Private Money Changes Everything


Private Money Changes Everything

With Accountability Coach Only $1,997

Online Course Only $597

"If you think education is expensive, try being uneducated!"

Video Modules & Recordings

  • Step by Step Video Modules with Mitch Stephen and Mike Powell
  • Complete Audio Recordings
  • Complete Transcripts (saves you from taking notes)
  • Bonus Audio: The Importance of Bringing Your Prospect’s Advisors to the Table
  • Bonus Audio: Get your Documents from an Attorney - One Time!

Bonus Features

  • PowerPoint Your Private Lender Meeting Plug n Play Presentation Template to Personalize
  • Credibility Package: How to Show Who You Are and Why People Should Listen to You!
  • Exclusive Video Private Lender Meeting Plug n Play Presentation with Audio by Mitch Stephen
  • Two Exclusive Videos: Private Money Presentation and Overcoming Objections
  • Special Private Money Resources

Accountability Coach

When choosing the course with coaching, you will receive 6 months with an accountability coach who will meet with you by phone to review your goals and answer questions about the course and strategy about private money appointments.

About Mitch Stephen

Mitch Stephen is the author of the book My Life & 1,000 Houses, Failing Forward to Financial Freedom and a self-taught real estate entrepreneur.

Self-employed since 1996 in his hometown of San Antonio, TX. A high school graduate, who never stopped learning. Books, CDs, seminars and webinars were his classroom.

Today he specializes in owner financing properties to individuals left behind by traditional lending institutions and giving new life to properties that scar the neighborhoods.

A passionate speaker who delivers the message of integrity first and profits second; an expert at keeping it simple and explaining, in plain English, the theories that made him financially independent. He is always an inspiration to those around him.