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In the pages of my 2nd Book…

MY LIFE & 1, 000 HOUSES: 200+ Ways to Find Bargain Properties

I packed in hundreds of ways that I’ve found bargain properties and a step by step guide to setting up your business brand.

This is far and away the most popular question of the day.

How Do You Find Great Deals on Houses? 

I have been asked this question for many years that I decided NOW was the time to answer it.

A few of these topics will be for someone new in the business, but they are all effective when applied with thought and conviction. And there is plenty for the advanced investor too. I have also added stories from my real life experiences.

If you are a meat and potatoes kind of person and just want the facts, you may be tempted to skip some stories.

Be careful, more often than not, there is a nugget or two in these stories and there is always a mindset forming theme.

Every way depicted in this book can result in the consummation of a great deal, but there is no one way to get all the deals an aggressive investor wants.

There are inexpensive ways to cultivate leads and there are very expensive ways to create leads. I’ve come to know that most investors start out on a shoestring budget.

I started on a shoestring budget. So with that in mind, I’ve tried to start with the less expensive ways first.

I made a major mistake when I first began mining for deals. I didn’t do some basic things that would have made branding my name a much faster process.

If you get some things right from the start, you’ll have everything pulling in the right direction from the beginning.

Go here and read the Amazon Reviews—I have been on the Bestseller list in FOUR Categories with my books

Bob Born
Best book purchase in years.
This book is one of the most helpful books I have purchased in years. I have been buying and selling houses since 2005 and my single biggest problem is finding properties that fit my buying guidelines. Mitch provides new ideas and techniques in this book that increase my odds of finding houses that actually meet my criteria. If that is not “wow” enough he also took several techniques that I previously discarded and explained how to implement them in a way I never thought of. Those ideas, techniques, and explanations translate into increased income for me. I cannot emphasize enough my recommendation to buy My Life & 1,000 Houses – 200+ Ways to Find Bargain Properties.
His writing style is both enlightening and fun and the content is appropriate for both new and experienced real estate investors. If you, like me, want to see an increase in the number of deals you are currently doing then follow Mitch’s directions in this book. I do not believe it will come to you any easier than this. Do it!


My 3rd Book is NOW Available on Amazon!

MY LIFE & 1, 000 HOUSES: The Art of Owner Financing
This guy is awesome! I have been very successful with my real estate investing, making more money by far than anything else I’ve ever done in my life but I was doing it the hard way, being a landlord, rehabber/flipper, wholesaling, etc. Mitch takes the easiest and most profitable path in real estate investing and that is selling houses on owner financing. I do what he does. I currently have a mixture of 56 properties/notes and I just love his model where you don’t deal with contractors or tenants, which have been my two arch enemies of investing! I am currently a student of Mitch’s and it is a phenomenally good deal – a year long program. I’ve been doing the owner finance for a little over a year, he’s been doing it for over twenty. He handles mine and the other students questions very well and almost always has some very good ideas to help us along. Another thing I really give him a lot of credit for is that he always answers all of our questions on our weekly call. He never leaves until all the questions are answered. Can’t say enough good stuff about the guy, he’s the real deal and down to earth.
In the pages of my latest Book
You’re going to learn…

· How to get paid to build your cash flow. 
· How to generate cash flow without being a landlord. 
· How to get paid six ways on your deals. 
· How to recognize what properties are good to owner finance
· How to make money on properties that aren’t good to owner finance. 
· How to find private money for your deals. 
· How to sell notes with little to no discount.

…and much, much more!


btn-orderGet an autographed copy shipped to your home or office

Discount price: $45.99 includes shipping

There is a definite reason why this book is priced the way it is. Owner Financing can be a very lucrative strategy for building wealth. When we have the right mindset and fully understand the unique supply and demand dynamics of this strategy, the owner financing model is good in the good times and a boom in the down turns. So, exactly when is it you fail? There is always a way to fail and when you know the pitfalls you are aware to avoid them. 

This book is full of case studies and the graphs, charts and diagrams are in full four-color so they are easy to understand. Four-color books are expensive to print but there are so many numbers I felt it important to color code them; 

Red = Expenses,  Green = Income,  Blue = Important numbers to recall

Color separation makes a big difference when you are learning to grasp new concepts in profitability. 

Owner financing often goes against the grain of traditional real estate.
– You can sell over the market

– You can sell without rehabbing
– You can sell to a market left behind by traditional lenders
– You can buy amazingly fast
– You can stop begging for money
– You can take money out when you buy
– You can collect larger sums up front
– You can get paid for years and years

I have lived and honed and morphed this strategy for over 20 years spanning well over 2, 600 transactions. There are over 200 life changing pages; any one idea could make you thousands of dollars. There is enough information in this publication for a mover and shaker to launch an entire career.

Don’t let the price of a valuable education get in your way …and always remember… ignorance can cost you a fortune 

One revelation, one shift, one mind altering idea can change the entire direction of a life and the destination it is bound for.

