Attn: Newbies – Must Have Technology With David Lecko

Episode 545: Attn: Newbies – Must Have Technology With David Lecko

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REIS 545 David | DealMachine


DealMachine is the highest-rated real estate investor software for lead generation on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Today, we take a look at the company with David Lecko. David is the founder, owner, and driving force behind DealMachine. He joins Mitch Stephen to share how he shaped the company into what it is today. They also tackle what makes a company thrive, succeed, and stay ahead of its competitors.

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I’m here with David Lecko. We’re going to be talking about the company, DealMachine. He’s the Founder, the Owner, and the driving force behind it. I’m interested in talking to him about the morphing of his company as it moved along from the beginning until the end. We’ll get into these features and what it can be done for you. I know there’s a giveaway for you. We’re going to get you a free giveaway. David, how are you doing?

Mitch, it’s so good to be back on your show. Thank you for having me.

It’s always a pleasure. I’ve supported DealMachine for a long time. It’s a great product, especially for those on a shoestring budget, because it’s affordable. It can accomplish a lot of things, and what every new investor need is to get a deal or two so they can have a budget. You make $15,000 or $20,000 a couple of times now you got a budget. You can start to roll and get that momentum and get on down the road, fly a little faster and a little higher with every successful transaction. Let’s start at the beginning. When did you have this idea for DealMachine? What was that like? How did the epiphany hit you?

Thank you so much for supporting DealMachine. I would say you’re the first show that I ever remember being on. It’s awesome, especially back here. I also loved those vacations that you did before COVID. I don’t think you’ve had one since, but those are awesome memories that I have of being a part of your community, Mitch. It’s great to be here. For me, that was back in 2017 when I founded the business, DealMachine. I was looking for my first rental property earlier than that.

It was the middle of 2016. I was working as a software engineer. It wasn’t fulfilling. I was struggling with the hours that it required and the lack of freedom that I didn’t have. I worked in a basement with fluorescent lights at the US Postal Service on their Software Development Team. I was searching to invest in real estate as a way to build financial freedom. I was told to find off-market deals. If they were going to cashflow, I needed to find them off-market. They would be a better deal. I discovered this need while I was trying to find my own off-market deals driving for dollars.

It’s like, “How can I make this easier?” This is a bitch now. You’ve got a lot of things to do and a pencil, paper, pads, iPads, and notes. How do you consolidate all this? How do you make it easy?

It was fun to write down the addresses and look at homes. That was a blast when it came down to coming home, looking up the addresses, writing a letter, and getting that out to the owners. That was a huge pain in the butt and so much so that I didn’t do it. There you go. You don’t do the actions. You’re not going to get any results.

It’s a numbers game, and you got to follow through on all this mundane crap that you have to do. Very few people find all that emotionally satisfying. It’s something you have to do to get to the end result. You decided to streamline it.

I drove by this house. It was a house I had thought I had written down. I saw it was being constructed. I looked up, and sure enough, it was on a piece of paper on the passenger seat of my car. That’s when I went home and was like, “I’ve got to look up all these addresses because I missed out on that deal.” I looked at the price that the investor bought it for on the county records whenever I got home, and it was a price I could have beat. I definitely feel like it was a deal that I missed out on. I solved my lack of follow-up with an app because that was what clicked in my mind as a software developer this could be automated. This part that’s not emotionally fulfilling could be automated and allow me to focus on what I enjoy most, which was, at the time, looking for rundown houses.

It’s getting contracts signed, which is where the money is made. Describe DealMachine from A to Z in the bullet points. What is it capable of doing from the very simplest to the most complicated?

When people started out, they didn’t have a big budget. If you’re on a shoestring budget, driving for dollars may be the thing that you look to because it’s a much smaller niche list. You still have to market to the owners multiple times, but it’s going to save you a lot of money because that list is so much smaller. DealMachine, our bread-and-butter, is the driving for dollars tool that can help you automate some of those mundane tasks and let you focus on finding those homes and doing deals.

If you're on a shoestring budget, driving for dollars may be what you look to because it's a much smaller niche list. Share on X

It will track your route where you’ve driven so that you don’t forget what area you’ve covered and make sure you cover every area in a neighborhood that you do want to cover. You press a button, and it’ll send a postcard to the owner. If they live at the house, it’s going to go there. If they live somewhere else, it’s going to go find them and send them to wherever the owner lives.

