we talk about here is the ability to sign up. He’s got my interest piqued. This is not my strategy because I do what he was suggesting. I tried to buy it at $0.65 on the dollar. I don’t buy anything unless it has a large margin. I buy about 100 houses a year.

It’s a good living. I do it with about 7 or 8 people, but I create notes for years. I create cashflow every month. I’d get $150,000 to $160,000 a month positive cashflow of which I have no liabilities because I’m not a landlord. I picked up about $4 million in down payments to create those notes. With the money I made, I went and bought a bunch of storage and then I pay them off, so they’ve got a whole other set of numbers over there that is free and clear bringing the cashflow. It’s worked out for me, but I’ve never done million-dollar months. I flipped a ranch one time, but I’m saying as a routine, I don’t even think about having million-dollar months, but you’ve got me thinking about it.

Everything you’re doing, you can continue doing, but juice your cashflows through the roof by taking the deals you wouldn’t do yourself. You have a buy box of $0.65 on the dollar. That’s tight. You got to be a real pro to have that kind of buy box. Most guys in the game are happy to buy $0.80 on the dollar. Sometimes, they’re even $0.85 or $0.90 on the dollar if you’re in a market like California.

You’re spending this money on leads. You’re spending this effort talking to those leads every month, but if you knew that you had buyers that were willing to buy $0.80 or $0.85 on the dollar in your markets, I bet you could do a lot more deals. Do you think you could do twice as many deals if you could expand your buy box off that much?

That’s easy.

This is why I always encourage people to do it. Your strategy is smart because if you stop working tomorrow, you’re still getting paid. In a wholesaling business, it’s transactional. You’re not building equity over time.

People say, “I want to do what you do and retire. I want to sell houses on notes and retire.” I say, “You can’t retire if you have 300 notes. In eight years, you’ll be down to 100. In twelve years, you won’t have any notes.” You have to have a forever play outside of what makes your cash. That’s what I’m trying to drive home with people.

Maybe you need to have some of these conversations with the people that are wholesaling. You’re like, “That’s great, but what are you buying with your money? That’s how you work your way out of a job. What are you buying with the $100,000 you’re making every month?” You have to buy into something that’s forever with that money. If you do that enough times, you pick when you want to check out.

Speed is key. If you don't get it done in time, that deal's done. Click To Tweet

When you get it up to $100,000 a month or have $50,000 a month coming in, do you want to quit? Keep doing flipping, my strategy, or whatever one-time or temporary cash strategy. You then buy up apartment complexes, storage facilities, or warehouses until you don’t need to do anything anymore. Call the manager of the company and say, “How much is the deposit this month?”

I always tell our top wholesalers, “When you wholesale, don’t spend all the money. Reinvest back to the wholesaling business to accelerate your monthly cashflows off of that. Take a chunk of that and reinvest that into long-term rental assets.” The third company, for example, that broke $2 million per month on our system is a California-based company. What they do is they take all the silent fees that they’re earning. They have a low burn. They all have less than a dozen guys on their team. It’s very low cost. Their biggest cost is marketing.

What they would do is all that cash they’re spinning off, they invest into Tulsa. They run two campaigns. They run one marketing campaign in California and then another marketing campaign in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The rent is 1% of the purchase price, so anything that meets the 1% rent roll in Tulsa, Oklahoma, they buy. They’ve been buying hundreds of single-family homes all across Tulsa, Oklahoma. They’ve been doing that for the last few years, locking in the lowest interest rates in history while they’re available and building up a massive portfolio there.

That’s what the smart guys do. The problem you see is guys go too far one way or too far the other. If you’re just wholesaling, you’re missing out on the long-term. If you’re doing the long-term stuff, you’re often missing out on the crazy cashflow you could be doing with some of these shorter-term strategies where you’re assigned stuff. By taking those leads that you already have in your system, you might as well turn them into some fat checks after you’ve already spent the time and effort generally in them.

Let’s talk about San Antonio. If I want to jump in and be in your system, what do you have to offer me in San Antonio? What does it look like? Am I asking you the right questions? I’m not even sure I’m asking you the right questions.

Absolutely. In InvestorLift.com, we have this marketplace. Wholesalers come on here and post their deals. The buyers can then come on and take a look at these deals. They look at the street use and other things like that. If they like the deal, they can either make an offer or buy it. It’s like eBay. Think of eBay slash selling for off-market deals. Someone like you would come on here and look for deals. Getting a 65% discount would be tough to find on here because guys might be taking stuff down to 65% and then they’re going to make it 10% or 15%. They’re going to be putting on here probably 70% or 80%, but there is stuff. I’ve seen stuff on here for 40%.

