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Private Money Changes Everything


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Mitch’s Webinar: Private Money Changes Everything

How to Raise Private Money Without Fear of Failure: Arm Yourself with the Tools and Training that WORKS NOW!

We are going to dive into Why Private Money is so important. How do you find private lenders is the #1 question! Mitch and Mike Powell will inspire you with simple but amazing concepts you can use immediately.

Mitch will share his inspiring story and talk with you about:

  • Changing Your Mindset for Success
  • Get Out of your Comfort Zone and Get “hit by the money truck”
  • How You Can Be Confident What You have to Offer Lenders is Valuable
  • What Terms should you be offering Private Lenders
  • What is a Wrapable Mortgage
  • The #1 Reason Investors Fail to Raise Private Money you need to know
  • Why using a Bank 100% is NOT good for your business
  • What You Can Learn from Other Successful Investors
  • Why Private Lenders Will Love What YOU Have to Offer them

Attend this with your notepads ready to take down amazing new ideas and tips.

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I have done, and still do, the real work of real estate. I don’t just teach it:

  • Bought and sold more than 2000 houses
  • Found buyers that need a break and can’t get “conventional financing”
  • Talk to investors and show them how easy it is to get a gain on their money
  • Bought and sold notes
  • Shown people how to use their 401Ks to finance investments
  • Wholesaled
  • Own 17 boat & mini storage facilities consisting of over 1,600 total doors
  • I am in Real Estate 24/7

– Mitch Stephen

About Mitch Stephen

Mitch Stephen is the author of the book My Life & 1,000 Houses, Failing Forward to Financial Freedom and a self-taught real estate entrepreneur.

Self-employed since 1996 in his hometown of San Antonio, TX. A high school graduate, who never stopped learning. Books, CDs, seminars and webinars were his classroom.

Today he specializes in owner financing properties to individuals left behind by traditional lending institutions and giving new life to properties that scar the neighborhoods.

A passionate speaker who delivers the message of integrity first and profits second; an expert at keeping it simple and explaining, in plain English, the theories that made him financially independent. He is always an inspiration to those around him.

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