The Most Profitable Self Storage Investing Secrets Revealed

Episode 24:

Scott Meyers is the nation’s leading Self Storage Expert. He travels the country investing, consulting, and teaching about the hottest sector in Commercial Real Estate over the past 30 years.

After becoming a penniless millionaire in the single family and apartment business, he began investing in Self-Storage, and eventually sold all his single-family rentals and apartments to focus on growing his real estate portfolio without Tenants, Toilets, and Trash!

Scott is also a master at Syndicating his deals using very little of his own money which has allowed him to accelerate his growth without the use of banks or traditional lenders. He also earned his Certified Self Storage Manager designation through the National Self Storage Association in 2005 and is a regular speaker at the Self Storage Trade Shows and National conferences.

Scott is a published author and has taught real estate courses for the University of Indianapolis over a career in real estate investing that began back in 1993.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Scott got into self storage investing and how his business came to be
  • Is self storage for you?
  • How to get into self storage
  • Scott’s events and the other aspects of his business
  • The differences between rural and urban storage and what makes a location prime
  • How Scott finds storages
  • How to position yourself with brokers
  • Why you can usually get a higher ROI on building storage vs open space
  • Why you should buy existing facilities vs. building a new one
  • What Scott does to turn a facility around


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