Easy And Cost-Effective Direct Mail With Gary Boomershine

Episode 416: Easy And Cost-Effective Direct Mail With Gary Boomershine

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Now is an unprecedented time for buying opportunities in real estate, but how do you not get left out in generating the best leads? The answer is direct mail. Now you might be thinking that it’s hard work, but it doesn’t have to be. Real estate visionary and RealEstateInvestor.com founder, Gary Boomershine shows us how it can be made easier in this conversation with Mitch Stephen. His solution: work with a professional to hire and manage overseas virtual assistants to do phone work for you. These “sales ninjas” will help you free up time so you can focus on higher-yield work! Listen to this episode for more on these plus a chance to receive a really amazing gift from Gary.

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I’m here with Gary Boomershine. We met a long time ago at a mastermind and we became friends. We’ve remotely kept in contact. This guy is a doer beyond doers. We’re going to talk about what’s working now. This is the pandemic time and a state of chaos, in which every real investor knows wealth comes from chaos. There is plenty of it now, but the question is, where do we morph to find the money? Where do we morph to give a benefit for which we can receive the money? You always got to think about the benefits first. If you can find a way to benefit people, then the money will generally follow if you put a little thought into it.

I also like to pay homage to my sponsor, TaxFreeFuture.com. You will not believe what your financial advisors are not telling you. We’re going to tell you what they’re not telling you. We’re going to tell you why they’re not telling you and then you can do with it what you want. If you do not have a self-directed account, IRA, 401(k), a health account, or an educational account, in which to grow your finances, tax-free or tax-deferred, you are missing a huge tool in your tool belt. Check out the 37 little video vignettes. It’s a big eye-opener. I especially like the ones that tell you how to take a little bit of money in your account and make it into a lot of money. That’s usually the stumbling block. People saying, “I don’t have enough money to do anything with.” If you have $10 in there, we can do something. It’s called an option. Gary, how are you doing?

Mitch, it’s an absolute pleasure. It’s been a while since I’ve been on your show. I’ve been following you for a long time and all your great books and stuff.

It was nice to see you. You’re looking great.

Thank you. I turned 51 and my wife calls it the midlife crisis. She said, “Keep it up.” I was starting to go and push through when I was 40 pounds heavier. Finally, I’m like, “Now is the day.” I eat a little bit better. I work out a little bit. I start my mornings and I have this rule that I call 5, 10, 3, which is I wake up now at 5:00. I pushed out my day until 10:00 so that gives me five hours of personal time. I’m working on, what is the one thing I’m going to do today to move the marker in my business? It’s the Gary Keller model. He’s got his book called The ONE Thing. The three is the three hours I’m going to spend as a CEO. It doesn’t mean I’m just working three hours, but it’s the high moneymaking activities.

That’s been a life-changer for me, a happier team, family, and myself. That came from a coach. That came from a guy that has been personally coaching me for years which I recommend to everybody. I used to wake up and go to bed super late and I would never felt like I could get enough done during the day. Now, I wake up at 5:00. I pushed my business day out. I’m not booked. I don’t do anything until 10:00 in the morning.

What do you mean by, “You push your business day out?”

I used to wake up and throw myself into reviewing emails and social media. Now, I don’t do anything. I meditate, I read scripture, I journal and I work out. I also do some family stuff like making coffee and clean up the kitchen for my wife. From 5:00 in the morning, I wake up at 10:00. My business day starts at 10:00. The three is the three hours of high octane CEO, quality moneymaking activities of how am I going to move the marker in this business? People ask me all the time, “What would you say are some of the keys to success?” That’s been a huge one and having coaches in every part of your business performance.

What I like about this show is I do whatever I want. What I’m interested in that was at 10:00 AM. What do you do and where do you fit the three hours in? Do the three hours start at 10:00 AM?

It does. I find I am in my best, highest performance between 10:00 in the morning and about 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. That’s a point in time where I was like, “How can I do the least amount of work to get the most amount of value?” It’s usually on leveraging people. It will be pushing out to make sure that I’m making the contacts in my business related to projects and raising money.

From 10:00 to 1:00, your people sitting on your high yield activities.

