Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast

Episode 422: Student Success With Jose Luis Hinojosa

  Success comes easier when you do things with a mentor’s guidance and it can never be truer in the world of real estate. Joining Mitch Stephen in this episode is one of his rockstar students, Jose Luis Hinojosa, a real estate investor from Dallas, Texas. Starting off in the industry without knowing the first…

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Episode 421: Cash Flow Unfolded With Chris Miles

  Financial advisors are really just salespeople in suits, and there are things that they are not telling us. A cash flow expert and an anti-financial advisor, Chris Miles is on today’s episode with Mitch Stephen to reveal those things with us and how we can get our money out and work for us not only…

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Episode 420: The Art Of Writing A Book: Be A Trusted Expert In Your Niche with Max Keller

  Will writing a book give you credibility in your field? In this episode, Max Keller, author, investor, and speaker, joins Mitch Stephen as they talk about positioning yourself as a trusted real estate investment expert by writing your own book. From math teacher to real estate investor, get to know Max as he shares…

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Episode 419: The Mitch Stephen Guide To Hard Money

  Hard money is usually short term and expensive, as things go. The question is, do you know how to use or leverage hard money to your advantage? If you’re still in the dark about it, join Mitch as he discusses the ins, outs, ups, and downs of hard money. And for even more information…

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Episode 418: Flipping Land For Cashflow With Jack Bosch

  Who says flipping land for cash is not possible? Not Jack Bosch, for certain. Teaming up as a power duo with his wife, Michelle, Jack has flipped over 4,000 parcels of land and is now coaching other people who wish to do the same. Jack Bosch is an experienced business owner, entrepreneur, real estate investor,…

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