Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast

Episode 509: How You Start With Wholesaling With David Olds

  There are so many ways to get into the real estate industry. What is the best way to jumpstart your career in this field? Mitch Stephen and David Olds discuss how you start with wholesaling business, innovations, and dispositions. David explains how you could be an expert in making cash offers and understanding cash…

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Episode 508: Vacant Land Deals With Kathy Kennebrook

  If you see a Vacant Land with grass growing higher than their fence, you know that’s vacant land. Clearly, no one cares about the land or takes care of it. That’s just money going down the drain. The amount of money you can get from vacant land is insane. Join your host Mitch Stephen…

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Episode 507: How To Get Quick Money Bridge Loan Faster Than A Bank With Nina Duran

  A lot of times, banks don’t move fast enough, and we get frustrated. With the overly long process and the endless requirements, we tend to feel like we would not find immediate solutions to our loan needs. Mitch Stephen sits down for a conversation with Nina Duran about how you could get a quick…

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Episode 506: “Most Likely Motivated Sellers” With Eddie Speed

  How do you turn people from unmotivated real estate owners to motivated sellers? In this episode, Mitch Stephen sits down for a chat with Eddie Speed, founder of the Colonial Funding Group, about finding motivated sellers that can provide you the best deals. They also discuss the state of the market and provide some…

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Episode 505: How Virtual Assistants Contribute Success To Your Business With Brady Morgan

  As an entrepreneur, there is a lot on your plate for sure. And, you want to lessen those, so you could do more productive things that require your immediate attention. Join your host Mitch Stephen as he talks with Brady Morgan on how virtual assistants can contribute to your entrepreneurial success. Brady is the…

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