500th Episode With Ron LeGrand

Episode 500: 500th Episode With Ron LeGrand

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Behind every successful person is their mentor. Joining Mitch Stephen on the special 500th episode is none other than Ron LeGrand. Mitch’s life changed the moment he entered Ron’s seminar, and everything he learned then made him and his business what it is today. With 40 years of experience under his belt and a business still thriving after all these years, you can trust that Ron knows what he’s talking about. Nowadays, he has been imparting his knowledge on buying and selling real estate through his online training courses you can access anytime. Get first-hand knowledge from an expert and find out how you can start buying and selling houses without using money or credit!

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It is my pleasure to introduce Ron LeGrand. He’s the legend, the myth and the man is right here. The reason I have him on is it’s the 500th episode of the 1000Houses.com show and I thought no better way to get here towards this landmark episode than to have one of the guys that were very instrumental in getting me successful in the business. Getting in the business is one thing and then figuring out how to make some money out, it’s another thing.

Ron LeGrand was certainly a driving force in the way I was shaping my thoughts and what was possible in this industry. I can tell you from experience, I have bought a house about every 4 to 5 days in or about my hometown for decades. It all started in a little classroom with this man right here, Ron LeGrand. How are you doing Ron?

REIS 500 | Mentor

Mentor: Where you are five years from now is not where you think you’re going to be five years from now.


I’m good. All you just said was I’m old as dirt. Do you remember what year you started in that class?

1996, 1997, somewhere right there. I walked out a year at the seminar so on fire, I went to work to get enough money in the bank so that I could go a year without working, which wasn’t very much money at that time, which was a blessing. When you don’t make too much money, it’s pretty easy to get free from your job. I was making $35,000 a year so I put $35,000 in the bank and then I jumped off.

The first thing I did was I went to some more seminars of yours and my first year, March of 1996, I bought 45 houses. I was on fire. You were opening doors and talking to me about things that I never knew were even remotely possible. I saw where it was possible and I needed to figure out if I could do it.

Sounds like you figured it out.

I have exceeded whatever I thought I was going to do or be in the financial realm or house investing. I exceeded it so many times, it’s not funny. I never had any big goals. My goal was to get better next year than I was the last year and it’s taken me places I never thought. I suppose you maybe get tired of this by now but thank you for the impact you’ve had on my life. I’m sure there are thousands of people out there that you’ve had the same impact on. Thank you for what you do.

I never get tired of hearing stories like yours.

It’s the truth. People would laugh at me and say, “You went to one of those scam deals?” I said, “Yes. You all keep saying whatever you want to say. I can see what this man’s talking about. He told me I didn’t need money or credit to go out and make a lot of money. I didn’t need a lot, I just needed to make a little.” I always had good credit but I went out there with no money and no reputation at all and started implementing what you said. It didn’t take long before I was on fire, Ron.

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I can follow that up with a warning to your readers. Be very careful to whom you listen because broke people cannot teach you how to be rich. In fact, they’ll do everything they can to keep you from getting rich.

That’s one of the things I got from you. I was out at first starting to tell people what I was going to do. It was so far out of the box of how people knew Mitch Stephen, that they were telling me, they’re trying to mash me back in that box. I had heard you say, “Be careful who you talk to.” I decided to clam up. There were 1 or 2 people that were supporting me heavily so I would confide in them how it was going but anybody else I didn’t talk to because they didn’t understand where I was at in my life. They didn’t understand what you were teaching me.

I’ve often talked to people, “Get a checker too then you can start talking. You need a preponderance of the evidence.” The first check is your shut-up check, “Shut up, go away and leave me alone.”

I called it to hush money. I had to make some hush money to keep everybody quiet. When did you start in this business?

March 12, 1982. That’s when I had my first seminar and I went by accident. It was all about how to make money in real estate without any money or credit. That appeals to me. That seminar put me in a two-day event because I had to go find the money to get into. That two-day event taught me enough to go out and do my first wholesale deal.