Typically, if I do this, I am done around 4:00 in the afternoon. As soon as I started doing that, the marker and the trajectory line, I call it jumping the line of, how do you jump the line from being a slave in this business? That happens to all of us, turning it into being a business owner, investor CEO. If you don’t change that mentality, the old insanity of doing the same thing and expecting a different result, it doesn’t work. I’m pretty focal. I have a podcast and I share a lot of that stuff. A lot of the guys in our masterminds, those guys that are doing those things, they are changing the way they operate and the way they think. It has produced the result. I couldn’t have done it myself. This came from a lot of coaching. I recommend that everybody have a performance coach. Every professional athlete, professional singer, even in Silicon Valley, all the executives have a professional high-performance coach. That’s how we make huge changes in our life.

REIS 418 | Direct Mail

Direct Mail: We are going to see incredible buying opportunities as a massive number of distressed properties go into foreclosure.


We’re going to talk about what’s working now. We’re talking to real estate investors, how they’re finding properties is where everything starts. I’m assuming we’re going to have to start there at finding motivated sellers and then converting them. To preface well into the pandemic September 2020, what’s working now, Gary?

This is not a time to pause. We’re seeing a lot of people, especially the novices have gone into pure fear and watching fear porn on TV. You can’t turn the TV on without wanting to go throw yourself off a cliff. This is a time that I call the 3Ps. It’s to Protect what you got, to Pivot your model, and then Profit. We’re going into one of what I would consider one of the best opportunities in real estate as long-term as I’ve been doing. I know you’ve been doing it forever. I’ve been full time since 2004. I’ve seen multiple market swings and this market is where we’re going to see huge opportunities. What I’m seeing now, Mitch is I’m seeing where we have seen the effects of this COVID thing.

We’re going to see a massive number of properties and distressed owners that are going to be going into foreclosure. There’s going to be incredible buying opportunities, but now, a lot of the big players are still doing what I would consider virtual wholesaling and then cherry-picking the find deals. I call it, keep the best, sell the rest model. There are still incredible buys. I am seeing the inherited properties because of COVID. The people that have inherited properties are not living in them. Historically, a lot of us have been marketing to absentee owners, but that is a huge market now. There are a lot of burned-out landlords. I’ll give you an example, in Hawaii. I own a property in Hawaii. We have it for so long.

Hawaii is locked down. All of the properties over there that were rentals, those sellers can’t rent them. There is a huge opportunity for a lot of these. I find that the best model is still off the market, which means we go direct to the seller. What I’m seeing now if done right is high-performance direct mail is still crushing. I’ll talk about the elements of the difference between success and failure off of direct mail. I am seeing text blasting of sending out, skip tracing is huge where you’re able to skip trace. It’s easy to do. It’s typically the same mailing list, skip tracing, and then being able to text broadcasts it properly. You got to follow the laws.

There are some key elements of that working very well. Cold calling is still working well if it’s the right list, it skips traced, and you’ve got the right people that are doing that work. I can share some metrics and numbers around that, but I still love direct mail. We have a lot of clients using RealEstateInvestor.com, that’s my company. They’ll use our team to do a lot of the direct mail and our follow up system to do all the electronic automated follow up. We have a built-in phone team so that’s been working.

I want to delve into that exactly what is this offer? You get a lot of people who want to start this business. Two things, one, they’re on a shoestring budget too. They don’t have time because they have their real job that’s holding everything together. They’re trying to get free in their spare hours, which means they need a team or a system to make some headway. They are trying to wear all the hats to go out there in your spare time, after a 40-hour week job, if it’s only 40 hours. It might be more. Not a lot of your leftover and your expertise is not real high in certain areas, but you can sub this out. Let’s talk about, how does your system work for that guy?

There is a massive amount of work in order to do direct mail right and to sift and sort through the leads. At the end of the day, here’s the number you’re going to have to generate an average of 45 leads, which is a seller that responds to whatever the marketing. Forty-five leads will produce in one deal. We’ve done over 60 million pieces of direct mail. I have every response rate. I mailed almost every postcard and handwritten looking letter, known to mankind. People come to us as the inventor of that stuff.

It used to be 20, 22, or 23, but it’s getting competitive out there, hasn’t it?

Protect what you have, pivot your model and then profit. Share on X

It is getting a lot more competitive. You might have a particular list. It might be a smaller list and it will average 1 in 20, but if you’re building a real business, it is about 45 leads. By the way, it’s the same on text messaging, even higher responses, but cold calling. It is the same type of thing on cold calling. You’re going to get about an average of 45 good qualified leads that are going to convert into a deal. Why does that work? One-third of 45, so about 15 are going to be sellers that raise their hand saying, “Yes, I may be interested in selling.” The other huge amount, the two-thirds, the other 30 are people that say, “Take me off the list. I’m not interested.” You’re going to get people that scream, yell and give you hate messages because they’re unhappy.