I get it, but I wouldn’t have to go through so much stuff. It’s not worth the 1 or 2 deals I find. I’d rather do what I do. What’s interesting to me is if I could buy the things I passed on because they were 78% or 77% instead of 65%, I could put them under contract, and then I could put them on here. I don’t want to be one of the greater fools. I just want to sell for one.

Before the show, I was showing you the back end. The wholesalers come in here. We have a buyers list. On the highest version of our software, we have built the biggest buyers list. Everyone has pooled their data together. We have all the superpower users at this super high level. We call it Cartel Mode, which is a big data pool where all these guys combine their lists together.

On that level, I have 3.78 million buyers, all geotagged with emails and phone numbers. If I wanted to figure out how many buyers we have in San Antonio, we have 24,620 buyers in San Antonio. We’ve got phone numbers, emails, and scores too. The system scores every buyer based on their activity on and off the system. If I have a deal anywhere in the country, I’ll put my deal listing together.

If I want to go blast it out, I’ll do the new deal notification. I select the areas that I want to deal blast that with a single click, I can email or text it to my buyers in that area, and then those buyers are going to come on. I guarantee you, there are probably going to be some people that think 80% ARV minus repairs is a great deal here. You’re going to get some offers. You got that under contract for $0.65 or $0.70 and sell for $80,000. You’re making tens of thousands fast within days.

I got the promo code. Go to 1000Houses.com/Lift to get a 10% discount. How much does this cost me if I want to do this?

Use the coupon code. If you go to that URL, it will forward you. There’s a coupon code that you got to enter if you want to get the discount. The coupon code is going to be your name, MitchStephen. If you apply that there, that’s going to give you $574 off.

Do they have to go to InvestorLift.com/MitchStephen?

You can go 1000Houses.com/Lift. When you get to the checkout, make sure you put it in there.

REIS 546 | Real Estate Wholesaling

Real Estate Wholesaling: The beautiful thing is you can do exactly everything you’re doing right now.


When you get to the checkout, you’ve got to put the code word, MitchStephen.

Put the coupon code there. That will unlock that 10% off that we’re going to do for you guys.

Let’s talk about the cost of this. You’re selling me. This is not a mock situation. Tell me what it costs me to do.

There’s a base plan. Here’s the thing. If you guys are reading this and you’re doing less than three deals per month, don’t buy this. It’s not for you. This is advanced software that’s going to help you dispo your deals faster at higher prices and help you make more money per deal. If you’re doing less than three deals per month, you don’t need this yet. You should take your money and go reinvest into marketing until you get to three plus deals per month. If you’re doing less than three, you can hustle your way into dispos-ing them.

Once you’re doing three plus deals per month, that’s where it makes sense to go invest in systems to make dispo more efficient. On the base plan, we have this thing called God Mode. You’ll post for investors. It’s the same as all plans. You can text and email your buyers. We don’t give you a pre-built buyers list, but we give you something called God Mode. This is cool. You’re going to love this.

With God mode, you can come in on any deal or any lead that you have. You can come in and set your radius out around a deal. On a map, you can see exactly what real estate investor transactions are happening there. If I’m trying to move this deal, I could see Susie sold a deal and made $50,000 on it right down the street. Johnny did a deal a couple of months ago and made $80,000 on it right down the same street. If I call up Susie and Johnny and say, “I got this type of deal on the street. You made a bunch of money on it. Are you interested in taking a look at it?” What do you think Susie and Johnny are you going to say?

What we do is pull in the tax record data. What I was frustrated with on other systems is they would just show me cash transactions. Cash transactions are problematic. It’s very slow to build a buyers list that way. The first reason is that just because someone buys something in cash doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a real estate investor. My mother-in-law bought her house in cash. She’s Persian. In Persian culture, they buy everything in cash. They’re like, “Buy your house in cash. Buy your condo in cash.”

A real estate investor is calling her all the time and saying, “Can I give you an offer on your house?” She has no idea. They’re trying to wholesale their house. They’re like, “I got this hot flip. It’s a $650,000 ARV. Are you interested?” She has no idea what they’re talking about. It’s a waste of time. You get false positives, but then you also miss out on some of the best buyers. A lot of the best buyers are going to buy stuff with debt. They’re not buying everything with cash.

In your software, you can see how many deals they bought in cash. 