I literally did my first one within three weeks. I got a check for a big old $3,000 but that was a monstrous check-in 1982 and I badly needed it. The difference is I kept on doing it. Everybody was telling me I couldn’t do it too but I kept on doing it. The next thing, you know, I quit my job. I sold a million dollars with equity in real estate but I did it all wrong. Trying to put tenants in there, buying all of the junk into junk areas. I’m not sure you can relate to that because I bet you did the same thing.

When you don’t have money, you think you need to start at the lower echelons. That’s what I did

That is the biggest problem we deal with now, changing people’s minds about what they can do. Are they worthy? Can they make the money? We spend more time on that when teaching in real estate. Frankly, it’s the mindset thing is all it is but it only took me about fifteen years to get out of that track.

The same for me and to a lot of people, it’s really hard. Can I share a victory with you? I have bought four ranches, all multimillion-dollar ranches. I don’t have the money to buy for multimillion-dollar ranches but I had developed over the years, a reputation of paying people back and giving them good first lien positions on very strong collateral. I was able to buy about four ranches, a couple of them, we are fixing and flipping. There are some issues with these ranches. They’re not ready to move into, they’re rough, ugly, shrubbery, the roads are overgrown. Different from a house but the same concept.

REIS 500 | Mentor

Mentor: When you’re hanging around the movers and shakers, and you create relationships, you’re way more important than anything you learned from a teacher.


The other two were subdividing way out in the counties where it’s really easy and you can almost pay market for 1,700 acres but by the time he cut it into a 50-acre ranch, I call it ranchettes but you never want to say that. The man that’s coming out there to buy your places is coming to buy a ranch and you don’t want to demasculate him and call it a ranchette. He’s buying a ranch for his family.

You just made that up.

That’s what I did. We’re subdividing those. We got the properties closed now. We’ve figured out how to unlock some equity, some profit and now all this left to go out and do it. It’s about $10 million of equity that I figured out, whether I make $7 million, $5 million or $9.5 million, who cares?

It doesn’t matter. We’re going to subdivide up in Michigan and you’re right, I paid the retail price for it but I got owner financing, no personal liability, three-year balloon who cares? It will turn into several million dollars worth of profit but we’re going to do the horizontal development so a lot of building was still in bad need of it now.

That’s a new trend. It never ceases to amaze me how the knowledge you get, even the most basic knowledge can keep morphing into other things, bigger things. Can you morph them into more complicated or into easier things?

We both did pretty much every day. The buddy that I’ve ever taught has been successful that exactly saying the same thing. Where you are five years from now is not where you think you’re going to be five years from now if you stay in the game. You’ve got to figure out other ways, other cool things. Once you get to your cashflow situated in your financial situation, squared away with it. It doesn’t take very long because you have the freedom to go out and take advantage of these opportunities. You wouldn’t let go while you were striving to make a living.

Ken D’Angelo, the Founder of HomeVestors told me one time, “An entrepreneur rarely ends up with the business that he starts out to create. He always says morphing to the most money for the least resistance and it will usually take him someplace else.”

We’re good examples of that, aren’t we?

Absolutely. I do want to emphasize that the reason that anybody can stay in business for 20 or 30 years or more is got to be from an integrity level. You’ve got to maintain your reputation at all times because you’re just one bad deal away from having a backup and start all over again.

It’s not hard to do that when you’re teaching what you do and what you teach works. That’s a big key. We’d love to believe that everybody does anything with what they learn but we both know that’s not going to be the case. On the other hand, does everybody go to Harvard and use their Harvard degree in any grade value or any other school for that matter? All we can do is bring them the bear. They got to skin the bear.

A lot about what I learned from you is all about terms, it’s not all about price. Who cares about the price? You can get down to ridiculous examples. I can pay $1 million for a $100,000 house if you want to postpone my first payment for 30 years. I don’t care about that because I’ll be dead. To stretch it out, Ron and I met in an unlikely circumstance, probably a likely circumstance.

