Sell That Stinking House

Mitch Stephen’s Special Report:  Sell That Stinking House This is a must read report if you want: To sell a house that a pet has been living in. To learn how to remove pet odors and stains from almost any surface. To clean up pet accidents including urine, feces, vomit, blood, and fur. Little known…

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Books Bonanza

This book, like all of Mitch’s books, is a practical step by step guide to financial success. I will continue to use it to sharpen my Real Estate investing skills, especially raising private money, which Mitch clearly shows you how to accomplish.

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Private money is key. You may pay more but there is a certain peace about private money you almost never get with bank money; you can get private money as “non-recourse money.” That is to say; the loan is a collateral only loan and the lender had NO RECOURSE against YOU PERSONALLY.   You don’t…

Read More Texting Hints & Tips Hints & Tips NEW FEATURE: now can “Text Merge.” Text Merge merges details specific to the text recipient into an otherwise generic text. Look at it like “Mail Merge” for email. Merging makes all the difference. Let’s look at the stunning contrast of a generic text vs. a text with Text Merge;  …

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