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Mitch Stephen Solocast:

Conquering Your Fears: Both in Business and in Life


Mitch Stephen Solocast

The Power of Group Coaching and Q&A Sessions!



You’ll Get “Insider” tips about:

  • Zero % Financing Options
  • Tax Liens and Tax Deeds
  • Multi-Family Investing
  • Private Lending and Owner Financing
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Automated Systems to Attract Buyers, Sellers and Investors
  • How to Own Mobile Home Parks
  • Self Storage Investing
  • Securing Your Retirement
  • Credit Repair
  • How Mindset is important in your Business
  • How to Create RE Websites with Proven Results
  • Investing in Performing and Non-Performing Notes
  • Flipping Properties even on Vacation
  • How to Landlord and Profit
  • Fresh Ideas about Financing Your Business
  • How to start a Local REIA
  • Investing with Your Retirement Funds and much more!

Listen to how these folks got started and what they overcame to be successful.

Their stories will inspire you to dream big and reach the next level

in your business and personal life.



SKIP TRACING Larry Higgins

Pass Your Competition with Skip Tracing


(Capture incoming caller’s phone numbers and then mass text them)



Moat Note Servicing


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Task, list App with reminders. Many more options to help you get things done.

This calendar works with App. When you enter an address it will

provide a map and navigation.

**** I downloaded the two apps above yesterday and started using them immediately.

They are the best I have ever used!!! I had an old calendar on my phone and the new calendar added my new appointments to it also. I love the addition of the mapping and navigation.

When an address is entered in the appointment calendar it immediately attaches the mapping and navigation. No more looking up address separately. I tend to procrastinate when looking up addresses so this keeps me ahead of the game. It enables me to find my appointment from any location I am leaving from.