However, I was in the audience with Ron and he was asking me one time. He gave a pretty long dissertation on how to find lost owners and owners of abandoned houses. At one point, he asked us, “Does anybody have another way?” I reluctantly raised my hand and I had said that, “I put a For Sale sign in the front yard with my phone number on it and the owner calls me every time.

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On a house you don’t even know who the owner is.

Believe me, they call you and if they don’t call you, there’s a whole other set of things you do because there is no owner at that point, they’re dead or something. I don’t know if you remember or not but that earned me an evening in a stake with you in a chapter in one of the books because you look back at the back of the room and said, “I don’t think we have that one.” The first thing you asked me was, “Are they pissed?” I said, “Hell yes, they’re pissed.” First of all, they got these people calling you that want to buy the house but you can’t tell if it’s the owner acting as a buyer or if it’s someone who wants to buy the house.

You’ve got to treat every one of them like it’s the owner acting a buyer and you have to say to everyone who calls, “I have to take the house off the market because there’s a title issue.” If it’s the owner, they will jump up and scream at you, “Damn right, there’s a title issue. You don’t own that house, that’s my house.”

I learned to put For Sale with a question mark on my sign so I could disarm the pissed-off owner. I said, “I wasn’t trying to sell your house. I’m asking you if it’s for sale. I’ve been trying to find you.” I’ve been to a lot of courses in some of your private stuff, too. I always learn something in those rooms. A lot of times, it’s coming from you but other times, it’s coming from the sharp people that have the wherewithal to be in the room with you.

That’s the beauty of a mastermind.

People think masterminds are expensive. What do you say to that?

Compared to what? Compared to the price of ignorance? I’m in two masterminds now at $25,000 each, two meetings a year. It doesn’t matter because it takes a $1 million idea out of both of them combined to make the cost totally irrelevant. Trust me, I’ve never been in a mastermind where I didn’t get more than a $1 million idea out of any of them. That could happen in any mastermind meeting. You’re hanging around with the movers and shakers and you create relationships That are way more important than anything you learned from the teacher in the mastermind meeting.

I don’t think that the venue where you show up at the hotel or convention will ever go away because what happens in the hallways, at lunch and dinner is equally important sometimes as what’s happening up on the stage from the master ceremony show.

It can be more. It’s where your relationships are built and your contacts are attained.

What are you most proud of in your career?

All of the thousands of people like you, they’ve gotten launched because I came into their life. What could make you more proud of than that?

You sure you never get tired of hearing people say, “Thank you.”

I never get tired of it. I never get tired of the testimonials that come in. How could you get tired of that? It keeps me going.

We can always talk about the good things, the big checks, the fancy cars or the vacations and all that but what were some of the darkest moments in your career?

2008 didn’t do me all a lot of good. I had 32 different commercial projects and developments going on in nine different states simultaneously in all the student partners. In 2008 came in capital dried up and more importantly, all the exit strategies that we were planning, all dried up. All of that went to hell and that created a big mess. I’m still dealing with the after-effects of that to this very day.

Fortunately, I was smart enough to not let it wipe me out because I learned how to protect myself. I’m going to seminars and listening to smart people. It did not take me out financially but I had multiple streams of income, which I’m a strong believer in. It certainly put a dent in my income. It dropped 80% overnight.

Same with our company Global Publishing, whether we had to lay off half the staff in one day but we fought through it. That’s the game. We did take it day by day, we dealt with it the best we could. We pissed off some people along the way because when it comes right down to where you don’t have the money to pay your bills if you can’t pay your bills, you just deal with them.

We dealt with them and we all worked it out. That took for a year but we finally got through it and hung in there. People ask me sometimes, “What’s the key to you be in this business.” The long answer is, “I stuck to it.” I went and chasing shiny objects and going in multiple different directions, stuck to it long enough to perfect, not only the art of buying houses but also the art of training others.

We’ve got the best training systems and funding now because we implement it for people, we don’t just teach them. Training without implementation is worthless. You go to a seminar until your ears bleed but that’s not going to make any money until you put that into action. We’ve taken all these years to set up the systems for them so there’s hardly anything for our clients to do except making decisions. In my case, I dropped that out. There’s nothing for me to do. I’ve never had so much vacant time in my entire life.