What we do is we don’t care if they buy in cash at all. We structure our algorithms a little bit differently. We pull all the tax record data every month and look for guys that are buying and selling at a high frequency or jumps in price. If this LLC bought and sold ten deals, what’s the probability that they’re a real estate investor? It’s pretty darn high. This one LLC only bought and sold one deal, but they bought it for $200,000 and sold it for $350,000 a few months later. What do you think the chances are that it’s a real estate investor?

Are you able to show the acquisition price and the sales price on these contracts?

Yeah. If it’s a recording of the state, we can show what they bought it at and what they sold it for. Here’s what is cool about the system. When we see someone buying, we go back in the tax records and say, “Algorithm, go bring back all the deals they’ve done. Everything that they’ve done through that LLC, go grab it and pull it back.” When they pull it back, we give them 1,000 to their buyer score for every deal that they’ve done.

Offer Pad’s got a 15.6 million buyer score. That is a huge buyer. We got Amherst with a 2.6 million buyer score. We got five different contacts there at Amherst. What we allow our users to do is come in here. With the buyer score, I can go in anywhere in the country with a single click and see who the biggest buyers are. Think about how much faster that’s going to make your dispo process. You’re not wasting time with the noobs. You can go straight to the pros, be talking to pros all day long, and move your deals way faster. Do you see the power of that?


The only thing that matters is your return on spend for every dollar you plug into marketing. How many dollars do you get back? Click To Tweet

The next challenge you run into on dispo is that even if you know who the biggest buyers are, you have to skip trace them and find their contact info. That takes a lot of time. What we did is we are crowdsourced to inform our users. Our users can come in here, look up the registered agents for a company, and then run skip traces on them.

For example, when you go to InvestorLift and see two green phone numbers and a bunch crossed out, somebody called through all those numbers. All the crossed numbers were wrong numbers, but then two of these were right numbers. They flagged those correct numbers. Someone has already done that work for you. As soon as one person skip traces and validates, everyone else on the network gets it. It is saving us all time.

We were skip tracing pretty much the entire country. Now, we’re working on pretty much validating the entire country. BAF 3 LLC is a prime buyer in this area. They have 557,000 buyers. That is a huge buyer. They have had at least 557,000 deals. I got Nick as the contact there. I got his email there and it is good to go. Imagine how much easier it is to go assign deals when you have all that data. The crazy thing is you can get access to that for $479 a month. You have unlimited data.

We don’t bill you each time you pull data. You get access to millions of dollars of data for $479 a month. We do bill up front for the year, so it works out to $5,700. If people use your discount code, it works up to $5,173 for the year and they’ll have unlimited data. If you’re doing more than three deals a month, you should break even on that on your first deal. Let’s say your average assignment fee is $20,000. If you had access to all this data, how much more difficult would it be to make another $5,000 in your assignment fee? It’s probably not too difficult.

It would stand to reason.

That’s what people can get on the base plan. Once you’re doing $250,000 per month, we’ll invite you up to this plan, and that’s the Cartel Mode plan where what we do is all the top guys in the system pool together their buyer’s list. God Mode helps you build buyers. In Cartel Mode, you can jump into a pool with other people where you’re sharing buyers. I can go hit Carlos Reyes’, Ryan Pineda’s, Cody Sperber’s, or Tarek El Moussa’s buyers list. When they have a deal in my area, they can use my buyer’s list. When want I have a deal in their area, I get to use their buyer’s list. On that level, we have 3.8 million buyer profiles already pre-built.

When you say, “When you hit $250,000 a month,” are you talking about profit?

Yes, with assignment fees earned. The system will track that, and you’ll get invited up to that level. We have a level in between that’s called Lieutenant. On Lieutenant, we’ll invite you up to that once you hit $100,000 per month, which is pretty easy to do. On that level, we give you the top 25% of our buyers. About 950 or 1,000 buyers are already pre-built, but it’s the best 950 and 1,000 buyers that we have in the country. I’d love to be able to give everyone all the pre-built buyers, but we would burn the list fast if a bunch of noobs is sending out shit deals. It would ruin it. We were like, “How do we figure out if someone’s sending out good deals?”

That’s why you have that point system.

If they’re earning money and people are buying their deals, then that’s a pretty good indicator that they’re sending out good deals.

That’s very smart because I hardly won’t even talk to a wholesaler these days. It’s like, “This is a waste of time.”

We try to remove that.

I’m very interested. I’m going to talk to my partner, Mike Powell, and see. Are there any limitations to regions or is it whoever can put up the numbers?

Everyone has access to the entire country. Circling back to what we were talking about at the beginning about how I was trying to take that company nationwide, dispos messed me up. My goal was to build software that would allow anyone who wanted to wholesale nationwide to be able to wholesale nationwide. We have one company that moved deals in 44 states in 2021. They were trading options on houses like trading stocks in the stock market.

