Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast

Episode 444: Enhanced Qualified Retirement Plan Strategy: Free From Financial Bondage With Damion Lupo

  In this fast-paced world, we all become so accustomed to wanting fast results. Because of that, we opt for doing things for the short-term instead of the long-term. Seeing this problem, Damion Lupo created a unique tool that can help free a million people from financial bondage, the Enhanced Qualified Retirement Plan strategy (eQRPs). In…

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Episode 443: Driving For Dollars With David Lecko

  Some of the successful products out there come from someone’s attempt to solve a problem for themselves. This is how the software DealMachine was born. Struggling to get his first rental property, David Lecko started DealMachine that later on became the app for investors with the same struggles. In this episode, he joins host Mitch Stephen…

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Episode 442: Loan Your Money Out: The True Passive Income

  People who want to pursue different careers often turn to passive income sources to satisfy their expenses without losing focus on different goals. But without proper knowledge of how it really works and should be maintained, you might just well flush your money down the drain. To help out aspiring investors, Mitch Stephen discusses…

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Episode 441: Sean Pan: Finding Gold Way Beyond Your Zip Code

  If you do not challenge your comfort zones and try new things, success may have a hard time finding your way. The same goes for investors, and going out of their zip code is one thing to consider to discover the best possible deals. Sean Pan shares with Mitch Stephen how he managed to…

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Episode 440: Dom Faussette: How To Maximize Time By Monetizing Your Passions

  Time is a priceless resource, and unfortunately, we don’t really have much of it to go around. To maximize this, why not try monetizing your passions and do what you love while earning money at the same time? Radio show host, executive coach, and author Dom Faussette strongly believes in this mantra, emphasizing that…

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