I’ve been in the seminar or in the room where you were doing live calls and made deals right in front of the whole audience. I saw it when it didn’t work out, there are calls that didn’t work out, it’s like real life. You’d go through a handful of calls and nothing big happening then all of a sudden, you’d hit one. The electricity in that audience is amazing when that happens.

It’s got to feel good when you hit it. You know it’s not scripted because it’s too rough. I knew immediately this isn’t scripted, this is live because they don’t know what’s going to happen. It was electrifying when you made the deal and they did what you said. They use the candor, they use the scripts that you had and it worked out and those take a long time to develop.

REIS 500 | Mentor

Mentor: The hard part about getting things done is getting the right people in place.


They’ve gotten better over time. We still do that through this very day, in every live event and online event that we do, we still do those live calls and then we follow up with deal structuring events every single day to tell people what we’re going to do with this deal. We just negotiated. I’ve always believed the best way to teach anything is to do it while you’re watching it. You can’t just feel that it will work especially when your leads are growing.

One of the best watching things I ever did was I had a mentor in town and he said, “We’re going to go look at some houses but I got to stop by the post office here before we go. Do you mind going with me? I got to go by the post office first.” I said no because he was my mentor. I’m going to go wherever he takes me. I’m going to do whatever he’s doing.

I said, “What’s so important about the post office? He says, “I got to drop off a check to the IRS, would you to look at it?” It was a $650,000 check. That’s when it got my attention. I saw it with my own eyes. He wasn’t joking. He dropped it in the mailbox I thought, “This guy is no BS.” It brought my whole focus up about seven notches, as high as I could get it.

I would submit that he’s probably not very good at tax reduction either.

That was his next seminar. He said, “I’m going to that seminar.”

He just took $650,000.

There’s always another thing to learn. You’ve learned how to make the money then you got to learn how to keep it.

You bet. In fact, I even have a class on how to never pay taxes when you sell real estate. If you want to schedule it, I’ll show all your readers three ways to never pay taxes on real estate.

We’ll do that. We’ll schedule an episode on at least three ways to buy and sell real estate and never pay taxes.

I’ve got nothing to do, Mitch. Might as well get it all out of this brain. This is my 75th year on this planet, I’m going to be celebrating my workday.

I have my people call your people, they’ll get it all scheduled and we’ll do it. You have a course for just about everything and I’ve seen how deep your knowledge base is. You do a really good job of conveying any and all of those segments. One of the things you’re high on is how to get terms when you’re buying a house. Do you want to talk a little bit about that?

Did you get term when you bought those ranches?

I absolutely did.

Imagine that. Both residential and commercial terms are what I do. This commercial property, I bought it with terms. I had a small down payment and financing balance for three years. When I buy houses now, I buy them with terms and I sell them with terms. If you’re in Texas, you got no choice but to buy them with owner financing and sell them in owner financing. “Can this be an option?” I’m like, “We do it here in Florida and the other states.”

I look for the sellers that are willing to let me make their payment for them or take payment if it’s free and clear. They’re in the minority, they’re not the majority, that’s why we have all the free screening done outside. We only got to make one closing call and it takes about three minutes to pick the hurdles out of the pile. Go visit them and get a contract and now we control the house.

In my case, I lease option now. Let’s say it’s a $400,000 house, that’s at least a $50,000 non-refundable option deposit then I’m going to collect before I give anybody the keys to the house. In your case, would be a $50,000 down payment or more and that’s nonrefundable. If they move out, they forfeit that. If they buy it, they get it credited towards their down payment. I collect monthly rent, which is always considerably more than what I’m paying out. What a lot of people get about is appreciation, which is you would now, wouldn’t it?