REIS 546 | Real Estate Wholesaling

Real Estate Wholesaling: The problem you see is that they go too far, one way or the other. If you’re wholesaling, you’re missing out on the long-term.


It opens you up to be able to do deals anywhere in the country. This probably happens to you sometimes. Do you ever get people calling you up and they’re not in your market at all? They call you up and say, “I got a house in wherever it is. What do you have to say?” You probably have to say, “I’m not in the area.”

I’ll say, “I don’t know anything about it. I wouldn’t know.”

You’d be able to take those deals down and assign them. You do the whole thing virtually.

Remember the promo code, MitchStephen. Go to 1000Houses.com/Lift. Make sure you do the MitchStephen on checkout. Check it out. They have God Mode, Lieutenant Mode, and Cartel Mode. Anyone can get in for $479 a month, which you’re going to have to pay for the year. It is $5,173.

If you use the promo code, MitchStephen, then you’re going to save 10%, which is about $517.30. It’s a savings worth having. You’re going to pay more if you don’t use the code.

These little affiliate fees that I make from these sales, to be completely transparent, are what keeps this whole thing going. It is what makes it possible to have 550 episodes for these readers to sort through at their leisure, meet people like Robert Wensley, discover these ideas or opportunities for their market or the nation, and maybe even expand your thinking. I love it.

That’s why I do this show. My mind is being expanded. Something that was impossible before this is looking possible to me. I’m going to go get my arms around this and get with my partner, sit down, and go, “We need to look what this guy Robert’s doing over here because we can buy houses at $0.75 and $0.80 on the dollar and still make some money.

We don’t even have to stop the guys that are doing what they’re doing.” When they can’t buy at $0.65 on the dollar, they need to tell us what they could buy it for, and then we should hand it to some other guy and say, “Write it up and wholesale it.”

You’ll cover your entire marketing budget plus cashflow and much more by adding that one step to your SOPs. You’re already doing all the work to go talk to these leads and generate them. That’s the tough part.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get 4 or 5 houses out of 20 instead of 1?

Yeah. What you can do, too, is you need to go take some of that budget, reinvest, and expand your marketing. You can then do even more storage units or all these other things. You get the cycle going. If you could shave some off of the extra cashflow and put it back into marketing, you’ll keep on growing. I always tell people this. I’m like, “If you got $10,000 in the bank, your fourth cash conversion cycle is away from $1 million a month.”

Before I say this, I’ll preface by saying that a lot of people are worried about a lot of different metrics in the real estate wholesaling business. They have all these vanity metrics that they track every day, like cost per lead and all this shit. None of it fucking matters. The only thing that matters is number one, for every dollar you plug into marketing, how many dollars do you get back? Number two is your cash conversion cycle. How fast do you do that? If you can get 1% better every day, before you know it, you’re making seven figures a month.

A lot of the top teams on InvestorLift focus primarily on Google ads for marketing. The top guys in-house, a lot of them will get 10x return on spend. When they plug $1 into Google ads, they’ll get $10 back. They’ll do that in less than 60 days. If they plug in $10,000 into marketing, six or so days from then, they’re going to have $100,000.

You’re going to have to cover some costs, but let’s say you took $50,000 of that and you’ve plugged $50,000 back into marketing. You’re then at $500,000. Let’s say you shaved off $100,000 of that and plugged $100,000 into marketing. Then, you’re at $1 million. That’s three cash conversion cycles from $10,000 to $1 million. You can’t do that in other businesses. That’s why I love wholesaling so much. If you didn’t get your marketing dialed in where you can get that 10x plus return on spend, you could scale up your team to be able to handle the lead flow to be able to do that. It’s incredibly easy to make good numbers.

It is more difficult in the small markets. Doing those kinds of market numbers somewhere like Baltimore, Jacksonville, or Florida would be tough because there are lower-priced homes. You usually see that the average assignment fees are about 10% or so of the average sale price of properties in the market. If you’re looking at $15,000 assigned fees, it’s tough to do it in places like that. In areas like LA, Seattle, Colorado, Washington, or DC, in a lot of areas like that, people are seeing $50,000, $60,000, $70,000, or sometimes $100,000 assignment fees. It’s pretty easy to go hit some figures a month with small teams.

We might’ve covered it. It’s been a good show. I appreciate what you’re doing. What a fantastic idea. What an eye-opener.

Go to 1000Houses.com/Lift, but remember the promo code, MitchStephen.

