How to Pay your Taxes or NOT



Are you one of the millions that have a tax bill this year?

How did you pay for it…or did you get an extension?

You may still save money on your taxes if you have

filed an extension…by opening a Tax Free Future account.

For example, if you already filed for a business that operates both its

business and its 401k plan on a calendar year basis,

2021 matching contributions must be made by April 15, 2022.

If you filed for a tax-filing extension, Find out if you can

still fund an account and save on your tax bill. 

If that is You, take action now…

you MAY save a lot on your taxes if you open and fund

and account before you file your extension/final taxes.

For example if you are in the 25% tax rate

you could fund the max and save between $1000 and $1500.

And your retirement funding amount is tax free!

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Pay yourself Tax Free instead of paying the IRS

Tax Free Future Team

Note as a bonus…

If you choose to set-up a 401k plan, one of the approved features allows you to issue yourself  a personal loan within the rules, of course.

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