I’ve never seen houses appreciate as fast as they are now. I’ve never seen a market like this in all my 40 years. I get depreciation with people tend to forget. By our price of houses, that’s a big deal. What about your income tax? I’m going to get the debt paid down with people who tend to forget because when I put tenant-buyers in the house, I don’t want them to cash out. I want them to stay in there and keep making the payments so I can get all those other benefits. Truthfully, the majority of them never buy. They wind up moving 2 or 3 years later, they forward their deposit. Did I get to go do it again for another $50,000?

That’s always like buying another house a lot after buying another house plus they do all of the repairs on the house. It’s a condition of their option, it’s not doing Landlord-Tenant Laws, it’s a condition of their option. That’s a business that’s totally different than the business that I started with it that I worked in for 15 or 20 years dealing with the low-end tenants.

I used to have black hair, now it’s turning gray. I don’t have any issues with these people, they’re paying the rent on time. This COVID thing didn’t stop them from paying because they got thousands of dollars at stake. If they don’t pay their rent, they lose the deposit. They make their decision whether they want to buy or whether they want to move and I’m okay either way. I don’t want to kill the golden beast, to be honest with you. That pay down is something that people tend to forget. There are some big paychecks being run from people who kept on the houses for a few years. I know you wholesale a lot of stuff and I know a lot of wholesalers.

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I still refinanced most of my stuff on 30-year notes. I’m losing that appreciation but I don’t have to deal with any repairs but you manage that too. I’m getting a happy down payment but I’m not getting the depreciation or the appreciation so I have to go an extra step.

What percentage go into default to get the houses back?

About 1% because I got good at it.

When you do this, do you encourage them to go refinance?

No. As a matter of fact, if you encourage them to go refinance, you’re in for a rude awakening. Number one, I’m selling owner financing so I picked the price, I didn’t even go get an appraisal. I backed into the rents. If they go to refinance, the appraiser’s going to show up underneath my price then they’re going to send out an inspector. It’s going to show up with 50 pages worth of stuff and all of a sudden, I’m an asshole. You’re either in the finance game or in the refinance game but you can’t be in both.

The important is you’re going to pay short-term capital gains because you sold it the same year you bought it regardless of whether it was owner financing or not. I get it, longer-term. Did you then start out in the wholesale business?

Everybody starts out in the wholesale business, don’t they, Ron? How else are you going to do it?

Once you look at some of these people sometimes, you know how they do, I know people do 200 or 300 wholesale deals a year and that’s okay. They’re making a lot of money, don’t get me wrong but look what they’re losing. I wonder if they ever think about, “What if I kept capitalist houses? What if I do what you did? What if you did what I did?”

I can lease, sell or refinance them without doing the repairs. On my work for equity thing I learned many years ago, they let them do the work. I’ve done quite a few of those. I get all those benefits is the whole point and there’s the long-term capital gain in my case because I don’t sell them in the year that I walked in.

I got a couple of tenants now but then the house is over 10, 11 years and they’re never going to buy it. I have never done a lot at work in those periods of time. The option long since expired but they still act like buyers, they treat the house like buyers, they still make their payments. It’s a different mindset when they’re tenant-buyers or when they’re a buyer in your case and put the tenants in the house. I will never straight rent another house as long as I live. I don’t get it. People who are renting houses are missing huge potentials. Non-refundable deposits plus all the repairs under the tenant-buyer. I’m not sure why anybody would want to do it any other way, to be honest with you.

Isn’t that part of the problem with the traditional landlord scenario? You’re getting the first month’s rent in a deposit equal to the first month’s rent is nothing. If they ruin the carpet, you can’t replace it with that amount of money. Option fees can be any amount you choose.

What it comes down to is you’re dealing with a broker segment of the market. How can you expect it does not have anything but problems from the people who can’t afford anything but the first month’s rent? I learned that for many years. It took me to figure that out.

I eventually learned it too but what bidding I took.

No kidding. That’s how we’re here, that’s why we’re here. We took the bidding and we still kept it ongoing. We didn’t quite as most people do.

