Sean Flanagan on Pre-Wholesaling

  • How “pre-wholesaling” works and why it’s a great entry point for new investors just getting into real estate

When not working, Sean enjoys spending time with his wife Tracey and their 3 children, Logan, Bailey and Kiersten. His hobbies are surfing, jiu-jitsu and coaching his kids at their wrestling matches. Sean has been a real estate investor for 17 years and still actively buys, sells and owns properties in the Central Florida market.

As a real estate investor in one of the most competitive markets in the country, he created and founded the Lucky Buys Yucky Houses® brand, out of necessity, and went on to use it to dominate his local market for years to come.

During his real estate career, which spans close to two decades as of the time of this writing, he has developed a knack for creating effective systems which are being successfully used to target motivated sellers in areas where his competitors never even think to look.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How “pre-wholesaling” works and why it’s a great entry point for new investors just getting into real estate
  • Why traditional wholesaling is over-saturated and highly competitive, and why Sean prefers to chase the low-hanging fruit
  • How Sean got started in real estate and has grown to be the biggest player in the Central Florida market
  • Why Sean’s business primarily targets pretty houses for a higher margin than he would make on ugly houses
  • How Sean’s deals are structured, how he gets into and out of deals, and how he has refined his technique over hundreds of deals
  • Why terms are the key to Sean’s ability to make profit, and why motivated sellers are the best sellers
  • How Sean teaches what he does, and how his students can get started in pre-wholesaling within 30 days
  • How Sean uses wrap-around mortgages, and how his favorite deals over the course of his career have shaken out
  • How to get more information about Sean’s national real estate investor branding business, “Lucky Buys Yucky Houses”
  • Brandon Gaunce returns to share yet another fantastic real estate investing case study, with full details about the deal

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