Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast

Episode 485: Baby-Boomer Opportunity With Max Keller

  What’s the opportunity in the seniors’ age group in the real estate industry? Mitch Stephen talks about senior’s housing choices with Max Keller, the author of Home To Home: The Step By Step Senior Housing Guide. He elaborates on essential topics covered in the book and entrepreneurial insights about it. Moreover, Max wrote this…

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Episode 483: Christopher Bello On Earning More Income By Being Productive

  Time means money. The more time you spend doing nothing, the more money goes down the drain. Learn how to be productive with real estate expert Chris Bello. Chris is a real estate agent and investor for Keller Williams Realty, Inc. He is also the podcast host of the Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast. Join your…

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Episode 482: Buying And Selling Land Remotely With Justin Sliva

  Real estate investors have many strategies in buying and selling land, some of them more popular than others. One not-so-popular way is buying land remotely, which takes a lot of work to pull off. In today’s episode, Mitch Stephen discusses land buying strategies with real estate investor Justin Sliva. Justin talks about getting his…

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Episode 481: Zero-Interest Funding Source With Mike Banks - REPLAY

  If you’re looking to start a business but unsure where to get your capital, Mike Banks is the person you need. He is the Chief Operations Officer of Fund&Grow, and he is here to talk to Mitch Stephen about providing zero-interest funding sources through his company. Fund&Grow empowers entrepreneurs and real estate investors by…

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Episode 480: How Amazon Can Help Build Your Virtual Income With Ann Sieg - REPLAY

  If you’re looking to generate money while working from home, becoming an eCommerce entrepreneur might be the one for you. Ann Sieg joins Mitch Stephen to talk about eCommerce success and how it can help people earn virtual income through selling products online. Ann is an eCommerce entrepreneur and, together with Mitch, explores online…

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