1000Houses.com Podcast

Episode 438: Find the Private Money

  Many people believe how they need to have tons of money to start their real estate investing journey. That is farther from the truth when you learn how to find private money. In this solo episode, Mitch Stephen talks about the need to get into this business without using any of your own money….

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Episode 543: Flipping & Wholesaling 1000s of Homes to Land & Development

  Real estate is a vast industry with a wide market and a lot of competition. But today’s guests garnered success in the space.  How? Flipping & Wholesaling 1000s of Homes to Land & Development Join Mitch Stephen as he chats with BJ Gremillion and Brad Young, Co-Owners of Better Choice Homes, to tell you…

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Episode 250: Unique Ways to Grow your IRAs and Retirement Account

Tim Berry has been a tax attorney for over 20 years and helped thousands of people free up their retirement plan assets to invest in real estate. He has been dealing with IRA and 401k issues since 1997 and helps his clients with: Analyzing Self Directed IRA and Self-Directed 401k transactions to make sure they…

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Episode 544: Amazon Reseller Workshop With Ann Sieg

  Reselling is a business move where an individual sells something they have previously bought from someone else, usually for a higher price to profit. It is a thriving business, even more so today, with e-commerce websites like Amazon readily available to help people expand their market reach. Today, Ann Sieg will teach us about…

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Episode 545: Attn: Newbies - Must Have Technology With David Lecko

  DealMachine is the highest-rated real estate investor software for lead generation on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Today, we take a look at the company with David Lecko. David is the founder, owner, and driving force behind DealMachine. He joins Mitch Stephen to share how he shaped the company into what it…

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