That brings me more back in line with what I was saying. You were talking about any response, the FU response, take me off this list, or calling you, how did you get my information? There are fifteen people who raise their hand and say, “I want to talk.”

About half of those are going to be worthy of receiving an offer. The other ones are not ready yet. That’s a key thing because a lot of people out there are going out and trying to make offers to everybody. What I’m finding is you slow it down a little bit. Some sellers are not ready yet. About half of those net leads, we’re finding get an offer. The other ones may take a few weeks. I like doing a range of making an offer instead of going in with a low ball cash offer to an unready unmotivated seller. You could blow up the deal. You could be close, but the seller’s not ready yet. Those are what we call in the industry term is either viable or net leads.

These are sellers that say, “Yes, I might be interested in an offer.” Of the seven, those are the ones that are turning into about one deal. If you’re good at selling, you might be able to get that down to 1 and 4. There’s a huge opportunity for people who are working those leads to convert. I know that goes into a lot of detail, but the end result is you’ve got to generate a lot of leads to end up closing a deal. That’s where you need a system to do the automated followup. You need a low-cost phone person that’s dialing for dollars asking the right questions and then scheduling an appointment.

If you’re an investor and you’re busy, you want somebody else to do the $2, $4, to $5, $10 an hour work to generate the output so you can spend your time doing the $1,000 an hour work, which is working and getting in front of those ready sellers and making offers to them, finding a solution and buying property. That’s the key. A lot of people that are brand new don’t realize they’ll try to do everything themselves then they’ll give up. I call it three feet from gold. The follow-up system is cheap, $100 to $200 a month to automate all the followup with meaning the leads come in. They automatically get all followed up and processed, then you have somebody that’s doing the phone work for you. I call that relentless phone to follow up and appointment setting, getting on the phone, talking to the seller, asking them the questions, checking motivation and turning it in. We do that.

How much will that person run a month?

You could have all of this all said and done for hiring about the equivalent of a $10 person. For $1,500 a month, you can have somebody managing your direct mail, doing all the phone work, and doing all the followup. You have to invest in marketing to make money in this business. Marketing is a return on investment. It’s a cost per deal. In every business, we can make money with no money, but you have to invest in marketing. That’s what’s not taught. I know you talk about that, but let’s say you’re going to make a $20,000 or $15,000 wholesale profit. If you spend $2,000 or $3,000 to get that deal and you can spend $3,000 and make $15,000, that’s a 500% return on investment of your marketing spend. That’s how businesses work.

You’ve got to invest some money, cost per deal. That’s the direct mail. That’s the people doing the work to produce the result. You then scale it up from there. I see people that try to do it themselves. They are not experts. They’ll send out some postcards. They won’t even talk to the seller and say, “These leads suck. The seller is not motivated. My market’s unique.” That’s all nonsense. Find a list. The typical list is inherited properties that are absentee-owned that have equity. There are some other lists. You give it to somebody else to do the marketing with good copy. You get the leads into a system and let the system automate and follow up, get those good ones to somebody that’s scripted that can call those people, and then you go out on the appointments and close the deals.

REIS 418 | Direct Mail

Direct Mail: When you hire a Filipino VA, you’re getting a high-caliber person at below market price because of the exchange rate.


It’s invaluable too because if you’re starting out, like, “What do you say? What is a script?” You already know what works. You have all these things tested and tried all the time. You know what the opening sentences will most likely keep people from hanging up.

Not only that, you asked me about some bonuses. I had that script. I will give you the exact script that we use. It’s a time test. In fact, it was a bunch of guys in our mastermind that came together and said, “What are the right words at the right time to say to a seller to find test motivation, build some trust, get the right answers and schedule an appointment.” I want to give another little tip. A lot of people ask about using a phone person in the Philippines, or Nicaragua, or wherever. I never thought I could do this.

I have 50 people full time doing phone work for us in the Philippines. What I’m going to tell you is here are the perfect words. This is the most magical thing that has been a converter. The seller many times will ask the question on the phone, “Where are you calling from?” as a negative. We call our phone team, Sales Ninjas. They are scripted and super friendly. They’ll say, “I’m calling from the Philippines. Mitch or Gary Boomershine hired me so he could pay higher prices for houses. How am I dealing? Is there any feedback that I could give to Mitch or insert your name?” We have a 100% stick rate with those sellers. They love the answer.