I sometimes make the wholesalers sick. I’m not downgrading or peeing on wholesaling, it’s not that. I talked to some people, I usually get them to answer. “What is the average wholesale profit?” They’ll say $8,000 or $10,000. That’s my average down payment then they still owe me 360 months of $500 a month positive cashflow because I found a private lender to give me the money I needed underneath to stick with the deal instead of getting a wholesale fee and let it go.

That’s good-paying cash. Now put terms in here or take it over subject to, buy or owner financing, I don’t even have to go to the private lender. Why on earth would I want to wholesale?

I’ve been trying to get the 500 mortgages because I don’t want people to pay me off. At about 300 mortgages, every time you put 20 in, 15 of the 300 are paying me off, which I don’t want but it’s still a good day that month when fifteen people pay you off.

Mitch, nobody is going to feel sorry for you here.

I’m very well aware always when I go somewhere, if I talk about my accolades, I know there’s a faster gun, there’s a guy doing more volume right across the street or someone that can wipe their backside with my finances. I know this for sure because I am looking for that guy to be my mentor and they’re out there. I also like to go through the world as you did with not a hand up trying to better myself but there’s also a hand down trying to help people get a few rungs up the ladder for themselves too. That’s what makes it worthwhile.

Why else would you do the show? You don’t get any. I get it. I’m semi-retired but I still have a team that does all the work. I’ve got about 30 something, odd employees, to this very day. We’ve been doing it all day in, day out. All I do is teach pretty much. Every once in a while, I go interfere and create a little chaos because I can and that’s what I do.

Other than that, it’s all running without me. That’s a very hard lesson right there for people to understand the message. To get the hell out of the way and let other good people do what they do best. Get out of the way, let them do it. I’ve been fortunate that I learned that after many years. I’ve been practicing it for many years and it has been good for me.

REIS 500 | Mentor

Mentor: You should be thinking less about having to spend a little bit of money and more about what it would be worth to you.


In every business that I do, I’ve had six restaurants and they’re going to see me in there with an apron on, washing dishes and so forth. That’s what the manager does and that’s what they do in any business but some people struggle with that. They can’t get out of the way. They have to have their hands in every little thing, have to make every little decision and the minutia runs their life.

They got no time to do anything of any consequence because it would now fire day in and day out. That was one thing I also teach the kids and it takes time to get out of that habit. It does because we’re all born and raised with it. Some men will never get out of it because testosterone won’t let them get out of the way. The last thing we men are going to do is follow instructions. If it’s working perfectly, we have to fix it normally.

It cost me. I tried to automate my business or get out of the way four times. I failed all four times. By the end of my 15th or 17th year, I was completely fried. I said I was going to put it all in a box and live off my self-storage units, which was more than enough but then I thought, “What a shame to lose a couple of million dollars for the income every year.”

Once you shut down that momentum and those private lenders, it’s very hard to get it back so it was a monumental decision. I said, “I’m going to do one more time. I’m going to try but this time I’m going to pay an organization or someone to help me do it.” I paid $30,000 to try to save a multimillion-dollar business that I was too fried to do anymore.

Once I trusted them, I let them unwind me, I drank all the Kool-Aid and I paid attention. What made the difference was the other four times that I was trying to automate my business or work my way out of it, I never allowed myself not to buy 100 houses a year. I was trying to do this with what was leftover of me after 100 deals that I was doing everything for or a lot of.

This time I was so burned, I didn’t care if I ever bought a house again but I needed to learn how to set up a real business. It’s because I wasn’t doing any business and I was focused on fixing my business, it took about a year but I fixed it. I haven’t seen the last 500 houses I bought and the last 500 people that bought my houses. My point here was I had to take a step backward and commit to fixing my business, which meant I couldn’t do as much business as I was doing before because I had to clear up some time to focus. My problem the whole time was I wouldn’t let myself clear up.

Anytime you create a system, some of the things that we’re getting done are not going to get done or get done in the same way. You can’t have a system and have everything the way it was, things have to change. One of the biggest things to change is you not being involved in all the little decisions and then making sure that the right people are in place, which is the hard part about getting this done, it’s getting the right people in place and I think you agree to that but not most people. I would come back and I might say, “Are you the right people?” If you’re not getting the right people in place, it’s all your fault. It’s nobody else’s fault but your fault.

