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Episode 552: A Modern Parable About Creating Financial Freedom By Rich Fettke

  The most common misconception about wealth is when someone owns expensive things, so we view them as wealthy. That is not always the case. In this episode, financial freedom is defined as exceeding our wants and needs, not by passive income but by positive cash flow. Rich Fettke, who founded RealWealth with his wife,…

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Episode 553: Pathway To Financial Freedom With Russ Morgan And Joey Mure

  People wish for financial freedom, but not everyone knows the shortest path to achieve it. How are these people able to generate income without waiting for retirement? What strategies should you use? Russ Morgan and Joey Mure, hosts of Wealth Without Wall Street, share their wisdom on walking the pathway to financial freedom. And…

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Episode 551: The Secret To Selling Fast – Days On Market

  What’s the secret to selling fast? In this episode, Mitch explains how technology helped his real estate business. His problem with getting too many phone calls gave birth to LIVECOMM.com, and from there, things went well with his career. Proper utilization of technology paved his way to success. Want to know more? Tune in…

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Episode 549: Want More Deals? New Hidden Tax Secret With Eddie Speed

  Creative financing is a way that you can close more deals with more income and fewer headaches. There’s no crystal ball in real estate, you have to make strategies so that you can come out on top. With Eddie Speed’s “Money Ball” strategy, you’d be able to sidestep the appreciation game that you got…

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Episode 550: $160M In Self Storage Investment With Fernando Angelucci

  Self-storage is always an excellent investment choice. It has the potential to produce a massive revenue. In this episode, Fernando Angelucci explains that setting structures around yourself prevents you from falling, so commitment is vital in investing. He also explains that partnership plays a vital role, especially in the analysis paralysis side. Fernando shares…

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