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Stop Being a Landlord... Start Being The Bank!

One on One Personal Mentoring



"If you think education is expensive, try being uneducated!"

Every deal presents a unique opportunity. Learning one thing you didn’t know can keep you from buying a loser.
Just one little adjustment or a simple rephrasing of a sentence can make a decent sale into a great sale.

I have flipped over 2,000 houses. Let my 23+years of experience give you a direction and confidence.

I have never been foreclosed on or defaulted on one payment in my entire career.

There’s a reason why.

Mitch’s Personal Mentoring Program Includes:


  • Personal Profile Session Call with Mitch Stephen
  • Private Money Coaching Call with Mitch Stephen
  • Get Mitch’s Direct, Personal Phone Number
  • Get Mitch’s Personal Email Address


  • eBook: My Life & 1, 000 Houses: Failing Forward to Financial Freedom plus audio
  • eBook: My Life & 1, 000 Houses: 200+ Ways to Find Bargain Properties plus audio


  • 5 Part Personal Mentoring Modules to Jumpstart your business
  • Live Q & A Group Coaching Calls 4 x a Month–Never an extra cost for mentoring students
  • Q & A Coaching Calls Archive 500 + hours of Student Coaching and Success Stories
  • The Art of Creative Real Estate Investing Online Course: 20+ Hrs of video training materials and Resources I use in my own business


  • Bonus #1: Buying and Selling Notes
  • Bonus #2: Private Money Changes Everything Online Course - 8 hours of online training, resources and documents

Includes: The Art of Creative Real Estate Investing Online Training Course

  • Owner Financing 101
  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Setting Up for Success
  • Module 3: Setting Up a Business Entity
  • Module 4: Setting Up and Promoting Your Websites
  • Module 5: Assessing Value
  • Module 6: Assessing Repairs
  • Module 7: Negotiating with Sellers
  • Module 8: Making Offers
  • Module 9: Writing Contracts and Special Provisions
  • Module 10: Finding Deals
  • Module 11: Finding Funding including Private Money Changes Everything Course
  • Module 12: Building a Team
  • Module 13: Finding Buyers/Selling Properties
  • Module 14: Mitch's Final Message
  • Module 15: Buying and Selling Notes
  • Downloadable Sample Forms
  • Mitch's Resource List
  • Audio and Video Download Links

"This stuff is awesome! I've been waking up an hour before my alarm I'm so excited. Really happy with the mentorship program!

Thanks Mitch!"

– David Kahl

"I went from 0 to 28 houses in one year. Mitch was there for me every single time I needed him. He’s great at sharing his mind-set and then breaking down things into their simplest form. I can’t imagine beginning a real estate investment career without him on my team. It was so worth it!"

– Bryan R, Florence, AL

"I’ve worked with Mitch as a protégé, then as a partner. Today, with his help, I’m financially independent. I’ve seen him in many different situations where others would have taken an easy way out. Mitch never waivers; he always takes the high road. I still seek his advice—and often."

– Jarrett Hale, Dallas, TX

"Through my association with Mitch Stephen, I’ve been able to ramp up my new business and get it going quickly. Mitch has a great deal of knowledge, and is very successful at making money through real estate investing.

In the time that I’ve known Mitch, I’ve come to realize just how highly he values personal integrity and the importance of establishing a good reputation. These attributes are extremely important in real estate investing, and I have seen Mitch demonstrate them time and time again."

– Bob Prado, San Antonio, TX

Connect With Mitch

Interested in meeting with Mitch to see if you two would make a good team?  Mitch only handles about 10 active students a year.  It’s important to him that the students he takes have a good grasp on the concepts at hand and have a better than average chance for success.  We'd love to learn a bit more about you first.  Please complete our quick questionnaire and we'll be in touch!

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About Mitch Stephen

Mitch Stephen is the author of the book My Life & 1,000 Houses, Failing Forward to Financial Freedom and a self-taught real estate entrepreneur.

Self-employed since 1996 in his hometown of San Antonio, TX. A high school graduate, who never stopped learning. Books, CDs, seminars and webinars were his classroom.

Today he specializes in owner financing properties to individuals left behind by traditional lending institutions and giving new life to properties that scar the neighborhoods.

A passionate speaker who delivers the message of integrity first and profits second; an expert at keeping it simple and explaining, in plain English, the theories that made him financially independent. He is always an inspiration to those around him.

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