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Jon and Stephanie Iannotti: Selling to Un-Motivated Sellers!

Selling to Un-Motivated Sellers!

Jon & Stephanie Iannotti have been Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders since 2000. Prior to that Jon worked in a Steel Mill in PA as a Quality/Safety Inspector for 24 years and prior to that was a Policeman turned Police Chief. Stephanie was an Orthopedic Technician and Personal Assistant to a very well known Orthopedic Surgeon in Pittsburgh for 24 years. Then the Real Estate Investing Bug….Bit them hard!!!  

They now have over 36 years combined experience in Real Estate Investing/Teaching, and Mentoring and over 3000 creative deals under their belts, they are considered one of the best in the industry.  The Iannotti’s are huge believers in Multiple Streams of Income! To help their students and Real Estate Investors across the country they have  come up with some amazing ways to structure deals that are cutting edge. They have done many deals with their student partners using these state of the art techniques which are now being taught across the country and internationally. They are the creators of ACT (Agreeable Contract Terms). This program has totally changed many investors’ lives with the teachings and techniques.  Then in 2012, due to even more changes in the Real Estate Market, the Iannotti’s came up with another System called REACT (Reverse Engineered Agreeable Contract Terms). REACT is now taking the Real Estate Investing world by storm as well as their most recent program CATS (Complete Agreeable Terms System), which combined both of the systems.

Jon and Stephanie have trained with and worked with some of the biggest names in Real Estate Investing. To name a few, Ron LeGrand, Robin Thompson, Lee Phillips, Al Aiello, Ted Thomas, Lou Brown, and many others.  Not only have they mentored hundreds of their own students, they have also mentored hundreds of Ron Legrand’s real estate students.

Seeing a great need for another Real Estate Investing Association in the Southwest Florida Region to help educate and train Real Estate Investors, Jon & Stephanie approached one of their associates and decided to form the Florida Gulf Coast Real Estate Investing Alliance. They are looking forward to continuing to bring knowledge and training to as many Investors as possible and are always continuing to keep their skills fine-tuned and cutting edge so that their knowledge can be passed to those that they associate with. Their motto for Real Estate Investing….”Knowledge is key, Timing is crucial, Location is important and having a Mentor or Coach will keep you on the path to Success!”

The Iannotti’s are also 3 Time Amazon #1 Best Selling Authors.The books include their most recent  Book “Elite Real Estate Leaders” along with their 2nd book “Business Leaders Success”  and the 1st book “The New Masters of Real Estate, Getting Deals Done in the New Economy.”  12 of the 18 contributing authors in the 1st book were mentored or coached by them personally.  

Jon and Stephanie are also highly sought after National Speakers and National & International Mentors to well over 400 students over the past few 15 years.  Owning their own businesses have given them the freedom to live where they want to live, do what they want to do and when they want to do it.  By Systematizing and putting their businesses on Auto Pilot, the Iannotti’s have been given the name, “The Cruise Control Couple.”

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How the flexibility of Jon and Stephanie’s course adapts to the real estate market and prepares their students to handle different scenarios

  • The importance of developing the skills that let you recognize when a marketing technique isn’t working and how to shift to different pathways to bring in leads

  • How to use creative thinking to survive when the market becomes more seller-friendly, making it harder to get the contract you’re looking for

  • How their students benefit from the profit-sharing option offered by getting to work with someone experienced at closing deals while receiving support along the way

  • How to make the most of the leads without letting difficult market conditions keep you from success

  • Helping sellers get to a place where they’re comfortable saying “yes” to a deal by removing the complexity from real estate terminology and making the upside clear

  • How to turn profits on deals where you might initially pay more than you wanted for a piece of property

  • How they model themselves after internet loan companies and find paths to funding outside of banks from lots of different sources, selecting the ones that benefit them most

  • Being able to recognize when certain selling techniques will work and when to change them to match the conditions of the market

  • How to Find long-term success by striking the right balance of adjusting to the needs of both motivated and non-motivated sellers

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