Coaching from Mitch Stephen

"If you think education is expensive, try being uneducated!"

Mitch offers three different levels of coaching to help you reach your potential!

One-on-One Coaching

Receive one-to-one coaching directly from Mitch through is personal mentorship program.  This program not only offers direct access to Mitch, but includes a treasure trove of online courses, archived group coaching calls, and plenty of bonuses.

Group Coaching

With group coaching you'll join Mitch Stephen and the group on a weekly Q&A call.  In addition you'll receive access to over 400 hours of past Q&A sessions!

Online Courses

Prefer to go at your own pace first?  Check out Mitch's proven The Art of Owner Finance Pro and Private Money Changes Everything online training courses!

“Every deal presents a unique opportunity. Learning one thing you didn’t know can keep you from buying a loser.

Just one little adjustment or a simple rephrasing of a sentence can make a decent sale into a great sale.

If you think education is expensive, try being uneducated.

I have flipped over 2,000 houses. Let my 23 years of experience give you a direction and confidence.

I have never been foreclosed on or defaulted on one payment in my entire career.

There’s a reason why”

Mitch Stephen

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“I went from 0 to 28 houses in one year. Mitch was there for me every single time I needed him. He’s great at sharing his mind-set and then breaking down things into their simplest form. I can’t imagine beginning a real estate investment career without him on my team. It was so worth it!”

Bryan R, Florence, AL