That’s called objection and objection handler. We’ve taken a potential negative and turn it into a massive positive. When the sellers ask that, that’s the best question that we want because the seller will continue the conversation. You can hire somebody in the Philippines scripted with the right words. That’s inexpensive. We hire them for $5 or $6 an hour. We have a whole group of them. They are performance managed. I’ve got a management team that’s every time there’s a new objection from a seller, we’re working on the right words and the right comeback to forward the sale. That’s something that most people don’t even do. They don’t even know that they need a phone person. They think that leads are going to come in and they’re going to go make money in their underwear. They’re going to be rich in real estate. You have to do some basic stuff in this business and few people teach it.

I have six Filipino VAs that have been working for me for a long time. They are loyal and dedicated. They show up. Every now and then, even if there’s a rainstorm, a hurricane, or something that knocks them offline for a little bit. Their exchange rate from US dollars to peso is in our favor. If we pay $10 an hour in the United States, we get crap as a worker. If you pay $6 there, it’s the equivalent of a $40,000, $50,000, $60,000 job over there. These people are managing restaurants or hospital floors. You’re getting a high caliber person at a below-market price because of the exchange rate and it’s phenomenal. Sometimes, we’ve got to pay a little bit more, $6 or $7 if you want fluent English. Maybe Gary can enlighten me that I don’t have to pay that much, but I’m willing to pay that much for the right guy. Two dollars an hour, shouldn’t matter if you’ve got the right guy. It does not matter because they’re either making deals or they’re not. If they’re making deals $2 an hour, it’s not even on the radar.

A lot of people would have to go hire a phone person. You can hire somebody that’s a phone person, but they’re not an expert at direct mail. If you want somebody to do direct mail, you usually have to have one skillset and then if you want a phone person, it’s another skillset. That’s a big mistake. Here’s what we’ve done. We have dedicated teams. If somebody’s signing up with RealEstateInvestor.com, they may generate 100 leads a month. They don’t need a full-time person. Those leads go in and for instance, somebody that’s working your leads Monday through Saturday, all time zones dedicated, relentlessly over and over again calling the seller. They don’t answer. They call the next day and they’ll do that for a year.

That service is $500 a month. Somebody can add for $500 a month somebody that’s doing it because I can take one person and they can work 3 or 4 people. I can have 3 or 4 of our members and it’s a shared service. It’s the leverage model. The leads come in and it goes into an autodialer. Our team is getting those first in, first out and we’re on it. I’ve got 50 people that I can cover hundreds of members. If somebody goes up in volume, I’ve got somebody that’s doing $50,000 a month in direct mail. Now, I’m going to put more resources helping them.

That’s all managed by us where a lot of people realize, “I can hire a fairy dust unicorn VA, and they’re going to solve world hunger.” You’ve got to manage them. You got to train them. You got to keep them motivated and busy. Just because you have a VA, somebody still has to train, manage, and keep them busy. That’s why as a real estate investor, we want to be focused on raising money, closing deals, not necessarily just managing people overseas. That’s why I built RealEstateInvestor.com, which is, at the end of the day, don’t you want to be in front of sellers and have an expert do the work?

If you want to learn more about this, I strongly suggest that you take a look at it. Go over to 1000Houses.com/GaryB. For you to receive the scripts, text Mitch to (925) 320-0575.

Take your phone out, send a text message to this number, and put Mitch in there because it’s specific bonuses for this group and text message the number (925) 320-0575. You’ll get a text message within a couple of minutes. It’ll give you a whole bunch of bonuses, including this script for talking to sellers.

We can make money with no money, but you have to invest in marketing. Share on X

Gary has always been gracious. He gives away a lot of valuable information. When he tells you he’s got some bonuses for you, please don’t underestimate. He has the mentality that the more you give, the more you get. It comes out of a book written about 2,000 years ago called The Bible. For those of you all who decide that you need a mentor or you need some help in this department, then there’s plenty of more information and how to get to them. I’m sure in the information they’re going to receive, you’ll be able to figure out how to get back to Gary and his group. You can also go to 1000Houses.com/GaryB so check it out.