That’s one of the features I like. It’s a little more expensive to push that button and get the postcard out now, but it got done. That’s the most thing. At the end of the day, a little more expensive is bullshit compared to what you’re going to make if you buy this house. None of it’s going to matter if you buy a house. Not whether the mailing was $1 or $1.50 or $2. It’s not going to matter if you buy a house.

It was $0.55. That’s the highest price. It even goes down from there.

You see how stupid this is. You can push a button and send out a postcard for $0.55. What I loved about DealMachine was you could get in front of the house and do a selfie with their house in the background and send that. This separates you because he’s got all these postcards on his kitchen table. He’s got a vacant house. It’s probably obvious. You may or may not be the only one sending it to him. If there are multiple people sending him postcards, you’re going to be the only one that he says, “That guy was at my house because he’s standing in front of it because that’s my house in the photo.” If he’s going to pick up even one postcard that evening off the kitchen table, it’s going to be yours.

I’ve gotten tons of calls that said, “I called you because it looked like you cared. I could tell because you were here.” It does make a difference.

Every little edge of buying a house counts, and this was a big edge if you asked me. Your postcard is no longer a generic piece along with everybody else’s generic piece. Yours stands out head and shoulders above all else. For no other reason, that’s why you should use DealMachine. How many extra houses would that get you a year, 1, 2, 5, 10? Even if it gets you one, what’s the average profit on a house $20,000, $30,000? I don’t know. It depends on where you’re at.

Get this. You could send out one postcard. We have had some people tell us that they got a deal from the very first postcard they sent out. However, over 80% of deals happen after the first postcard, meaning sending the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. I was barely sending out the first one, definitely wasn’t sending out a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th one. DealMachine can automatically send that 2nd, 3rd, and 4th postcard. It’s automatically going to happen. You can change the settings for what it does by default. Many of those deals come after the first postcard. That’s going to be a critical feature as well to making sure you don’t procrastinate. Make sure you don’t forget and get the deal from your work driving around.

It’s about consistency, and being consistent is very hard. We have very busy lives. We’ve got weddings, divorces, deaths, Christmases, and vacations. You need a system that will keep delivering whether you’re in or out of the office. It doesn’t matter. It’s about consistency. It’s the people that get that or are buying houses. By the way, we’re having a record year in 2022, with over 50 properties purchased in the first quarter. We ask the same three acquisition managers, same co-owners, me and Mike, what is going on?

What is going on?

It was still the toughest environment on the planet. We’re going to go into a boom. Now with this inflation, I think we’re going to see some chaos that could benefit house buyers. In the first quarter of 2022, there wasn’t anything new going on. Interest rates were still where they were at. What we deduced was the acquisition managers are now 5, 6, and 7 years with us. They’re becoming pros. If they hadn’t become a pro in 2021, they’re becoming consequent pros. They have been working on the follow-up system ever since.

The follow-up system is good now. A lot of those 18,000 people that were stuck too now trying to get an answer from them, yes or no. We’re trying to get the answer, yes, or it’s already been sold. We made a decision. That are the only two answers we’re looking for. Have you sold it? If the answer is yes, we’re done. If the answer is no, we will keep going. A lot of those people caved in this quarter, and we’ve been following a lot of them for 2, 3, and 4 years.

You have 18,000 people that you’ve marked.

REIS 545 David | DealMachine

DealMachine: DealMachine is the driving for dollars tool that can help you automate some of those mundane tasks and let you focus on finding those homes and doing deals.


I’m going to guess it’s more than that. These are the top Tier 1s, like, “We’re not letting go of this one. This house has so much equity. This house speaks to us.” We were following up on a lot more than that, but these are the top ones that we definitely want to make sure that we’re most hitting effectively. They smell like they have the most room in them to make some good money.

Out of the box, you could use DealMachine to have your own follow-up system.

We went and did Podio, and $50,000 later, it’s pretty damn good. We’re tweaking it. First of all, most people don’t have that budget. Second of all, I don’t even know if you want to do it. If you do have that budget, we didn’t think it was going to be that much. It ends up that technology and programming can get out of hand. Looking back, we should’ve stayed with some stuff. The problem with a lot of things is you can’t customize it, but you can customize DealMachine now. When we met a long time ago, it was a different product. You’ve morphed and made improvements.

