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Episode 541: Understanding Lease Options With John Jackson

  There’s a lot to learn about housing and the real estate industry. John Jackson has been referred to as the King of Lease Options by other educators, speakers, and investors. In this episode, he proves why he was given the title. He has transformed techniques, methods, and structures utilized today with lease options! In…

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Episode 540: BRRR Method: Stacking Rentals With Austin Rutherford

  How do you build wealth from real estate ownership? By stacking rentals, of course! In this episode, Mitch Stephen teams up with investor and entrepreneur Austin Rutherford as they talk about generating passive wealth via rental properties. Austin shares his experiences in real estate and his strategies in getting deals and stacking rental properties….

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Episode 539: Leasing Houses With The Right to Sub-Lease With Coach Pat Martin

  Did you know you can lease houses with the right to sub-lease? Tune into this episode as today’s guest explains how. Pat Martin tells us exactly how he managed to do it. Pat didn’t intend to go into real estate, but someone approached him while in the church and asked him if he was…

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Episode 538: The State Of The Real Estate Market With Ron LeGrand

  We’re undeniably in a very weird market. House prices are going up at a speed as we’ve never seen before. At the same time, we have about a 4 million house shortage in the country. With so many things happening, who can tell what the future will be? If we can’t get the answer…

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Episode 255: Finding Houses: Outbound Call Training for VAs

As a former call center manager Juan has years of experience training and developing callers to effectively communicate and negotiate. Juan has applied that experience to real estate initially as a wholesaler but more recently into building a team of virtual assistants to make contact with potential motivated sellers. What you’ll learn about in this…

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