On the other hand, who’s going to train you to do that? Where are you going to get that education at? I’m sure you’re not going to get it in school? Any school, high school or college. You got to get it in the real world. Unfortunately, every once in a while, you run across somebody that help you run the business because that’s something you’re not going to go to school to learn, I don’t care what school it is. Once you do then you get better at getting the right people and you get better at having them after you get them. In my case, when I put a couple of the right people in place and then honest, they do all of it. I don’t do it. I’ve never hired anybody in 25 years that I can think of because I suck at hiring.

Me too. I finally said, “I guess I’m going to have to do something different. I’m going to start giving people these tests and go by what the test results say.” The test would say to pick this person over here, person A and I thought, “There’s no way.” Person A is still with me after a million years.

You couldn’t do it but it was working.

We had a person in our office that needed help. We tested the person at the office to find out what they were good and bad at then we tested all the people that we wanted to work with her to be good at what this person was bad at so that they would fit together, cover each other’s weaknesses. I’m a real big believer in that now. I don’t know why it took me so long to get there. I’m a man.

You didn’t want to turn loose. I understand we’re all control freaks. I’ll tell you the truth now, I’m the absolute opposite. I don’t want to do anything. When the task hit me, I delegated them as fast as I can and if I have to do them, I get them done as fast as I can so don’t lay around and I have to think about it. I’m in a pretty good position now because I’m not required to do anything, which I guess is where everybody should be.

If you’ve read hard enough and you finally let it sink through our thick skulls, I want everyone to go to 1000Houses.com/getterms. Over there, it’s going to be anything and everything that Ron wants to put over there and you won’t believe how deep and how rich all the information is that he gives. Everyone has to take this and tailor it to themselves or figure out how they’re going to do it but everything you need is there. I want to give my personal testimonial. I don’t know where I would be except for I walked into your seminar one day and it took me to someplace I never believed I would go.

I would like to think that with or without you, I found my way somewhere but as it turns out, I started to find my way when I walked into your room. It was just a way of opening up my mind, getting rid of a lot of limiting beliefs and also seeing people around me in these rooms living what you were teaching out there. I was getting positive feedback and observation saying, “There are other people out there that are doing it. I’m as capable as them or more capable. Let me go find my hand.”

The best way to teach anything is to do it while you’re watching it. You can’t just feel that it will work. Click To Tweet

That’s the value of a live event right there.

There were people I was talking to at lunch that we’re doing 50 houses.

You should know that I almost didn’t go to my first seminar because Dallas’s JR Ewing was on TV. I don’t want to miss JR, he was my hero but somehow, I don’t know what compelled me. I just had to go, I did and that was the beginning. If you want to go to my online training, go to 1000Houses.com/getterms. I’m going to spend about an hour teaching you step-by-step on how we buy and sell houses on terms and you’ll see why we can do that without using our money or credit.

Using your credit is the worst mistake that you can make in this business. We don’t use credit on Planet Ron, we use very little if any money. I got off the phone with one of my relatives here looking for a place to live. She started talking about going down to the bank and I said, “Shut up. We don’t do that. We buy houses with owner financing. We don’t need any banks. We don’t need down payments. Most of the time we don’t need to fill out any applications. Nobody pulls our credit or none of that junk.”

If you’re looking for a home to live in, you better go and watch the seminar because anybody can buy a home as I buy in any state in the union, it does work where you live and it does work now. It’s just got to work for you. Go see what we do and you’ll get a wide awakening, I can tell you. Like pretty much everybody does when they see this stuff for the first time.

The main event over at 1000Houses.com/getterms is a webinar where Ron is showing you how you don’t need credit but you don’t need money. How to buy real estate or a home for that matter, the way that they do it on Planet Ron, which is there is no personal guarantee, there’s no loan application, a lot of times no down payment even.