One thing I was going to ask is how difficult was it to teach your acquisitions managers how to properly comp a deal and figure out what a deal is worth? How much equity do you have? What should they offer?

It’s different for different people, depending on how smart and how savvy they are. The one thing is it’s important that they get it right because that’s where you lose your ass. If you don’t do the comps right, you start off on the wrong foot from the beginning, and that could be detrimental.

One of the brand-new things we came out with DealMachines, since you were asking how it morphed, is MLS comps. You can have it in the palm of your hand and take a look at what are the comparable sales for this property you’re looking at that you might be going to visit. You can do it on your computer. You can do it on the way there. It’s important to have that data in a state like Texas because the county will not tell you how much stuff sold for. It’s called a non-disclosure state.

I think there are ten states that are non-disclosure states, but DealMachine can provide you with the sale data from the MLS inside of DealMachine. For all 50 states, including Texas, Mitch, that’s a brand-new thing that I’m excited to share. Comps are so hard unless you have a tool that easily spells it out for you, plus having access to the data.

Wouldn’t it be nice even if you had this DealMachine? You’re talking to a wholesaler, and he’s trying to tell you this house is worth X amount of dollars. You’d say, “Hold on and say, what’s the address?” It’s important to verify, especially as an owner, that I’m not running comps or I don’t have time to run the comps. The guys talked to me about a house. I’m sitting there getting in my car, going, “Do I have time to go back to the office and run all these comps? Usually, the answer’s no. I have to delegate it out, which means I pick up a partner. I could avoid all that by getting on DealMachine and having them tell me, like, “That was easy. You need to come down about $15,000, and we have a deal.”

There is a special offer that we have. I don’t know if you want to talk about that quite yet.

Let’s do it. What’s the special offer?

You get access to the comps for free for a year. It’s normally $240, but you get it absolutely free. It’s a $20 a month add-on. It’s $240 a year that you would get for free by using your promo code.

Make sure you don't procrastinate or forget and get the deal from the work you did driving around. Share on X

It’s $20 a month even, and I love that it’s free. You got to use the promo code Mitch40 at 1000Houses.com/Mitch. You use that, and that’ll get them the free year.

It’s a free year of comps, which is $240.

This is ridiculous because, remember, we used to fight and want to pay $100 a month for comps. We could get to some realtor that had MLS. We offered to split their dues or something. Comps are invaluable whatever you got to pay for them. Here you go, you’re going to pay $20 a month, and you get the first month free. It’s pretty much a no-brainer.

It’s a better interface than whatever you were splitting with your realtor. I guarantee it.

I hope you smooth that out because their interface is pretty complicated sometimes.

It is. This is very easy to use.

You can drive for dollars. It’ll mark the roads you’ve been down. You can pin certain properties so that when you get home, you can do the research on DealMachine. If you’re out and about, and you decide, “I want to send a postcard to this house now,” you can take a picture of the house or take a selfie with the house in the background or whatever you do. You take the picture. You can hit a button, and it’ll use that photograph as the postcard.

You’ve already got what the postcard says to set up your phone number or contact information. That’s already pre-setup. You’ve done a little homework before you’re out there doing this. You’ve got it set up. You take the picture, and you hit send. You’re saying $0.55 to send out a postcard. You can set up how you want the follow-up to go to that house. You want them to be mailed once a week or month. What do you want to do?

The default is 21 days. That’s what we would recommend every three weeks. It is $0,55, but you can even get it to lower down to $0.42. If you’re sending like $10,000 worth of mail at a time, you can get priced discounts too. I wanted to throw that out there. Everything’s through DealMachine. You can design it or look at all of our designs and pick one. It’s going to be sent with your name on it, though if you’re the one sending it through the app. It’s going to have your name and return address on it.

If it doesn’t reach the person, do you always get the return mail or at bulk rates? Do you not get the return mail? How does that work?

That’s a great question. All the postcards through DealMachine are first-class mail, which means they are barcoded. If they are returned to sender, you’ll get the physical mail most of the time. What happens every time is we get the barcode scan that it was returned to sender, and it will automatically stop sending repeat mail. You’ll get that in your DealMachine account. You can look at all the pieces of mail that were returned to the sender. It takes care of any housekeeping you’d want to do on your own, which is to stop sending mail to these return-to-sender properties.

