3 Years Wholesaling/Case Study, with Rod Long

Episode 279:

Rodrick Long is a professional real estate investor who has sold multiple commercial and residential properties. He has created sustainable wealth through real estate and has helped countless others do the same by using his unique approach to the business.

He started Wholesaling while working as the “neighborhood lawn guy”. Rod bought and sold over $3,000,000 in real estate in just 3 years and his top 3 students made over $25,000 on their first real estate deal.

Rod has been featured in multiple real estate podcasts and webinars and is the Founder of WIRE Real Estate Corporation.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why living with his family pushed Rod to find a way to get back out on his own and get into his own home
  • How an encounter mowing lawns for a real estate investor sparked the idea to get into real estate
  • How his first wholesale deal made Rod $11,000 in seventeen days and helped Rod become financially stable
  • Why Rod used part of his $11,000 profits from his first deal to buy marketing for his real estate business
  • How Rod’s business strategy has evolved to specialize in wholesaling and subject-to deals
  • Why boat storage rental property is a powerful investment for a “forever” cash model
  • Why it is important to manage your money properly, especially during your early real estate wins
  • Why Rod has moved into private money funding for his deals, and what benefits he sees in using private money
  • Why positive monthly cash flow is the true secret to growing your portfolio and ensuring your wealth


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