You’d be surprised how many, no-down deals we get because of the scripts I create, which I’ll show you at that seminar. With full disclosure, Mitch, I’m going to be selling something on that thing. Is it okay?

This man is going to give away a whole lot of content but then he’s going to say, “Do you want to go further?” I’ve been on a weekend with this guy for three days, we never stopped for three days, it was damn near grueling it never repeated itself. There’s a lot of information. It’s a big topic but if you want to get some good starter place right here, go there, appreciate Ron, he’s letting you know he’s got something for sale back there too so don’t be surprised.

It’s cheap and way below what we sell. It’s a course on terms is what it is.

I always look at courses and everything like all I need is one nugget or one transaction that I wouldn’t have done that I did because of the information I got. This is free information at that point. The man spends a lot of time, he goes on a lot of depth and he deserves to charge a price for what he does. It’s well worth it and quite frankly, for a lot of us, if we hadn’t written a check, we might not have gotten off our ass.

That’s a good point. Those are the things that you’re going to get educated for free, it can’t be free. Who’s going to educate you for free? What do they get out of it? Let’s be real. Anybody that’s offering training has a whole lot of overhead behind that training. You have to stop because it doesn’t materialize and out of thin air, there are costs to doing all of this so we have to charge for our training.

I’m telling you, it’s insignificant to what the value of it is. If you don’t believe that, you don’t buy it. Even if you do buy it, you get a 30-day refund policy anyway. You should be thinking less about having to spend a little bit of money and more about what it would be worth to you so you can grow up and be like Mitch one day.

Go to 1000Houses.com/getterms. A free webinar over there on how to buy real estate with little or no money, no credit, no personal guarantee and maybe zero down on this stuff. I have made many deals like that.

Right here on my desk is a property information sheet that our virtual assistants filled out for the student. It’s a $350,000 townhouse here in Jackson. At the bottom, we made the closing call. Instead of right here, they’ve agreed to nothing down, their payment is $1,600 a month. This is a 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom, 2-car garage, excellent conditioning, an excellent area. The deal is already done nothing down deal. You would be shocked to learn that about 60% of the deals we do are nothing down. I know nobody’s going to believe it until they see it in my first course.

Sixty percent of the deals they do are nothing down. Is this subject to deal with?

I’m with owner financing. I don’t like subject to, to be honest with you.

I’m glad to hear you say that.

If you’ve got the time, I’ll explain why but as you know, there are thousands of subject deals going on all around the country every day. It’s not the best thing to do for the seller.

1000Houses.com/getterms. Ron, I really want to thank you for being my guest on my 500th episode. It’s an honor and it ends up right where I started in front of Ron LeGrand. Maybe the tables and chairs have shifted a little bit differently but it’s nice to talk to you. It’s nice to see you’re doing well. Thank you for all that you’ve done and all that you do.

I’m honored to be on your 500th show.

I expect fully when I get off of this for you to say, “Why the hell did you do 500 episodes?”

I know the answer to that.

I would like to thank LiveComm.com for sponsoring this episode. Please go there and see why I sell my houses on average four days on the market with no signs and more than enough buyers. I like to get 10% down, I’m averaging 15% down because of the system, it brings in a lot of buyers. Quite frankly, I can choose to sell my houses at will almost now because of that. Check it out. It works for a lot of other businesses too, don’t think it’s real estate only.

Are you raising the prices of your houses more than what you think they are worth? Now, this market raises the price, even if they’re selling it for cash, raised their price. What a crazy wholesale market. I’ve never seen a herd of greater fools out there and grossly overpaying. I tell all my students, Mitch, “Whatever you think you want to wholesale for, add $10,000 to that, you’ll get it and don’t forget to send me $5,000 of them.”

If you’re selling a house through MLS or something, don’t be afraid to tack $15,000 or $20,000 on now. It’s a crazy world out there. I appreciate you taking the time. It’s an honor to have you here. I hope to see you soon in the future and maybe we’ll go fishing.

Maybe, we should.

Thank you for stopping by to get you some Ron LeGrand. We’re out of here.


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