REIS 545 David | DealMachine

DealMachine: Nobody else takes the extra step to skip trace, cold call, text message, or research these properties. They’re often the biggest deals because nobody else does the extra leg work to find those.


You got an address where your postcard is not getting there. If your postcards are not getting there, nobody’s postcards are getting there. You find this guy and get him on the phone or get them face to face. You have no competition.

Those are the slam dunk deals too. Nobody else takes the extra step to go skip trace, cold call, text message, or research these properties. They’re often the biggest deals because nobody else does the extra leg work to find those.

Are you all now doing any assistance in skip tracing or anything?

Yeah, you can absolutely skip trace. Do you have a skip trace option as well that you’re going to talk about?

I do, but I didn’t want to step on your toes if you have a skip trace built into the DealMachine. I didn’t know if you did or not. Do you have a skip trace built in?

There is. You can do a one-off or upload a list and do bulk. Either way, it’s going to be in your DealMachine account. You could call it right from your app. You could also export it into a dialer if you’re going to do some big bulk calling. You can do all of that with DealMachine.

I don’t know what else you want if you’re a newbie. If you’re getting in the business, driving for dollars is one of the best. You create your own list and are probably finding some properties that no one’s even thought about or even been by or even seen. We’ve been using LandGlide to see the ownership and who owns everything, but you don’t have to do that anymore. One of the reasons we were using LandGlide was to see any improvements? We’d zoom out like Google Earth and see if there was a mobile home or a pond or any improvements there.

Sometimes all you can see is a chain across a dirt road. There’s an interest in property there, but you didn’t know how many acres it was and what was on that property. You could tell, though, that no one had been into that property for many months because the grass is 3 feet high. There are no tire tracks through that grass. This land is neglected or being ignored, and you drill down to find it. You don’t need that anymore with DealMachine. Can you zoom in and zoom out?

Yeah, you can zoom in and zoom out like you can with LandGlide. We’ve added service on top of it, so you can also skip trace it right there. You can send the postcard and run the comps for that property right there in the mobile app of DealMachine.

You can’t do that in LandGlide. Tell us what DealMachine’s cost is? Choice A, B, C, and D, or however many choices there are.

The driving for dollars that we’ve been talking about starts at $59. The comps out on is $20, but you get that for free when you use Mitch’s promo code.

There’s nothing like being out there and looking at the actual property, seeing where stuff is, the good neighborhoods are, and the bad pockets are. You learn that the best when you're out there. Share on X

It’s 1000Houses.com/Mitch.  Enter code Mitch40.

We do have a couple of higher levels of the plan. If you have a spouse and you want to both use the app, or if you want to hire a driver or multiple drivers, we do have a couple of other higher-level plans that let you have those drivers. That’s professional at $119 and elite unless you have 300 drivers, and we give you the tools to recruit and train those drivers if you want to blow it out of the water. That is $240 a month, and it’s an annual payment. You pay for the whole year upfront.

At $240 a month, if you can squeeze it out, that’s where people who are going to get up to 300 drivers. That’s where a little more sophisticated person. A newbie, probably not going $240 right this minute, but you can always upgrade. You need an assistant. Even the first thing I tell newbies is, you got to get an assistant the minute you can. You might not think you can afford it, but you can’t afford to have one, especially if you’re working a full-time job. You’re trying to do this after hours. You’re burning the candles at both ends. You need an assistant that can be working all day long while you’re not. Figure out how to, at the minimum, get a VA from the Philippines or from Spain or whatever.

In this case, maybe you need to have an on-the-ground assistant to drive for dollars and get some properties in a closing pipeline. Once you make $15,000 or $20,000 a couple of times, paying this guy $2,000 or $2,500 a month to work while at home is undoable. The thing is, you got to get a couple of houses through the pipeline and get paid as soon as possible. You have a budget. I’ve even paid people by the day. It used to be $100 a day plus $20 for gas.

It probably needs to be more like $200 a day because of gas and everything else. The $200 bucks drive, how many houses can you find in a day? When I was doing it, you can find between 90 and 130 properties in a day, not on anybody else’s list, probably properties. It was a tremendous off-market marketing day in a city with 2.5 million or whatever San Antonio is. We can drive for days and days on end and never cover the same streets. You also learn a lot about your town.

There is nothing like being out there and looking at actual property, seeing where stuff is, the good neighborhoods, and the bad pockets. You learn that the best when you’re out there.

