RE Investor Summit Podcast: my Fave retirement secret is Self Storage Investing

Self Storage Investing

Today is a podcast with my friend and VERY successful
Storage Facility Investing Expert, Scott Meyers

This is my fave retirement secret: make your money in Real Estate and then load it into Self Storage Facilities for recurring monthly income.

I own 16 Storage Facilities now and we love getting those payments without toilets, trash or tenants.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Scott got into self storage and how his business came to be
  • Is self storage for you?
  • How to get into self storage
  • Scott’s events and the other aspects of his business
  • The differences between rural and urban storage and what makes a location prime
  • How Scott finds storages
  • How to position yourself with brokers
  • Why you can usually get a higher ROI on building storage vs open space
  • Why you should buy existing facilities vs. building a new one
  • What Scott does to turn a facility around

And Scott has offered a huge discount to get started in Storage Facility Investing. The secret is…

  • Use PROMO CODE BIZPLAN for special Discount

DO NOT MISS THIS PODCAST Self Storage Investing Secrets

This week we present experts that discuss:

Self Storage Investing,  5 Steps to Getting 8% to 36% ROI,  Generating Leads Using Social Media

So Getcha some podcast interviews and learn from all these experts.

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