This is a perfect solution for people who have full-time jobs and for guys with big-time jobs that it’s not easy to walk away from. They don’t have a lot of time left. Big-time jobs require big time hours, which means there’s even less time to get free from the ball and chain boss or walk away from that job because there are many benefits and you’re making so much money. Sometimes, my favorite students hardly making anything. For once in their life, making nothing is about to work in your favor because you need a few successes in this business and you can put a whole year’s worth of money in the bank. You can give yourself 2,600 hours a year that you were giving your boss this next twelve months to go out run your deficits. Improve and figure out more about what you’re doing.

I like it when people come to me who are hardly making anything because I can tell them, “For once in your life, not making a lot of money might be working in your favor.” For those of you making a lot of money, congratulations. There’s a great deal, but it can also be a trap too. If you make $200,000 a year, they tell you when to get up, when to go to sleep, what you’re going to wear, how long you can go on vacation, or if you can go to your kid’s soccer game or basketball game. At some point in time, some of you are going to get pissed off. That’s what happened to me. I got pissed. I was like, “I’ve had enough.”

That’s the other thing. As mentors and coaches, we like to see those people that their I’ve had enough meter is pegged way over in the red, like, “I’m not going to do this for the rest of my life. Something’s got to happen.“ What has to happen is you have to decide that you don’t want to do it anymore, then you got to get a plan on how you’re not going to do it and how you’re going to change it. It won’t change overnight. You can’t just snap your finger, but you can start taking whatever time you have and start making a plan. Maybe real estate is for you. Maybe it’s not. The sooner we figure out if it is or isn’t the sooner you can move on to whatever it is that’s going to get you there.

I’m a firm believer in my show and I know Gary is the same way. We don’t care when you read our show for what it is that what you need to do to get financially free so that you can become the person that you were meant to be. We don’t care what it is. We have things that we offer, but if that’s not it, then we want to help you find whatever it is. What we get turned on about is getting people free so that they can be who they are and not have to be someone else 8, 9, and 10 hours a day making someone else a profit and helping someone else’s life run in such a fashion that they can be who they want to be, but we’re tied down. It’s all about helping people get where they’re going.

It’s what fires me up more than any. Many of us have become slaves to the job. It’s a mindset that indoctrination our schools from the time that we were born of becoming an employee for somebody else, a cog in the wheel. It’s the mindset change of jumping the line. It is about commitment. Are you committed to making a change? That is number one. You’ve got to be committed. There’s a lot of people that are on the fence and they’re always searching. The second thing is education without implementation is just expensive entertainment. A lot of people become lifetime students in real estate and they never do anything.

REIS 418 | Direct Mail

Direct Mail: If you really want to focus on raising money and close deals, work with an expert to manage your VAs overseas.


All you have to do is take that education and take action. It’s the implementation. For most people, it’s their very first deal. You get that first deal and you realize, “I can do this.” Every one of us did that. I quit my job on May 17th of 2004. My wife and I both in California with a big mortgage. I had a two-month-old baby. It was the commitment that I said, “I don’t have an option of going back.” I found a couple of deals and I closed my first one. I drove five hours to go find that first deal. I ended up with $181,000 in profit. If I didn’t do that first deal, I would have been toast. It’s a commitment and follows the best practices.

King Solomon of the Bible said, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” There is nothing new in real estate. It has all been invented. Don’t try to go reinvent the wheel. Find what works and the people like Mitch that have already cracked the code. Do what they do and then you can make it better. It’s like the bowling alley with the bumper. What a coach does for you or following somebody like Mitch is like bumpers. You don’t want to throw the bowling ball and have a chance of going into the gutter. You want the chance of going and hitting and having a single, a double, or a home run. This business is fantastic. We’re heading into one of the best markets of any of our lifetimes. There are going to be opportunities for all of us within a couple of years. You’re going to be wanting to have physical assets that are called real estate because there’s going to be a separation between the middle class. It is going away. Are we going to be the people that have the lifestyle change and financial freedom or not? This is the time to do it.

You got to lay the groundwork and you got to get ready. I have some students come in and as I said, I just want to find where you fit. If someone else has a better coach for you in your market and a strategy that I know works better over there, I don’t want to be on your team trying to get you to do something that’s not going to work. I don’t want to try to make a donkey into a racehorse if it’s not you. Before I ever take my students on the high levels, we do a great interview. I need to feel that I can help.

Let’s put it this way. If I don’t think I’m going to be on a winning team, I’m not playing for the Cleveland Browns. If that’s where we’re headed, I don’t think I’m for you. I don’t think the market is right. I don’t think you’re ready. I don’t mean it as an insult. I’m trying to do you a favor. I will give suggestions. I want you bumped down to here and I want you to do some wholesale deals and get on the weekly call, which isn’t nearly as much and prove these businesses for you. At this level, this is too much money for me to ask from you to try to figure out if the business is even for you yet. Why don’t we do something a little more logical and we’ll certainly keep your spouse a little less stressed out.