While I’m driving for dollars, it would probably pay in a relatively short period if you had your signs on your car, front, back window, and one on each door while you’re doing this. You’re driving all over town, and don’t be surprised if someone walks up to you or writes down your phone number at a red light one day and says, “I saw you driving around. I like to buy your house.”

Signs on vehicles are not going to overwhelm you with calls. Maybe you’ll get 1 or 4 calls in a yea. You can always count on 1, maybe 2. The most I’ve heard is about four per year, but four deals a year at $20,000 is an extra $80,000. I think 20,000 is the middle of the road. I keep thinking maybe I should say less, but there are a lot of houses that make $30,000, $40,000, or $50,000. I think $20,000 is a real safe number. Do you?

Yeah. You definitely know what you’re doing. I think $20,000 is safer for somebody who’s breaking into it. Even if it’s $10,000, you’re still making $40,000 a year when you do four deals like that.

You never know when you’re going to get lucky. Sometimes people will sell you one house, and you’re doing a good job, or show up and do what you’re supposed to do on time. They give you 3 or 4 more houses because they inherited an estate. You never know. You have to do what you say, though. You have to be forthright. That’s probably been the biggest catapult in my career like, “I hate to let people down.” I almost died before it didn’t happen. On the few occasions when I couldn’t, people saw the effort that I made. They said, “He obviously couldn’t do it,” but I made huge efforts, and people saw it.

No matter what you do, finding a house is going to cost you money. I don’t care. You have to find an efficient and fast way. No matter what you do, there’s going to be expense tied to it. This was one of the most economical and affordable ways I know. If I was starting over again, that’d be the first thing I did. I’m not making this up. I started in the Stone Age. I had to do shit on rock tablets with a chisel. It was hard. Thanks to people like David Lecko, we don’t have to do that. We might have to learn some new tricks like how to manipulate a computer. Since high school, I’ve been chasing that technology bus that left me behind, but I get a ride on it now and then, so I know what to do.

REIS 545 David | DealMachine

DealMachine: You have to do two things to get a deal: add properties and send mail.


It’s designed to be simple, so you don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to understand it, use it, add the properties and send the mail. Those are the two things you need to do.

We were talking in the green room before this, and I was telling David that he did such a great job with the interface because the problem with a lot of these apps and software is they’re not very user-friendly. You have obviously spent a lot of time. I don’t know if you get a lot of input from people and go back and make changes.

We do a lot of testing is how we figure it out. We were listening to a lot of input, and a lot of the input was like, “Can you let us design our own piece of mail?” Yes, we did that. “Can you let us have more drivers?” Yes, we did that. Can you give us these analytics?” Yes, we did that. It came overpowering, so the brand-new person would not know the two things they need to do, which are one, add properties and two, send mail. Those are the two things you have to do to get a deal. What we did is we took all those advanced features away so that they’re still there if you want to do them, but right in your face. They are not confusing in any way. When you first pick up the app, the only two things you have to do is add properties and send mail. That is it.

Stay with the core thing that makes money. Send in a property and make sure it’s getting the postcard on a regular basis.

You get people on the phone. You can talk about doing a deal, but unless you do that, like me, when I didn’t have the app, I was having fun looking at properties while it didn’t get me any deals. You got to do the second part, which sends mail. You don’t have to worry about anything else when you’re getting started. Those are the only two things.

You guys go to 1000Houses.com/Mitch. Sign up for DealMachine and get one year of MLS access for free. That’s a $20 a month value, which is $240 for the year. It’s a $240 value if you’ll use 1000Houses.com/Mitch.  Enter code Mitch40.

If you want to go to DealMachine on your own, go ahead. It’s going to cost you $20 a month. Use the promo code, please, and get your money’s worth. Step out there and try it. Anything else we need to add before maybe we wrap it up. David, did I miss anything?

I think we could end where we started, which was that you said you went to college for a short time and didn’t end up continuing because real estate was too big of a bug for you. Did you get where you wanted to go? Did you have the freedom that you wanted and sought after?

I quit college because I was listening to a professor who was telling me that he was filing for bankruptcy. It seemed audacious to me that I had to pay this man to get an education on how to make a living, and he was going broke. It pissed me off. I walked out of class and was like, “I’m done with this.” If I’m going to pay somebody, I’m going to pay someone who backed in 1976, when $1 million was $1 million or not even really was it still $1 million. I’m not listening to anybody unless they make $1 million or a couple of million dollars a year. I’ll pay that guy.

