Raymond Braun: Truly Passive Investing

Truly Passive Investing

R. E. Capital, LLC was founded by Mitch Stephen and partner Raymond Braun. Collectively they have purchased and sold over 1,500 houses in the San Antonio, TX area since 1996. They have purchased a very large portion of these properties with private funds loaned to them by private individuals just like YOU. The premise is very simple: You loan them money for a fair interest rate and you get 1st Lien Rights on a property valued at least 35% more than you loaned; you either get paid that interest rate or you get the collateral (the property) that you loaned against. That being said, R. E. Capital, Mitch Stephen and Raymond Braun have never given a property back in instead of making payments. It is a very unique and favorable situation for both parties.

What makes our proposition work for them, and for YOU, is that the collateral property is worth at least $35% more than what YOU loan to them at the time of the loan. In most cases, the property is worth MORE than 35% of what they loan. This is NOT new to them. They know what to do if they have to take properties back…YOU just receive payments.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Raymond got started in the hard money loan business

  • The importance of establishing a system for success

  • How investments in the hard money loan business are exactly like other investments

  • How there is nothing passive about renting houses

  • The standard loan to value ratio for hard money loans

  • Getting a third party appraisal on anything that you make a loan on

  • Why you need to be totally comfortable with a loan before making it

  • The benefits of working with a private lender rather than banks

  • Why you shouldn’t be set back if a deal moves really fast

  • How going through tough times can help you discover what you’re made of

  • Why everyone should have a large portion of their money invested in something where the likelihood of losing money is very slim

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