  • Animoto – Video & slide presentations
  • Atomic Web – Browser allows tab browsing similar to IE
  • Area Codes – Quickly lookup an area code. Search for a city to see what area codes it has. Covers North America, including the US, Canada, Caribbean, and US territories
  • ATT Scanner – QR Code reader
  • AudioNote – Allows audio recording while taking notes together – I love this. Now allows cloud and email capabilities
  • BiggerPockets
  • CamCard – CamCard reads business cards and save instantly to phone Contacts. It syncs all your cards across smartphones, tablets, computers and the web app.
  • CardMunch
  • ColorSnap – By Sherwin Williams helps with color matching and determining how much paint is needed for a job
  • Cloud-on – Allows editing of MS documents
  • Construction Cost Estimator – Provides repair estimates using 2014 Craftsman costbooks
  • Docs to Go – For creating, viewing and editing of MS Office docs – not free
  • Docusign Ink – Sign any document or send for signature
  • Dragon Dictation – Allows dictation and upload direct to Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Dragon Search – allows voice searches
  • Evernote – Take all your notes, sync on your mobile, pc and iPad, iPhone and includes audio and images. Great real time collaboration tool – MUST HAVE and probably my favorite USEFUL tool
  • 12E FinanCial Calculator
  • FilMIC Pro – Great Video recording tool with a lot of options
  • Free Wi-Fi – locate free wi-fi areas
  • Flashlight – Bright. Fast. Simple. The most elegant and functional flashlight app, ever! And it even goes with a compass, giving you the direction in the darkness. Don’t miss it!
  • Gas Buddy – find local gas prices
  • Go 2 Their Voicemail UNLIMITED – Do you ever wish that when you call someone, you could just skip the conversation and leave their mobile phone a voicemail? With Go 2 Their Voicemail UNLIMITED, you can connect directly to a mobile phone’s voicemail box, with NO advertising, as many times you want! Please Note: Once you download the App you will be asked to subscribe to the In-App purchase for $4.99 which will allow you to use the App for one ye
  • Google Drive
  • Google Earth
  • Google Voice – Free web based phone number and text – MUST
  • Hammerpoint – repair estimate tool allows you to walk thru a house making notes of repairs required and email the file when complete. – Being Updated. May or may not work correctly
  • Home Depot app – The Home Depot Pro app for your iPhone helps professional contractors save time and money. The Home Depot Pro app makes it easy to check store inventory and order material through the app to pick up in store the same day.
  • Homesnap – Snap a picture of any property and get the details
  • Home Value Pro – RealQuest home values research
  • HootSuite – Social Media Dashboard – Login to one site and update all platforms of social media. You can schedule content to go out at a later date.
  • iBooks – iPhone and iPad only – Organized storage of PDFs/books
  • iHandy Level – Turns your smartphone into a level
  • iTalk – Handy voice recorder that allows emailing of your recording or sharing on iTunes.
  • iTranslate – iTranslate is an award winning translation tool that helps you break down language barriers. With its state of the art technology you can speak any language in a second.
  • ImagetoText – allows converting text in images to text
  • JotNot Scanner Pro
  • Level Money – Level is the effortless way to track your daily cash flow and take control of your money. Top US banks support connections to Level. The list is expanding all the time! Check back often.
  • Loan Shark – Never lose track of your loans again! Using LoanShark you can conveniently keep track of who owes what and to whom by creating an entry of each loan in LoanShark.
  • LoopNet – Listing of Commercial an Apartments
  • MagicPlan – I have not used this but it helps you draw and meassure floor plans
  • MileTracker – Expense / mileage tracker – I use this to track all expense
  • MS OneNote – Take notes of all types and sync with your MS documents on your MS Windows Live SkyDrive account
  • Panorama – Take individual pictures and paste them together for panoramic shots.
  • Property Evaluator – quickly evaluate a property and email the results
  • Property Fixer – quickly evaluate a property and email the results
  • PowerOne Business Calulator
  • – NOT AN APP use it from your phone navigator. Paying too much for rent? Charging too little?
  • Remember The Milk
  • RoboForm – Allows sync of all your passwords between your computers, iPhone/iPad allowing 24/7 web access to all your web site logins. I’ve been using this cool tool for 13 or more years – THIS IS A MUST HAVE
  • ScanBizCards – scan business cards to your contacts
  • Service Bell – Great for dealing with intolerable service – Perfect for the impatient
  • ShoeBoxed – Mileage and Expense tracker – Thanks Clay
  • SignMyPad – Allows signing of documents on your IPhone/IPad
  • Skype – Web site and app. IM Chat Video and phone communications over the web – MUST HAVE , especially for long distance or international calls
  • SlideShark – Powerpoint presentation sharing via Cloud
  • Slydial – Web site and app. When you hope they don’t answer the phone, send it straight to their voicemail. It doesn’t matter if their phone is on or not.
  • Swift ~ Speed Up Player – Player to speed up video and audio playback directly from your favorite websites like YouTube, applications like DropBox, iTunes Library, etc. Play it faster to save time or download it for offline viewing and play it anytime.
  • TextNow – Free UNLIMITED texting – there many others available
  • TXHouseBuyer – This is my app with tons of info for buyers and sellers and properties available. Love to get your feedback on it. This app is directly connected to my RealeFlow Investor business.
  • The Real Deal Meet UP
  • The Secret Daily Teachings – Receive daily Secret teachings – motivational – MUST HAVE
  • Trulia Real Estate Our top-rated Real Estate app simplifies your home search. Instantly see nearby homes for sale, apartments for rent, or open houses. With hi-res photo galleries and essential info like crime and school ratings, you’ll be one step closer to home.
  • Trulia Rentals Find an apartment on-the-go with the top-rated Trulia Rentals app. With just a tap, view nearby homes and apartments for rent, check out neighborhood details or share listings with roommates.
  • Trulia Mortgage Take the work out of finding a mortgage. Trulia’s smart and easy-to-use mortgage app helps you calculate the home price you can afford, see your monthly payments, and compare personalized loan quotes.
  • Trulia for AgentsThe Trulia for Agents App is the best way to stay in touch with clients while on-the-go. Get instant lead notifications, contact prospective clients, and view nearby listing information.
  • UStream – Stay connected to Ustream wherever you go through your mobile device, TV, and other connected devices. Time to Go Live! Use your mobile phone to stream video live – Open House, Relocation, REI Expo
  • HAVE Voxer – Turns your smart phone as a walkie talkie type device
  • WhiteBoard HD – Great notes taking/whiteboard tool
  • WhiteNoise – Great background noise for relaxing
  • WritePad – Handwriting input into Evernote
  • YouTube – Create and post your promotional videos
  • Zillow – Home search and comps