Unique Ways to Grow your IRAs and Retirement Account

Episode 250: Unique Ways to Grow your IRAs and Retirement Account

Tim Berry has been a tax attorney for over 20 years and helped thousands of people free up their retirement plan assets to invest in real estate. He has been dealing with IRA and 401k issues since 1997 and helps his clients with:

  • Analyzing Self Directed IRA and Self-Directed 401k transactions to make sure they complied with the rules.
  • Fixing messed up rollovers
  • Fix valuation errors with self-directed IRAs and 401ks
  • Correct reporting errors on 1099s and 1040s for IRA
  • Design an estate plan for retirement plans
  • Analyze their account for violations of the prohibited transaction rules and try to repair the violations
  • Make sure their retirement plans have asset protection (some experts might tell you all retirement plans are protected, but Tim’s been hired by bankruptcy attorneys to successfully take IRA assets away)

Tim works with clients all around the country, typically billing by project, not by hour. That means his clients don’t get unexpected and expensive bills. As an investor himself, Tim knows the benefits of investing in real estate.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Tim got involved in the area of retirement planning, and what lessons he’s learned after twenty years in the business
  • How it’s possible to legally live a completely tax-free life, and what services Tim provides to his clients
  • How, with an attorney’s help, you can run all your real estate deals through your 401K and avoid paying taxes
  • Why Tim’s tax-free strategies are a well-kept secret that more people should be taking advantage of
  • Why a “401K with checkbook control” is a powerful and flexible tool that can legally be used for many business purposes
  • Why financial planners hate self-directed 401K accounts, and why many misconceptions benefit the middle-men
  • How to access Tim Berry and Mitch Stephen’s joint 401K course to learn about self-directed 401K accounts and how to set them up
  • Why you can use your self-directed retirement plan to loan money at a higher rate for better returns
  • Why a self-directed retirement account can help you compound your net worth exponentially
  • Why the Freedom First 401K slogan is “we help you keep more of what you make”


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