Here is the table of contents;


Chapter 1: –Success is Like Owning a Tiger– 4

Feeding the Tiger: 4

Tigers can eat you!: 5

Vices That Kill: 6

Chapter 2: –Financial Fr**dom– 9

Your Freedom Number: 9

Controlling the Bar :10

Financial Freedom is not Rich!: 10

When Wealth Happens10

The Affect on Immediate Goals11

Chapter 3: –Why Real Estate?– 14

Chapter 4: –The Rental Myth– 18

Chapter 5: –Once Upon A Time– 21

Chapter 6: –Hiring a Coach or Mentor– 26

Chapter 7: –Whose Money Is It?– 29

Maintenance: 31

Taxes & Insurance: 32

Liability Insurance: 33

Move outs: 33

Cost of entry: 33

Mindset: 34

Appreciation: 34

Depreciation: 35

Chapter 8: –Learn to Mitigate Your Taxes–Postpone, postpone, postpone…die! Well done! 37

Chapter 9: –Goose Huntin’– 39

Chapter 10:–What Is a Real Estate Lien Note?– 42

Example of a Note: 43

Chapter 11:–What is Owner Financing?– 46

Example of an owner finance deal: 48

Chapter 12:–It All Begins With a Deal– 50

Chapter 13:–The Core Belief– 52

Chapter 14:–Your #1 Asset– 56

Chapter 15:–Establishing Property Values– 58

Chapter 16:–Establishing “Owner Financed Value”.. 60

Chapter 17:–The “Owner Finance Value” Formula.. 63

Chapter 18:–Nay-Sayers and Doubters– 69

Chapter 19:–Proud to Be a Real Estate Investor!– 73

How we help sellers: 73

How we help buyers: 74

How we help private lenders: 74

How we help the neighborhoods: 75

How we help schools and government: 76

How we help the contractors and the local economy: 77

How we help ourselves (The Private Investor): 78

Chapter 20:–My Favorite Strategy of All Time– 79

Chapter 21:–Case Study #1– 83

Overview of the end results: 86

Chapter 22:–Why I Borrow at the Terms I Do– 91

What Happens at Balloon Time?: 94


Chapter 23:–Where Owner Financing Works Best ..100

Chapter 24:–Expensive Houses– 104

Chapter 25:–Case Study #2– 108

Chapter 26:–Recession Proof?– 118

Chapter 27:–Dealing with Regulation– 125

Chapter 28:–The 5th Way to Get Paid– 130

Chapter 29:– 6th Way to Get Paid– 135
   Case Study#3: 136

Chapter 30:–Keys to Selling Notes– 146

Chapter 31:–Finding Private Note Buyers– 155

Chapter 32:–Finding Bargain Properties– 157

Sifting Properties Through Filters: 159

Chapter 33:–Finding Private Lenders– 163

Chapter 34:–Short Term Money– 167

Chapter 35:–Finding Partners– 170

Financial Assistance: 170

Confidence and Confirmation: 171

Network Expansion: 172

Credibility: 173

Be Loyal: 173

Chapter 36:–Selling Houses– 175

Chapter 37:–CASE STUDY #4 — 178

Chapter 38:–CASE STUDY #5– 184

Chapter 39:–Is It Too Much to Ask?– 189

Chapter 40:–CASE STUDY #6– 190

Chapter 41:–Wheel Estate– 194

Chapter 42:–Wholesaling: Always Part of the Biz — 196

Chapter 43:–Case Study #7– 200

Chapter 44:–The Bigger Picture– 204

–Conclusion:– 209

–Resources:– 212

On the back cover:

Author Mitch Stephen has been a self-employed, creative real estate investor for over 20 years.

He bought and sold well over 1, 000 houses in his hometown and specializes in
“The Art of Owner Financing.”

He has written two other books centered on his experience in real estate…

MY LIFE & 1, 000 HOUSES: Failing Forward to Financial Freedom
MY LIFE & 1, 000 HOUSES: 200+ Ways to Find Bargain Properties

This book, MY LIFE & 1, 000 HOUSES: The Art of Owner Financing, is an insider’s look at a very powerful strategy for building wealth quickly.  

Tired of being a landlord? Are you tired of all the late night phone calls about
leaking toilets, busted hot water heaters, broken air conditioners, and on and
on and on? If so, this book is a must read!

For years the gurus of the day have been selling us the “Buy & Hold” myth.
Most landlords have fooled themselves into thinking they’re making money.
Year after year would-be-retirees have to postpone their retirement because
the rental income they calculated on paper never makes it to their tax return.

Mitch can show you exactly why this is happening and how to stop it from happening by using a strategy that is less known and grossly misunderstood.

The owner financing strategy changes everything! Change your property’s value. Change your community for the better. Change your buyer’s life, and change your personal financial situation in the process.

All kinds of doors open when we stop using broken down traditional techniques and start thinking outside the box. And best of all, 90% of the deals are done with none of your own money! The strategies in this book are mind-blowing!

Mitch believes that real estate investing is a tremendous strategy for acquiring wealth. He has helped new investors find their place; He has helped veteran investors re-invent themselves by BECOMING THE BANK! 


Fresh ideas! Highly recommended

Great Book!! Mitch has a way of making things simple. He also has a way of inspiring a person to believe they can do it too. Well worth the time. Please excuse me now for I have to go find some new DEALS and close a couple of pending DEALS!  – Jerry Brooks

The Game Changer!

This is a must read for anyone wanting to understand innovative ways to purchase the right houses at the right prices. This book is truly a Game Changer!

-J Walsdorf

Most investors have some shelf-ware “Books they bought, but don’t use!” This book is one that I will keep as a reference guide to success. No shelf-ware here!

Carolyn and Carl Herrick

Mitch helps solve the mystery of how to truly be successful in the Real Estate Business. In a market where no one wants to share the How To’s, Mitch offers the tools and steps to make it happen!

He offers an honest way to Financial Freedom that makes sense. It was like reading my favorite book ” Hard to put it down”. He writes in a format easy to understand, transparent, blended with great humor! If you want to be successful in Real Estate and Wealth Building, this book is a must read.

Mindy Martel

The Art of Owner Financing is as practical guide to financial freedom and success. Mitch Stephen explains in everyday language not only the definition of success and financial freedom, but how to reach these goals through the fine art of buying property right and selling to end users.

I have been in the house business over 45 years and stilled learned new techniques from this book. I highly recommend this book for beginners and seasoned investors.

Randy Hughes, Mr Land Trust


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