What People Are Saying About Mitch Stephen

Before beginning mentorship with Mitch, I had worked several years in real estate owner-financing houses. While I had done pretty well, I seemed to have hit a plateau in my business and was having trouble scaling my business. Too much if my business depended on my own efforts rather than on systems and team. My marketing was hit and miss because I was wearing too many hats and couldn't be everywhere at once.

When I started working with Mitch, I got a clear vision of what my business was to look like and the steps I needed to take to get there. Within a few months, I added several new people to the team and new systems to my business. One mental barrier after another was broken I began to scale my business exponentially.

I've spent 50,000 plus on different "gurus" that sell a "system," but I always struggle trying to fit my own thinking into someone else's system, like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Mitch has taken time and effort to help me form my own systems and business, and that has made all the difference.
– David Kahl
Carolina Home Buyers
Mitch your talent, skill and that priceless mind of yours must be getting you pulled in a 1000 different directions. Everybody wants a piece of you Mitch. God Bless You for the amazing things you do. And Congratulations on being such an incredible influence on everyone around you.
– Eva Campbell Morales
Mitch Stephen has opened up to share his knowledge with us all, the sign of a ‘real’ real estate investor. In a space where there’s a lot of hype, Mitch is the real deal, and a teacher with a big heart. Real Estate, unlike almost any other vehicle, has the power to change lives. There aren’t many like Mitch that are capable of truly showing the way, based on real and significant experience.
– Mike Hambright
I have known Mitch since around the time he bought his first house. Mitch is a teacher and a DOER! He is one of the most creative and straight forward people I have ever known. This book is extremely detailed. After you read it you will definitely know how to find bargain properties in any market. THE REST IS UP TO YOU.
– Jack Rogers
Chaminade Capital Corp.
I highly recommend to the book ” 200+ ways to find bargain properties” It’s a great book to educate yourself on finding more properties.

I also highly recommend Mitch as a Great Friend and Mentor. His work ethic and creative mind are second to none. I’ve known Mitch over 20 years and am still amazed at his creative mind.

Not only is Mitch a great real estate investor, he is a better Husband, Dad, Son and Uncle. Someone with true family values. Someone to admire and learn from.

Buy the book and know Mitch better.
– Sam Madrid
It all begins with the deal! When it comes to finding bargain properties, Mitch is a consummate deal finder. It’s been said, “It takes 10,000 hours to become the best at your endeavor. Mitch Stephen passed his 10,000 hours…10,000 hours ago.
– Eddie Speed
Founder of NoteSchool / President of Colonial Funding Group
I have been investing in real estate for 30 years and love real estate deals. When I was first introduced to Mitch Stephen I didn’t figure I had much to learn – I WAS WRONG!

His innovative, fresh approach proved to me that the old school training I had received before, was actually leaving huge stacks of money on the table. So I wasn’t surprised when “200+ Ways to Finding Bargain Properties” pushed me past what I knew and even beyond my imagination.

I have found Mitch to be a man of integrity who is truly interested in helping others succeed.

I highly recommend anything he writes and this book is no exception
– Dave Cole
Mitch’s first book, “My Life and 1000 Houses”, was one of the most powerful books I have ever read. I did not want to put it down. Mitch is a master at his trade and on a different level than most real estate investors and other real estate trainers and gurus. He doesn’t just think outside the box — he thinks outside the room that holds the box. I use Mitch’s techniques in my real estate investing business and recommend them to my students. Mitch is the real deal and I can’t wait for his next books!!
– Dennis Henson
President, Vanguard Marketing and Investments, Inc
Just a brief recap. The “Raising Private Money Changes Everything” course is AWESOME! WOW!
I am working leads daily, one of which is a semi retired CPA for Monday after the Dallas event you are doing with Brant. I will be there all three days. See you soon!

Soon to be retired!
– Ken Maes
Mitch Stephen…thank you for writing that first book so I could find you. You were invaluable in helping me really get going in this business
– Larry Higgins
Through my association with Mitch Stephen, I’ve been able to ramp up my new business and get it going quickly. Mitch has a great deal of knowledge, and is very successful at making money through real estate investing.

In the time that I’ve known Mitch, I’ve come to realize just how highly he values personal integrity and the importance of establishing a good reputation. These attributes are extremely important in real estate investing, and I have seen Mitch demonstrate them time and time again.
– Bob Prado
San Antonio, Texas
I’ve worked with Mitch as a protégé, then as a partner. Today, with his help, I’m financially independent. I’ve seen him in many different situations where others would have taken an easy way out. Mitch never waivers; he always takes the high road. I still seek his advice—and often.
– Jarrett Hale
Dallas, Texas
I went from 0 to 28 houses in one year. Mitch was there for me every single time I needed him. He’s great at sharing his mind-set and then breaking down things into their simplest form. I can’t imagine beginning a real estate investment career without him on my team. It was so worth it!
– Bryan R
Florence, Alabama
Like a lot of people we saved diligently for your retirement. Then in one week we lost over 1/3 of our retirement in the stock market crash of 2007-2008.

Over ¼ Million Dollars just vanished from our portfolio and IRAs. Having just retired, we faced a decision point in our lives.

Carolyn and I decided to take Massive Action!

Instead of trying to go back to a JOB, we started investing in Real Estate full time. Yes, we took a lot of training from the Gurus, some good and some bad.

After reading Mitch Stephen’s book “My Life & 1, 000 Houses” we really understand how we could recover economically and create real wealth for ourselves and our family.

Immediately after reading the book we joined his coaching program cause he said he only takes 20 students at a time. We needed a good coach. We were praying he was a great coach.

Over the last year or so, we have more than made up the $250,000.00 we lost and now have over 10 properties delivering passive income each month.

We feel this is just the beginning! Now our goal is to buy renovate and resell Real Estate until we have over 15 properties spinning off cash each month to support our life style and provide generational wealth for our kids.

We’re having fun and success with Mitch leading us. We keep growing. We are enjoying this far too much to take our foot off the gas.

Coaching can be very expensive. We’ve paid much, much more and gotten far less from some very famous gurus. I think they’re just to big to provide any real service.

It becomes very obvious to us it’s the access to Mitch that is the big difference. It’s Mitch on the Q&A call. It’s Mitch sending you the email. Its Mitch listening to the details of your deal. It’s Mitch following up. I completely understand why he limits his students to 20 or less at a time.

The course is online (about 25 Hours), and in addition there’s over 4 years of recorded Q&A weekly calls…describing what to do and how to do it. The archived Q&A is a course all by itself! The point is, you can learn at your own pace but when you have a question, Mitch is there…not some student who’s done ten houses. You get 1,500 houses of experience.

Here’s what seemed to work for us so well;
We knew the other students. We got to hear what they were doing. We knew the deals where real because we watched them develop via the Q&A. We also heard Mitch’s advice watched it get implemented, and then we witnessed the results. The other students were making real money!

If other students could do it, we felt we could too. It was a tremendous confidence builder with an education to boot.

Call Mitch! He’ll answer the phone or call you back, enthusiastically!
– Carl and Carolyn Herrick
Las Vegas, Nevada