Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast

Episode 466: Hiring A "Fractional CFO"

  When your business starts to grow, you’re going to need someone to handle the financial side and it’s usually just you for a while, which sucks if you don’t know what you’re doing. How do you step out of the tedious financial nitty-gritty of your business’s finances without having to hire somebody full-time? The…

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Episode 465: Simplifying Life Down And Gain Business Freedom With Brett Snodgrass

  Whether you are a successful business owner or someone planning to be one, is it really the money that makes you truly happy? Owner of Simple Wholesaling, Brett Snodgrass, believes freedom is what truly matters. In this episode, he joins Mitch Stephen to talk about why business owners don’t choose freedom and why, more…

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Episode 464: Commercial/Multifamily With Charles Carillo

  Charles Carillo was introduced to commercial and multifamily investing by his father, who had been investing and self-managing 100+ units in multifamily and commercial properties since the ’80s. Working alongside his father and eventually investing on his own taught Charles a great deal about how to succeed in this space. In this episode, he joins Mitch Stephen to discuss the importance of getting your numbers right when assessing…

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Episode 463: What's Trending Post-COVID With Connor Steinbrook

  Although the pandemic is far from over, many things that will most likely trend post-COVID can be seen as early as now. And if everyone in the real estate can catch up with them before anyone else, big things are indeed in store. Mitch Stephen sits down with Connor Steinbrook to discuss not only the importance…

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Episode 462: Zero Interest Funding Source With Mike Banks

  Do you need capital to start your business, but you’re unsure where to get it? Today’s guest is Mike Banks, the Chief Operations Officer of Fund&Grow. Fund&Grow is a company offering zero-interest funding to empower entrepreneurs and real estate investors like yourself to take the plunge and start your business. Listen to this episode and find…

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