1000Houses.com Podcast

Episode 21: How to Improve Your Credit Score with FES (Financial Education Services)

Real Estate Investors in all fifty states across Canada and fifteen foreign countries (as far away as Australia and New Zealand) have long regarded the training, systems and forms created by Louis Brown as the best in the industry, Quoted as an expert by many publications and authors, “Lou” draws from a wide and varied…

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Episode 20: How to Make Millions with this Real Estate Investing System

Jack Bosch is a fairly recent immigrant from Germany. He came over to the US from Germany in 1997 literally with 2 suitcases and a bunch of student debt. Prior to the year 2000 Jack had never been involved in Real Estate and did not know anything about that subject. He started in Real Estate…

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Episode 19: How to Make Money in Real Estate and Make a Difference in the World

Tamera Aragon founded and has run small businesses since her teenage years. At the age of 20 she founded her first multi-million dollar company. Since then she has grown many, many successful businesses both online and off. She discovered her passion in real estate investing in 2003 and has become an expert at teaching folks…

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Episode 18: Private Mortgage Notes

Tracy Z. Rewey has handled millions of dollars in owner financed real estate notes, private mortgage notes, and alternative cash flow purchases since 1988, becoming a well-known industry expert. Tracy shares her 30+ years of insider secrets with real-life examples that help you realize profits today and build cash flow for the future. Tracy began…

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Episode 17: Entrepreneurial Mindset

  Cory Boatright has started, run, or been directly involved with almost 40 different companies ever since his early twenties. After bringing in almost 4 million dollars in sales from the first company, he sold it and directed his passion to the world of real estate investing. Well, most of his affluent customers in his…

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