Instead of doing $25,000, let’s do $3,500 and let the business earn the $25,000. If you still want to go, you can do it, but let’s figure out what this business is for you first. That’s what separates Gary and I from a lot of people is I’m not in it for the money, as much as I’m in it for the win. I want to be on a winning team. I want to win a championship ring. I don’t want to play basketball for the paycheck. I want to win a championship. I’m only going to take people I can help. That’s better. Gary, have you ever tried to put a round peg in a square hole and think, “I’m never doing this again, it’s too much stress?”

To add to it, there was a book gave to me by the girl that works for me. She’s in Texas as well. She was a real estate investor. It is called Halftime. It’s how to go from success to significance. For a lot of us in real estate like yourself and mine, you see a lot of people that fail for the wrong reasons. Once you achieve success, there is some part of us that want to give back and to be able to allow people not to make the same mistakes we have. That’s the importance of a coach. It’s like going swimming and not knowing how to swim. When you jump in a pool in the deep end, without somebody that’s there that is coaching you how to swim.

A coach is somebody that knows you better than you know yourself that can help and guide you. There’s a lot of false stores in this business. Imagine eight doors in front of you, six of them are booby traps that could be life destroyers going down the wrong path of what doesn’t work in this market. Of the eight, you got six that are bad. Two that are absolutely life changers. A coach can help you say, “Don’t go to these six doors. Go to the two. These are the money makers.”

These are the most likely the problem. Everyone says, “It’s all about making mistakes,” but mistakes take energy and time. Some of us, we all have different amounts of endurance for that kind of thing. Our spouses maybe have even less endurance for that kind of thing. In a perfect world, we could fail as often as we want to and then we can finally figure out what works. Some people never make it through that gauntlet because it takes a lot of energy. When you fail, you got to restart over. You got to fix this again and failures don’t help this at all. The other thing is having the confidence of being able to call up someone and say, “It’s my first deal. I’m nervous.”

There is nothing new in real estate. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Just follow the best practices. Share on X

You go through the numbers with them one more time. It doesn’t get any better than this brother pulls the trigger. If they finally get the confidence, you can go 100%. It’s hard to navigate through life when you’re not sure what you’re doing. When you get in those places, call someone who’s done it before and get a second set of eyes on it and go, “Am I looking at this?” When they say, “Yes,” then you can proceed. My coach used to say, “If you’re going to bust the play, bust it to 110%.” There’s nothing looks worse than a busted play when you’re stuttering walking or holding your hands up, like, “What do I do?” That’s stupid. Get after it.

Gary, I want to thank you for taking this time. The conversation went a little different than I was planning, but to get the free scripts, text Mitch to (925) 320-0575. If you don’t have time to write that down or anything, remember, 1000Houses.com/GaryB. Everything will be over there. Don’t be surprised if you talk to me one day as a student and I say, “You’ve got a budget. You’re one of those successful guys. We’re going to put some people in place. One is we’re going to start your mailing right over here and you get that set up with them. You’re going to get something over here and you’re going to get that set up over there. Let me coach you how to work these pieces put together.” I don’t invent everything myself either. I don’t expect anyone to be able to do everything. As a matter of fact, it’s the opposite. How can I keep you from getting overwhelmed is the big thing. It has a little bit to do with the budget sometimes. I would like to thank you for stopping by to get you some Gary Boomershine. Gary, thanks a lot for being here. You’re always a pleasure. You’re an inspiration.

I appreciate everything that you’ve done for our industry, Mitch. I look forward to us getting together, hopefully, in Mexico.

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About Gary Boomershine

REIS 418 | Direct MailGary Boomershine founded RealEstateInvestor.com in 2005 out of the need to scale and grow his own real estate investing and home buying business.

With a family legacy in the real estate niche, and a long successful career in enterprise and emerging technology markets, Gary saw the vision for RealEstateInvestor.com. He noticed the glaring opportunity to leverage people, processes and technology to gain a leg up in a changing and competitive marketplace.

As he worked to develop and use the initial product and service, he saw his real estate business flourish by allowing him to work smarter – not harder and focusing on the one thing that makes money – talking to sellers and making offers.


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