Real Estate Podcast

Real Estate Podcast

One of the best ways to get updates from top experts in the real estate investing industry is through Mitch Stephen’s top real estate podcast, Real Estate Investor Summit. Mitch’s podcast has become one of the top real estate podcasts for real estate investing tips, advice, and news in the United States.

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Real Estate Podcast – Who Is Mitch Stephen? Why is “Buy and Hold” a Myth? Why Owner Financed Properties?

Hear Mitch’s story and why he wanted to start a top real estate podcast. In addition, learn about how you can become financially successful by using real estate investing and, more specifically, owner financing. You do not necessarily need to have a large amount of capital to be successful in the real estate investing world.  Owner financing is very powerful and is an excellent alternative to the “buy and hold” strategy that many investors try to use. You want customers to believe they are the buyer, not a tenant to be successful. If you achieve the right buyer and the right deals, you can get paid to create substantial, long-term cash flow. Instead of only making money when you sell a property, Mitch will tell you how you can get paid up to 6 times with every deal that you make!

Real Estate Podcast – How to Get Private Money for Real Estate Investing

In this episode, Mitch will tell you about why you need to get into the real estate investing business, even if you do not have your own capital to invest right now. There are hundreds of excuses that people make to why they cannot invest in real estate, and almost all of the excuses are bogus. Real estate investing is not about you, it is about the deals you make. Asking people for their money is a backward way of thinking about obtaining money to invest with. You need private money, but there are great ways to find a deal and negotiate with an investor to get the job done.

Real Estate Podcast – The Power of Group Coaching and Q&A Sessions!

Tune in to see why Mitch Stephen’s group coaching can be an amazing option in lieu of one-on-one mentoring. Mitch is a firm believer that a real estate investing mentor should always be the one teaching his or her students, which is why he will never sub the job of coaching out to someone else. Group Q&As are an excellent way to get all of your questions answered.  Mitch never puts a time limit on the calls so that all questions can be covered. It is easier to deal with specific, real-life situations on these calls because you can present your specific problem or deal in order to get direct feedback. The real estate coaching calls are archived so that you can reference them whenever you need to. Real estate mentors are crucial to the success of all real estate investors.


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