That’ll save you 10%. At least try it on the basic plan. If you can hit your numbers, they will call you to move you up when it’s time. Everybody starts there. I like that. It’s a free market, but we’re not polluting the list with a bunch of amateurs so that people turn it off. It’s very smart, and I like your scoring system. Is there anything I should add before we wrap it up or did we pretty much cover what we needed to?

Always encourage people to do their strategies really smart because if they stop working tomorrow, you're still getting paid on a wholesale and business. Click To Tweet

I want to say thanks so much for having me on. If you’re reading this and maybe have additional questions, I did put a full demo on your page. If you go to that page, you’ll see it. There’s a full two-hour demo. If you want to see that full two-hour demo where we dive in a lot deeper and show you the product, check that out if you want to learn more.

If you still have questions, there’ll be a live chat button on that page. You can talk to my team anytime between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM Eastern standard time. Outside of those hours, feel free to email us at Support@InvestorLift.com and we’ll be happy to jump on it. Either myself, my brother, or someone else from my team will respond to you. We’re usually pretty quick. We’ll give you answers to any questions you have.

If you go to 1000Houses.com/Lift, there’s a two-hour demo. There’s a chat box there to ask questions. There’s a support email address. If you’re getting serious or you’re not getting an answer, you can delve a little deeper and find out the answers. I’m going to venture to guess that some people are going to go to 1000Houses.com/Lift, spend two hours of their time, and their life is going to be completely changed. I’m sure of it.

It won’t be 100% of the people because it’s never 100% anybody. There’ll be the ones that take the time to watch it for two hours and figure out how they’re going to morph a little bit from what they’re doing or a lot from what they’re doing and make the shift.

Life for them is never going to be the same again. That happened to me one time. I walked into a Ron LeGrand seminar several years ago. I walked in as one guy, walked out, and life was never the same.

This idiot told me that I could make money with no money. It was impossible. I left there and I said, “I don’t think he’s lying to me,” and I was never the same guy. That’s what’s going to happen here. Thank you so much for your innovation and the thought, time, and energy that you put in for our industry. I love the way you’re protecting it.

We got to protect the industry and help the top companies grow, thrive, and take it to the next level. I love what you said about people’s lives potentially being changed after reading this. It happens every day. I get a text from someone that’s like, “I got in your system last year. I want you to know that I’ve 10x my business in the last six months.” On that page, I put a sample of screenshots of those text messages because I get a few of them every week.

I put a bunch of those screenshots of other people who might be in the same situation as the people reading this. Maybe they’re stuck or they’re working really hard. They see everyone else make a lot of money and they’re like, “I’m working even harder. Why am I not making money I should be making?” Doing small tweaks to your business like this to give yourself a little bit of an edge or a little bit better data can make a world of difference. Hopefully, we can have some more success stories. I have to come back on and maybe have some of those people come and talk about the success they’ve had. Let’s do that with you too. Let’s get you rolling. I know you’re not a wholesaler, but we’ll turn you into a wholesaler.

I wholesale the deals I don’t want that I bought because I take all my deals down. The point is you’ve got my brain turning. I buy it for $0.65 or less. I buy 100 houses a year. It’s a good business, but I leave a lot. There are a lot of things I passed on at $0.70, $0.73, $0.75, or $0.78 cents on the dollar. Maybe it’s worth going and picking up one other guy. I’d be like, “This is what you’re doing. We’re going to follow these three guys around. Every time they can’t buy it at $0.65 a dollar, they’re going to hand it to you. They’ll say, “It won’t work because you can only buy it at $0.75.” They’re going to hand it to us. Since we can reach so many qualified buyers, we’re going to wholesale these deals.” I appreciate it. It’s been great.

I’d like to thank Robert Wensley. One last time, go to 1000Houses.com/Lift and remember the promo code, MitchStephen.

Get it done. I’d also like to thank my sponsor, LiveComm.com. There’s a reason why I have four days on the market, but with my owner-financed homes. I’m averaging 15% down, and it has a whole lot to do with the same theory this man is talking about.

I have 8,500 people that will not get off my list and want to know the next time I have a seller-financed home because they have a down payment and want to compete for my home. In a small little town or one county to have 8,500 people that have to have a seller-financed note, I post it and it’s gone. It’s the same theory.

Check out LiveComm.com. Watch the videos on the homepage. You’ll see how I’m using that combined with some other technology. I don’t even put signs in my yard anymore. I don’t put one sign in the yard. I don’t put a For Sale sign on anything ever anymore as far as my houses are concerned. We’re out of here.

Thanks so much.


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