OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS … and You’re Not Answering

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I don’t see money loosening up from the banks and mortgage companies. This is a boom time for private real estate investors who can buy with cash or private money and then sell with a wrap-around mortgage using seller financing (owner financing). There has never been a time so ripe for savvy investors;

– With low CD rates… the stock market causing serious doubts among boomers…and billions of $$$$ sitting on the sidelines in retirement plans, private money has never been so easy to find.

Let’s face it, the only reason you don’t buy that $100,000 houses for $50,000 right now is ’cause you haven’t figured out how to get the money – right? 

– With the credit score bar being raised and the availability of home loans down…finding bargain houses has never been easier. What do you suppose happens to the prices of houses when less and less people can’t get a loan to buy them? Just take a wild guess…let your common sense take over for a minute. Prices Fall!

If you offer the financing what would happen to the price? THE PRICE WOULD GO BACK UP! Do you have to have an appraisal to owner finance houses? NOPE.

If you’ve got money wasting away in CDs, learn how to “Self-Direct your retirement funds. Take control of your own financial future! Stop leaving your financial future in the hands of those who don’t care about your money nearly as much as you do.

Start learning your options out there. Chances are, you’re not going to hear about many new options from your financial planner or your CPA.

Listen to this Podcast: Unique Ways to Grow your Retirement

You’re going to have to get off the beaten path…were the fruit hasn’t been picked and there’s still some grass to graze on. There are places out there like that…believe me!

If you’re one of those people with a retirement plan that’s going nowhere, find out the difference between Traditional IRA vs. the Real estate 401K. Learn how to move lightening fast with your retirement funds and how real estate just might be what you want to invest in. There’s more to RE than buying rent houses…way more!

What if you could loan your money in a first lien position in a scenario where the property is currently worth $100, 000 and you only have to loan $50, 000? If you don’t get paid the interest you agreed upon; you get a $100, 000 house. Is that not better than a CD rate? Is this not better than gambling in the stock market?

What if you could buy an existing 10% real estate lien note on a property for $40, 000 and the property was worth $75,000? So you buy this note balance at $40,000 in hopes of making 10% rate of return…and if you don’t get the payment from the home owner you get the house. How does it NOT make sense to buy this note?

May I humbly suggest that if you’re not happy with your current retirement situation: you should get out and about and see what some people are doing to make a huge difference in their financial future.

Sure, it’s not completely passive. You’re going to have to get a little educated on a few things. But, aren’t you tired of sitting on your hands anyway?

I think you’re tired of sitting on your hands.

–Mitch Stephen–

Author, MY LIFE & 1,000 HOUSES

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