If they’re going broke or filing bankruptcy, I’m not paying them. I don’t even want to waste my time to even sit there if they want to give the class away. I’m not going to listen to someone telling me how they are filing for bankruptcy. Not that if you’ve ever filed bankruptcy, it’s the end of the world. We can all come back, but that’s not exactly who they want to learn from on that day. I’d rather learn from the guys who are not in bankruptcy.

It took me about ten years to find where I would belong. From that day that I walked out of the classroom, it took me about 10 to 12 years. I was 34 when I finally stumbled into real estate. People ask me, “What led you to real estate?” I tell them, “It’s basically true. There was nothing else left to try. If this didn’t work, I was going to go jump off a cliff or something.” I had literally tried and failed at everything else.

I didn’t belong there. Luckily, I finally found where I belonged. In the last several years, I bought 3,000 houses, seller-financed, and did find that freedom. There were some quirks in that, though. As a self-driven, ATD, hard-charging, dual candle-in burner guy, I trapped myself. I worked myself to death. I built my own prison and put myself in a cell. It took me a little while to figure out how to get out of that cell and keep the money coming in, with me being on the outside of the prison, running the prison, and finding people to help me. That’s probably a bad analogy.

Once you're doing deals, find ways to bring an assistant to help you run the aspects of it that you don't necessarily have to do. In that way, you can enjoy the money and freedom you get. Share on X

I’m saying that you’ve got to use technology and people to enjoy the freedom that you want the money for it. If you think about what you want money for, everyone thinks about cars, boats, and airplanes, but what do you want the money for it. They’re no good if you can’t use them and don’t have time. You want the money for the freedom and be careful that you don’t start a business that has you in chains.

How you do this is through technology like DealMachine and VA Help. I would start from the beginning by trying to build a business that could operate without me. Ultimately, you’re going to end up waking up and saying, “I should have built a business that could run without me because I’m getting tired. I don’t care who you are. You will get tired at some point because you get older and older.

I’m glad that you had that realization. You were working hard to build the real estate business, which is good. A lot of people quit too soon. That was going to be my advice for any newbies is understand this. This is going to take work to get going. Once you’re doing deals, find ways to bring an assistant to help you run aspects of it that you don’t necessarily have to do. In that way, you can enjoy the money and freedom you get. You can buy the car and drive it. Not just put it in your garage.

When you know that you need help, you’re starting to get exasperated and overwhelmed. When you start that feeling, you go, “I have too much money or too many things to do, and I can’t handle them all. How do I get some of this off my back?” That’s your first sign. When you start throwing your phone, banging on your desk, getting frustrated, and pulling your hair out, you’re there. You need some help. At least that’s how I figured it out. Is that how you figured it out?

I’m still figuring it out. It’s always a yin and yang. I’ve gone through periods where everything seems like it’s running well, and I almost don’t feel needed. That’s an identity crisis, if you will because you don’t feel needed anymore. Something goes wrong, and I’ve got to jump back in and solve the problem. That can feel good too.

This is David Lecko with DealMachine. Go to 1000Houses.com/Mitch enter Mitch40 and get a free year’s worth of MLS as comp data. That’s a $20 a month saving. I like to thank you for being on, David. You’ve moved to Austin, so you’re not too far from me.

I’m very close. It’s a couple of hours.

Are you going to come down to the ranch with me one day?

Are you going to send me an invite?

I invited you.

I’m coming.

I’d like to thank David Lecko and DealMachine. I’d like to thank all of you for being so gracious and hanging with me for over 540 episodes. We’ve been doing this for a while, trying to deliver good content and give you something worth reading. If you ever want to do me a favor, go on anywhere for the 1000Houses.com show. It will help me out. I appreciate you guys for being with us all this time. We’re out of here.


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REIS 545 David | DealMachineDavid Lecko is the CEO of DealMachine, an app that enables real estate investors to find off-market deals and contact any property owner via direct mail, email, and phone with a single click. In the last year, the app has been downloaded over 80,000 times and used to capture over 4,000,000 potential deals by “driving for dollars” teams. DealMachine has added millions of dollars of revenue to scaling home buying businesses around the United States.




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