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The Art of Creative Real Estate Investing

This online Master Program includes 19+ hours of video, audio, transcripts, resources and business forms to support your investing business.

NOTE: This includes our premium course Private Money Changes Everything!

✔In Depth how to Find Properties, how to Fund Your Properties, how to Sell Your Properties

✔How to Create Effective Lists, How to Generate Leads, How to Assess Value, How to Negotiate,

✔How to Write a Buying Contract and Selling Contract step by step, in depth review of contract special provisions

✔Picking the best contractors and how to work with them

✔Contractor Rehab estimator tool

✔How to Build Your Round Table, Where to Find CRM’s and How to Use Them

✔How to Hire VA’s, 100 Ways to Use VA’s, recordings of Live VA calls to sellers

✔How to Hire Central Office Administrator

✔How to Hire Acquisition Managers

✔How to Hire Part or Full Time Sales Managers

✔How to Systematize your Office

✔How to Hire a Bookkeeper and CPA

✔When to Wholesale, When to Buy and Hold, Land Lording vs. Seller Financing

✔How to Raise Private Money, How to Structure Your Private Money Offer

✔How to Create and Use the Funding Opportunity Template, When to Use the Funding Opportunity Template

✔How and Why to Use a 401K or IRA

✔Learn the Difference between - One Time Cash - Temporary Cash - Forever Cash

Receive 2 of my books Failing Forward to Financial Freedom PDF, 200+ Ways to Find Bargain Properties PDF

✔My Partner Mike Powell and I will be giving away our Mass-texting and Face Book Business page strategy on how we average  only 9 days on the market, 12% down payment on our last 350 deals.

 45 Hours of Archived Coaching Calls

✔PLUS MY COURSE Private Money Changes Everything Step by Step 5 Video Modules with Mitch Stephen and Mike Powell

✔ Complete Audio Recordings

✔ Transcripts (saves you from taking notes)

BONUS: Audio  The Importance of Bringing Your Prospect’s Advisors to the Table

BONUS: Audio: Get your Documents from an Attorney - One Time!

BONUS: PowerPoint Your Private Lender Meeting Plug n Play Presentation Template to Personalize

BONUS: Credibility Package: How to Show Who You Are and Why People Should Listen to You!

BONUS: Exclusive Video Private Lender Meeting Plug n Play Presentation with Audio by Mitch Stephen

BONUS: Two Exclusive Videos: Private Money Presentation and Overcoming Objections

✔ Special Private Money Resources…




Private Money Changes Everything

This online course includes step-by-step video modules with Mitch Stephen and Mike Powell, audio recording, transcripts, and so much more.

  • How to find the right people with money to lend
  • When to approach those people with your plan and deals
  • Get your Private Lenders excited
  • Prove the Deal is right for them and make sure to follow-up with their payments
  • Build your list of private lenders to always have someone to call
  • How to Keep your Lenders Happy
  • Why You Keep Deals on the table - New Deals equal new funds
  • Simple ways you can Fund your Deals without a private lender if needed
  • Rinse and Repeat
  • Examples of Deals we have funded with Private Lenders
  • Deals we did with credit cards with zero interest
  • Your secret to keeping Lenders coming back for More
  • Scripts and video to show you how to get your Private Lenders to say Yes
  • The Elevator Pitch
  • How to answer all objections-from years of experience we show you how to answer
  • How to use Columbo tactics to get your Lender to say yes-Take it Away!
  • Keep your progress going with Facebook
  • How to Raise Private Money quick
  • Deals that you should not go yourself
  • You're on your way to great Success with a bundle of funds