Gary Harper: A Conversation with the Business Systems Professional


A Conversation with the Business Systems Professional

Gary Harper is the owner of Sharper Business Solutions. He spent 16 years as a executive in a Fortune 500 company where he handled the process of evaluating companies operational expenses and helped them to reach new levels of efficiencies. Sharper Business Solutions teaches, facilitates and coach’s simple concepts and practical tools that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get what they want from their business. 

By mastering this simple way of operating, companies can improve processes, communication, clarity and reduce complexity, while employing the right people in their business to achieve their short and long term company vision.

Gary began investing in real estate in 2004 and has taken his expertise in business systems and process management and developed a program to help real estate investors position themselves to scale their business to new levels. Gary and Susan work together in their passion to help businesses become successful. They use their experience and abilities to help business owners to position themselves and their companies to be able to give back and provide a legacy that goes beyond this life.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

    • Why buying and flipping houses alone isn’t enough to generate success in real estate investments. You must develop a few essential business skills along the way
    • Why visionaries are awesome, but sometimes it takes real management skills to get the job done
    • The importance of identifying a need in the market and being able to meet that need at the same time
    • How when leaders or visionaries develop the necessary skills to become great managers, magic happens
    • Why some people simply need to learn a new skill set to take their moderately successful real estate businesses to new levels of success
    • Why success all comes back to creating the plan and setting goals to achieve that vision in the end
    • Why developing a process to use over and over again to achieve success is the real secret to changing your reality in real estate investing and any other business venture
    • The reasons it’s important to avoid thinking of only what needs to be done today and focus instead on what the end goal is and how you’re going to accomplish that goal
    • Why passion is necessary for success in any business venture
    • The importance of creating a game plan everyone can get on board with and then making sure that everyone is on the same page and doing their part
    • Reasons you must document, document, document (and then follow the document)
    • How you can’t make it big in real estate without surrounding yourself with the right people – a village of people on your team – each one responsible for their own little corner
    • Why organization is the real secret to success

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