Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast

Episode 523: Connecting With Wholesale Buyers With Tye Glover

  By connecting homeowners with wholesale buyers, both make strong profits by removing the middlemen. Tye Glover, the Founder of Invest Out, shares with Mitch Stephen his challenging experience of going through a divorce and having to sell his property. Connecting with wholesale buyers not only increases profit. It also provides considerable improvements to your…

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Episode 522: Important Reasons To Work With Tax Free Future With Tim Berry

  Going into your retirement knowing that your finances are well managed is one of the best long-term decisions you can make. Building a tax-free future must always be your priority, especially if you are still young, and Tim Berry is the best person to help you with that. He joins Mitch Stephen to discuss…

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Episode 521: Find The Best VA With Brady Morgan

  We all want to create a business that will still run even if we step out of it. If we can’t, we’ll all get to the end of the road so exhausted that we want to throw the business away. Avoid experiencing burnout by finding the best virtual assistant. Mitch Stephen brings Brady Morgan…

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Episode 520: How Effective Is Your Online Presence? With Italina Kirknis

  Have you tried searching yourself online? Are you satisfied with the results that you see under your name? In today’s digital age, your online presence serves as your resume or curriculum vitae. It helps you market yourself. In this episode, Italina Kirknis, an online presence expert, provides us with valuable insights on social media…

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Episode 519: Is It Ever Too Late to Start a Tax Savings Retirement Fund? With Tim Berry

  Is it ever too late to start a tax savings retirement fund? The quick and simple answer is no! Your grandparents can get you one the moment you are born. Join your host Mitch Stephen and his guest Tim Berry to learn more on this topic. Discover why you want that little black box…

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